Legal News

The case of John F. Rochelle vs. The News & Telegraph Publishing Col, will come up for trial Monday.  This is a suit in which plaintiff claims $5000 damages for libel.  (Hamilton Evening Journal, March 4, 1893)

In the Supreme Court the jury in the case of Reuben F. Sutton vs. the West Jersey Railroad Company, gave a verdict of $4,000 for the plaintiff. (Camden Courier-Post, January 26, 1894)

Steps are being taken to have commission appointed to inquire into the insanity of Horace Lateer, the old man who attempted suicide at the Oriental hotel in Middletown, by taking laudanum. (Port Jervis Union, August 20, 1894)

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Some Probate Notices

The will of John Rochelle, late of Jefferson township, has been admitted to probate.  (Columbus Dispatch, November 5, 1877)

Mrs. Sallie C. Hickman has declined to administer the estate of her husband, the late Daniel Hickman, and asks that Daniel Hickman, her son, be appointed.  (Columbus Dispatch, July 13, 1892)

Untitled (Lulu Hempstead & Frederick Perkins)

After the marriage of Miss Lulu Maud Hempstead and Mr. Frederick Charles Perkins, which took place at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.I. Hempstead, at Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Wednesday, December 5, a wedding supper was served to the immediate relatives and friends, who were guests. The wedding was a very pretty one.

Promptly at 5 o’clock, the members of the bridal party entered the parlor and were met beneath the bower of smilax and wedding bells by the officiating clergymen, Rev. C.G. Watson, pastor of Hoge Memorial church, this city, and Rev. Mr. Jacobs, pastor of the Reynoldsburg Presbyterian church, where the ceremony was performed, the impressive ring service being used.

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Untitled (Rochelle-Hanson Reunion)

Last Thursday a large number of relatives and friends gathered early in the morning to spend the day at the Rochelle homestead, about one mile east of Blacklick Station, the occasion being the reunion of the Rochelle-Hanson families, and for the fourth time, two long tables, with the seating capacity of one hundred each, were arranged under canvas on the lawn. At the noon hour dinner was announced by the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rochelle, and was partaken of by all with a relish, after which Mrs. Eva Burch and Miss Vera Babcock responded with instrumental and violin music. A few remarks were made by Elder McGlade, of Wagrum, Rev. Mr. Lamp, of Jacksontown, Col. David Taylor, of Columbus; song by Daniel Myers, Rev. Dr. Lomp [sic], Mrs. Matt Dubois and Mrs. Eva Burch. The afternoon was well spent and enjoyed by all present. Grandma Rochelle is 94 years old and quite feeble. Among her children present were: William Rochelle of Hamilton; Mrs. Dency Barber, of Albion, Mich.; Dr. Matt Rochelle, of Wichita, Kan; Scott Rochelle, of Blacklick; Mrs. Mary A. Hickman and Mrs. Phebe Hempstead, of Reynoldsburg.

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“Grandma” Rochelle Reaches Her Ninety-Third Birthday

Reynoldsburg, O., July 12.—One of the most delightful events in this vicinity for a long time was a day passed with lovely, old “Grandma” Rochelle, last Wednesday, it being her 93rd birthday. Friends and relatives by the dozens with well filled baskets trooped to the comfortable farm house, one of the landmarks of the community, and the day was given up to quiet enjoyment, the venerable hostess being one of the liveliest of the gay party.

Mrs. Lucinda Search Rochelle was born at Sparta, Sussex county, New Jersey, July 9, 1809, and married John Rochelle, at Morristown, N.J., April 9, 1825. They moved to Black Lick, Franklin county, Ohio, in 1836, and purchased the land, and cleared it, and hewed the logs and erected their own cabin on this farm, where she now lives.

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To Appoint An Applicant


John Rochelle’s days in the fire department are over. The accident which befell him sometime ago, left his arm in a useless condition. Fire Marshall Doty has asked Mayor Bosch to appointment an applicant to fill his place.

Rochelle was shot in the right arm during hunting season while out for a day’s sport. The shot entered his arm at the elbow. Dr. Schumaker attended the injured man and by extraordinary efforts the arm was saved from amputation.

However, the leaders were severed, making the fingers practically useless. Rochelle was a member of Company 5, and was the most efficient fireman in the department. His friends and fellow employees propose to give a benefit for him.

Rochelle lives in Heaton street, is married and has a family.

Source: Hamilton Sun, January 7, 1905.