Found on eBay

I’ve been known to buy artifacts related to the extended Rorick family on eBay, but this item is a wee bit out of my usual price range. It’s a Waltham Eight-Day Car Clock watch that belonged to Captain William C. Tyrrell, of Beaumont, TX. I’m posting it here in the event that someone else may be interested.

Tyrrell Citizenship

AMONG THE FAMILY names that will always be associated with Beaumont citizenship and progress is that of Tyrrell, and the loss of men who have striven for Beaumont’s betterment is emphasized again in the death of William Casper Tyrrell in Belmond, Iowa. But the good that men do lives after them, and again there is no more fitting measure of this than in the Tyrrell civic gifts and endowments to Beaumont.

Following the gift of the Tyrrell public library to Beaumont by his father, Capt. W.C. Tyrrell, the son, William Casper, took a continuing interest in the project and donated many valuable books to the library, which ranks among the fine libraries in the South. He cooperated fully with the city administration of the library.

Mr. Tyrrell also carried on the work of the Tyrrell Trust and the work of real estate, oil and civic development begun by his father.

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W.C. Tyrrell Dies In Iowa Summer Home At Age Of 71 Years

Local Capitalist And Civic Leader’s FuneralTo Be Held Monday And Body Placed In Tyrrell Mausoleum Here

William Casper Tyrrell, member of a prominent Beaumont family, and director of the Tyrrell Trust, died at his summer home in Belmond, Ia., at 11:45 p.m. Thursday after an illness of about 10 days.

Mr. Tyrrell, as was his custom each summer, went to Belmond about six weeks ago. Ten days ago he suffered a slight stroke, and was believed to be recovering satisfactorily from this when he was stricken with pneumonia from which he died.

A native of Iowa, Mr. Tyrrell always maintained a special affection for his native state. He returned each summer to spend several months. He had maintained his home here, however, for the most part since 1901 when he came to this city with his parents.

His father, the last Capt. W.C. Tyrrell, who died here in 1924 was one of the most prominent leaders in early development of this area. He was identified with the oil development here, and was active in much of the business development of this area.

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Mrs. David Rorick Called

Clarion relatives received a message last week announcing the death of Mrs. David Rorick at her home in Oceanside, Calif.  Death occurred on Friday following an illness of several months.  Mrs. Rorick was a daughter of the late “Cap” Tyrrell and as a resident of Clarion was known as Miss Vinnie Tyrrell.  The husband, two daughters and a son survive.  Mrs. J.W. Garth of Beaumont, Texas, has been with her sister since last fall.  Some weeks ago Mrs. Garth was painfully injured in an automobile accident when the machine skidded on a stretch of oily pavement.

Source:  Wright County Monitor, March 2, 1933. 

Untitled (W.C. Tyrrell)

The arrival of the “Nicaragua,” the ocean liner recently purchased by Cap Tyrrell, at the Beaumont, Texas, wharf last Wednesday, marked the most important epoch in the history of that city.  Thousands of people gathered at the wharf and greeted Mr. Tyrrell with rounds of applause and music.  Beaumont people feel that no honor is too great, no praise too lavish, no music too sweet to repay Mr. Tyrrell for the magnificence of his act in establishing to the world the fact that Beaumont is a port city. It will be remembered that Capt. Tyrrell purchased the Nicaragua—a detailed account of which was given in these columns several weeks ago—to be used as a freighter for the benefit of Beaumont and vicinity to make regular trips as long as trade warrants.  Beaumont is proud of the opportunity to claim Capt. Tyrrell as one of her citizens and we are proud of the fact that he is a product of Wright county. 

Source:  Wright County Monitor, May 8, 1908. 

Herndon Resident, Mrs. Walling, 86, Succumbs Thursday

Mrs. Malinda Walling, 86, of Herndon, died Thursday night at her home following a short illness. She was the widow of the late Albert E. Walling, a Fresno district rancher. Born in Illinois she had lived in California forty years and in the Fresno district for the past twenty-eight years.

Surviving Mrs. Walling are two sons, John C. Walling and Jesse N. Walling, both of Fowler, a brother, James Reynolds, of Illinois; a sister, Mrs. Wilbur Jarvis of Missouri; four granddaughters, Mrs. Ralph Millard, Mrs. J.P. Stanton and Miss Margaret Walling, all of Fresno, and Mrs. Paul Beck of Los Angeles; and three grandsons, Curtis Walling of San Diego, Nelson Walling of Fowler and Frank Tyrrell of Honolulu.

Funeral rites were conducted Saturday morning at 9 o’clock in the Stephens and Bean chapel in Fresno. Mrs. Harry Sarkisian was the soloist. Interment followed in Mount View Cemetery.

Source: Fowler Ensign, August 24, 1939.

Compliments J.C. Walling, J.P. Stanton

Mrs. J.C. Walling gave a dinner party last Wednesday night in honor of her husband, J.C. Walling, and her son-in-law, J.P. Stanton, both of whom celebrated their birthdays. The George Washington motif was used in all the appointments, and stock, hyacinth and fresias [sic] in colors of red, white and blue, made an attractive centerpiece. The long white candles in silver holders were adorned with flags and the large birthday cake held red, white and blue candles.

Among those present with Mr. and Mrs. Walling and Mr. and Mrs. Stanton were Messrs. and Mesdames George Walling and Richard Stanton, Mrs. Harriet Baker and daughter Evelyn of Livingston, Mrs. Lulu Tyrrell and Miss Marjory Tyrrell, Miss Jessie Walling and Preston Willitson.

Source: Fresno Morning Republican, February 26, 1928.  

Man, Pierced By Pitchfork, Dies In Madera

Jump From Barn Door Proves Fatal To M.H. Tyrrell

MADERA, Feb. 23.—Morton H. Tyrrell, 45, well-known Madera county rancher, severely injured Monday evening when he struck on a pitchfork handle on springing down for a barn door, died at 9:30 o’clock this morning at a Madera hospital. The abdominal cavity was penetrated and an intestine perforated by the handle of the fork in the accident. Funeral arrangements for Mr. Tyrrell have not yet been completed.

Mr. Tyrrell, born in Ferndale, Humboldt county, California, had lived in Madera county for the past 17 years. Most of this time he spent in ranching. The accident occurred on the old Secara ranch, near Borden.

Surviving relatives are the widow Mrs. Lulu Tyrrell; one son, Frank Tyrrell, and one daughter, Margery Tyrrell, all of Madera; four brothers, Frank D. Tyrrell, of Los Angeles; Herbert Tyrrell, of Canada; Robert Tyrrell, of Modesto, and Elton Tyrrell, of San Francisco, and four sisters, Mrs. Edith Woodward, of Oregon; Mrs. Eva Hanen of Fortuna, Humboldt county, and Misses Elzaida and Bertha Tyrrell of Los Angeles.

Source: Fresno Morning Republican, February 26, 1926.

Untitled (W.C. Tyrrell)

The Rice Journal, published at Beaumont, Texas, has a feature article with picture of W.C. Tyrrell of that place in its August issue. Mr. Tyrrell is very well known in Belmond and Wright county, having resided here many years ago and at one time holding a county office. The articles gives some interesting items regarding Mr. Tyrrell’s activities in Beaumont which will be on interest to Wright county readers. Capt. Tyrrell is the largest individual tax payer in Port Arthur, Texas, and the second largest in the county. When he first went to Beaumont, in 1898, he purchased a 3500 acre farm near Beaumont and became interested in Rice growing. He added to the farm, which now contains 5000 acres, and is this year interest in 5000 acres of rice. He is direction and a large stockholder in San Jacinto Rice Company, president and principal stockholder in the Tyrrell Rice Milling Company, and heavily interested in the Cow Bayou Canal Company which he reorganized under the name of the East Texas Canal Company. Mr. Tyrrell is a stockholder and director in four banks and is interested in two hotels, a hardware, investment, and property holding companies, besides various activities of other [unclear]. He is known in Beaumont as “The Grand Old Man of Beaumont.”

Source: The Clarion Clipper, September 11, 1919.

Mrs. W.C. Tyrrell, Sr., Dead

Word was received by relatives here last Saturday that Mrs. W.C. Tyrrell, Sr., had died very suddenly at Mobridge, South Dakota, where she was visiting relatives. No details were given regarding the cause of her death, and at this writing it has not been possible to ascertain the cause. Mrs. Tyrrell, whose home was in Beaumont, Texas, had been visiting her children here, and went from here to Dakota. She had not been well since her arrival in Iowa, but it was not thought her condition was serious. She was the wife of “Cap” Tyrrell, and was one of the early settlers of the vicinity, being known the county over. Funeral arrangements had not been made at this writing.

Source: Clarion Clipper, August 7, 2019.