Short News Items from 1907

Mrs. Eva Walling Larmer, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bird Walling, has returned to her home in Salem. (Polk County Observer, January 18, 1907)

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Tyrrell of Beaumont, Texas, are in the city to visit their daughter, Mrs. David Rorick. Mrs. Tyrrell expects to stay some weeks while Mr. Tyrrell will go north to Sacramento county where has extensive mining interests. (Oceanside Blade, May 11, 1907)

Mrs. Louis [sic] Sutton and daughter spent Monday evening at Wm. Rogers’. (Oxford Leader, May 19, 1907)

Miss Bessie Bennett of Detroit has been a guest since Wednesday at the home of S.K. Porter. (Adrian Daily Telegram, June 1, 1907)

John Walling, of Lincoln, says that often during the cherry season, he saw on the streets of Salem, a line of wagons more than four blocks in length, each waiting for its turn to unload at the cannery. Farmers would sometimes get into town at 7 o’clock in the morning and wait until 5 o’clock in the afternoon before they could get a chance to unload. This being the cases, what will happen when the fruit industry has grown still larger, as it inevitably must? There is room for a dozen canneries in Polk County and there is going to be a demand for them before many years have passed. The thing to do now is to get them built and ready to take care of the flood of fruit, which, according to all indications, is going to inundate the Willamette valley within the next three years. (Polk County Observer, July 23, 1907)

Albert Walling has purchased a quarter block occupied by a residence, in Sunnyside, for $4200. (Portland Oregonian, August 25, 1907)

Harry Tyrrell and wife left Tuesday for Tulsa, Indian Territory, where they will make their future home. Harry will have charge of his father’s oil interests at Tulsa. (Clarion Clipper, September 13, 1907)

Albert Walling, who recently sold his farm, is moving to Portland. His friends regret losing him from this vicinity. (Oregon City Courier, September 20, 1907)

Hugh Nutt and his sister, Miss Leuah, assisted by Mr. Ira Newsom furnished the music for the dance given at Deer Island Saturday night. (St. Helens Mist, November 1, 1907)

W.R. Mullany came down from Atlanta Monday on his way to Glenns Ferry where he will visit his relatives. (Mountain Home Maverick, November 21, 1907)

Mrs. L. Hallinan visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Walling, at Portland, Thursday. (Oregon City Courier, December 13, 1907)


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