Miss Elizabeth Ruth Gleason, daughter of Walter J. Gleason of 54 Corning Boulevard and Kenneth DeWitt Bostwick. son of Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Bostwick of 241 Decatur street, were united in marriage Easter morning at 8 o’clock by the Rev. John W. Annas Jr., pastor of the First Methodist Church. The ceremony was performed in the church proper which was beautifully trimmed in keeping with the spirit of the day. Miss Marjorie English was bridesmaid and Richard Gleason, best man.

Mrs. Bostwick was attractive in a navy blue triple sheer-crepe suit with all blue accessories and a corsage of gardenias. The gown worn by Miss English was of rose crepe with jacket.
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Local Couple Wed at Easton

Easton, Pa., Aug. 21—Walter S. Casterlin, 23, of 37 Terrace street, Wilkes-Barre and Miss Marjorie Ashelman, 23, of 160 Charles street, Wilkes-Barre, were granted a marriage license here yesterday and were married at the Northampton County Court House by Alderman Frances Caflin.  Casterlin said he was a student.  He is the son of May Smith Casterlin of Wilkes-Barre.  The bride gave her occupation as a dental nurse and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ashleman of Wilkes-Barre, her father being an insurance agent. The couple were unattended and left for a trip after the ceremony.

Source: Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, August 22 1933.

Gross Neglect Divorce Charge

Charging gross neglect of duty for five years, Georgia Holbein, Route 1, this city, asked for a divorce from Albert Holbein, Route 4, Columbus. The couple was married March 12th, 1902 in Zanesville and has five children, only one of whom is under age.

Mrs. Holbein alleges that her husband refused to buy her clothing for five years.  She asks for divorce and custody of the minor child.  She is represented by Attorney J.M. Richardson.

Source:  New Philadelphia Daily Times, June 8, 1933.

Beaumont Girl Weds in Iowa

Miss Carol Tyrrell and H.M. Gilmore of Philadelphia Married.

BEAUMONT, Texas, Sept. 21.—Visitors from Beaumont and Dallas were among the guests who went in large number from various States to attend the wedding of Miss Carol Tyrrell of this city to Harold Moyer Gilmore of Philadelphia at Belmond, Iowa, Saturday.

The wedding took place at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Casper Tyrrell, formerly of Beaumont, at 6 o’clock in the evening. The ceremony was performed beneath a Gothic arch, handsomely decorated with yellow and bronze chrysanthemums and backed by a wall of smilax intermingled with autumn leaves, a mellow glow from white candles in tall candelabras softly illuminating the scene. The wedding party descended from a stairway beautifully flanked with clusters of autumn blooms. The Rev. Samuel Lienbach of the Congregational Church of Belmond officiated.

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Scotia Girl Weds After Being Attendant at Previous Marriage

After acting as an attendant at the wedding of Miss Helen D. Brundige of Scotia and Revere H.H. Saunders of Belmont, which took place Saturday afternoon in the Scotia Methodist church, Miss Eliza Whiting Selkirk of Hamilton street was married that night at [unclear] o’clock to Charles Rhodimer Amberg, of Elmira.

Mr. Saunders was best man and his bride was matron of honor at the Amberg-Selkirk wedding and Mr. Amberg was among the ushers at the Saunders-Brundige wedding.

Miss Selkirk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elmendorf Selkirk, of Albany, and Mr. Amberg were married at the home of the bride’s uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whiting Riggs, at Glenmont. The ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. Elbridge C. Whiting of South Sudbury, Mass., great uncle of the bride, was followed by reception.

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Edna Fuller & Raymond Schadt

Miss Edna Fuller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Fuller of Orlando, Fla., formerly of Minneapolis, and Raymond J. Schadt, son of Mrs. Katherine Schadt of Seattle, Wash., were married Friday evening at the home of the bride’s brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Fuller, 4525 Lyndale avenue south.

The service was read by the Rev. Warren Bunger before an improvised altar arranged in the living room of palms, cybotium ferns and gladioli. Garden flowers and pink and green tapers decorated the rooms. Mrs. Matthew A. Walsh (Norine Conley) played a program of nuptial music.

Miss Fuller entered with her brother, Floyd H. Fuller, who gave her in marriage. She wore a gown of rose beige chiffon and carried a shower bouquet of Ward roses and sweet peas. Mr. and Mrs. Fuller were the only attendants. Mr. Schadt and his bride left for Oregon City, Ore., where they will make their home. For travel, Mrs. Schadt is wearing a tan en semble [sic] trimmed in mole with a tan felt hat.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 31, 1928.

Christmas Wedding

Of interest to a wide circle of friends in Coral Gables and Miami is the announcement that Miss Elsie M. Fuller of Coral Gables will become the bride of E. St. Clair Smith, also of Coral Gables, tomorrow. The ceremony will be performed at noon at the Orlando home of the bride’s grandparents, Rev. and Mrs. M.D. Fuller, with Rev. Fuller officiating.

Miss Fuller, who is a graduate of DeMars school in Minneapolis, is the daughter of L.W. Fuller, former manager of the bank of Coral Gables, and Mrs. Fuller, both of whom now reside in Daytona Beach. Mr. Smith, an alumnus of the University of Idaho and member of Sigma Nu fraternity, has spent three years in Coral Gables, where as a construction engineer he is associated with the J.W. Ricketts organization in the construction work of the Coral Gables Rapid Transit company.

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Wins Divorce

Local Woman Gets Decree from Judge Fuller on Desertion Charge

Judge Fuller yeseerday [sic] granted a divorce to Mary E. Casterlin, Parrish street, this city, from Clayton R. Casterlin, present residence unknown.

The couple were married in this city on July 9, 1891, and lived together until November, 1904, when the husband deserted wife and family. Mrs. Casterlin declares in her testimony that she has neither seen nor heard of Casterlin since his disappearance and does not know if he is living or dead.

Source: Wilkes Barre-Record, July 21, 1926.

Tyrrell Garth Weds Los Angeles Girl; Will Reside Here

That Miss Lucy Langdon of Los Angeles and Tyrrell Garth of this city, son of Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Garth and grandson of Capt. W.C. Tyrrell, were united in marriage December 26 is the news reaching Beaumont, where the groom’s family is prominently identified.

The wedding was solemnized at the bride’s home and among other relatives presents were Capt. Tyrrell and Mrs. Garth.

Mr. and Mrs. Garth are now at the Hotel Maryland, Pasadena, where they plan an extended stay.

Mr. Garth is connected with the Tyrrell-Combest company and has many friends here who will give his bride a cordial welcome, she being pleasantly remembered as a visitor in the Garth home about a year ago when she accompanied her grandfather to Beaumont, he being an old-time Iowa friend of Capt. Tyrrell’s.

Source:  Beaumont Enterprise, January 2, 1922.

To Son’s Wedding

Dr. and Mrs. M.D. Fuller, who have been visiting in Bemidji for some time, will leave this evening for St. Louis Park, where they will attend the wedding of their son, Lieutenant Floyd Fuller and Mrs. Grace Workman. From Minneapolis Dr. and Mrs. Fuller will return to their home at Mt. Dora, Fla. They are former residents of this city but have now sold their residence here. Dr. Fuller is pastor of the Methodist church at Mt. Dora. He occupied the pulpit in the Baptist church last Sunday, as no pastor has yet been secured to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Rev. A.M. Whitby, who has accepted a call in Duluth.

Source: Bemidji Pioneer, August 19, 1919.