Birth Announcements from 1917

CLEVELAND—To Mr. and Mrs. Ellis E. Cleveland, 152 Sanford street, at Hackley hospital, March 13, a daughter, Beryl Frances. (Muskegon Chronicle, March 19, 1917)

DURANT—Born to Mr. and Mrs. P.V. Durant, 204 Flume street, Sunday, November 11, a son. (Idaho Statesman, November 14, 1917)


A Boy and a Girl

Two welcomed guests arrived in Oceanside Monday. On that day there were born to the wife of David Rorick a son. While that household was rejoicing, similar expression of gladness was occasioned at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Brodie, when a daughter arrived.

Source: Oceanside Record, December 24, 1913.

Birth Announcements from 1912

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Bean early Friday morning, Mch. 8. All are doing fine, especially “Billy.” (St. Johns Review, March 8, 1912)

DAWNARD [sic]—The five day’s old infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Dawnard [sic], 1521 Grove street, died yesterday. No funeral arrangements have yet been made. (Idaho Daily Statesman, May 12, 1912)

Birth Announcements from the 1910s

A new baby girl arrived at the home of W.S. Bean bright and early Friday morning. (Oregon Daily Journal, April 30, 1910)

CLEVELAND—To Mr. and Mrs. Ellis E. Cleveland, 27 Sanford street, Sunday, May 21, at Hackley hospital, a son. (Muskegon Chronicle, May 22, 1911)

CHITTENDEN—To Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Chittenden, 57 Florence street, Wednesday, February 23, 1916, a daughter, Ione Helen. (Muskegon Chronicle, February 29, 1916)

WALLING—To Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Walling, 526 Belmont street, July 9, 1918, a daughter. She has been named Margaret Jane. (Salem Capital Journal, July 10, 1918)

Birth Announcements from the 1890s

We failed last week in “catching on” to the advent of a little visitor—a baby girl—at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sid Rorick. Baby’s weight, seven pounds, avoirdupois. Mother and child doing well. (Anamosa Eureka, October 21, 1886)

To Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Holmes, Montgomery Street West Pittston, May 23rd, 1887, a boy. (Pittston Evening Gazette, May 24, 1887)

BORN—In this city, January 2, 1894, to Mr. and Mrs. Enos Walling, a daughter. (Idaho Statesman, January 3, 1894)

Mr. and Mrs. Z.C. Andruss of Irvington are grandparents since election day. The little boy came too late to vote this year. (Algona Upper Des Moines, November 17, 1897)

Lansing Republican: Mr. and Mrs. L.N. Baker have received a telegram announcing the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Rorick, of Morenci. Mrs. Rorick was formerly Miss Georgia Mace, of this city. (Adrian Daily Telegram, February 13, 1899)

Walling Son Is Born

A son, who has been named John Curtis Walling, was born January 22nd in San Diego to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis R. Walling of that city.  Walling is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Walling of Fowler and a brother of Mrs. Ralph W. Millard of this city.  Mrs. Walling is the former Helen MacPherson of San Diego.

Source:  Fresno Bee Republican, February 11, 1938.

Daughter Born to Whisenands

A daughter was born Monday evening, December 6, to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Whisenand at Emanuel hospital, Portland.

The baby is the second child in the family, a son, James Mott Whisenand, being nearly two years old. Mrs. James W. Mott of Salem is grandmother of the baby, Mrs. Whisenand being the former Dorothy Mott, and other grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Whisenand of Bend, Ore. Mrs. J.D. Walling of Lincoln community is a great grandmother.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, December 7, 1948.

Mrs. McInerny Welcoming Her First Grandson

Mrs. and Mrs. David Rorick of Oceanside are the happy parents of a son, born Saturday evening, April 15, at St. Bernardine’s hospital. The advent of the splendid boy is of much interest to the family of Mrs. Rorick, the former Miss Maureen McInerny, in San Bernardino, as he is the first grandchild of Mrs. R. McInerny of 696 F street.

The baby weight eight pounds, four and a half ounces, and was promptly names David Rorick IV.

The paternal grandfather resides in Oceanside, where the proud parents reside.

Source: San Bernardino County Sun, April 19, 1939.