Marshall Groover

Word has been received of the sudden death of Marshall E. Groover, 42, of 901 Dupont Avenue, Minneapolis. 

Services were held Thursday from the Williams Mortuary in St. Cloud, Minnesota with burial in Ft. Snelling National Cemetery.

Marshall was a son of the late Glen and Edna Groover and grandson of the Marshall W. Kessells.

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Short News Items from 1908

Mr. and Mrs. John Clemans of Peru came down to Nemaha last Saturday evening, returning Monday afternoon. (Nebraska Advertiser, January 10, 1908)

A recent letter from Superintendent Jas. Watson of the deaf and dumb school at Boise, states that the last time doctors dressed Johnnie Wallace’s left arm they removed a bone splinter ad is their opinion that the same will now heal rapidly. The arm will be placed in a plaster cast which will allow the patient much more freedom of the same. (Nezperce Herald, March 19, 1908)

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Groover, of Pontiac, spent yesterday in Flint today, as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. Groover, of West First street. (Flint Journal, April 29, 1908)

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Short News Items from 1899

Isadore Beardslee, of Independence, moved on to the D.M. Carpenter farm, Wednesday. (Oxford Leader, March 17, 1899)

Mrs. Ira Groover and daughter, Mabel, of Pontiac, spent last week at Sidney B. Groover’s, South Orion. (Oxford Leader, July 21, 1899)

Will Tyrrell of Belmond, spent Sunday at the home of his sister, Mrs. J.W. Garth. Will is a “chip off the old block” and since leaving Clarion has been prosperous in nearly all of his undertakings. (Wright County Monitor, August 9, 1899)

Fire broke out in the upper story of the house of Morris D. Larned, 522 N. Division st., last night. The blaze seemed to come from a couch in a students’ room. The fire department reached the scene in time so that only about $75 damage was done. (Ann Arbor News, October 24, 1899)

Short News Items from 1898

The venerable Wm. Rorick is prostrated from sickness. As he is quite aged it is thought he will not recover. (Adrian Daily Telegram, January 15, 1898)

Miss Sarah Mullany and James Mullany, Jr., came up Friday from Glen’s Ferry and attended the Masquerade ball. While here they made the Bulletin office a pleasant call. Since we last saw Miss Sarah she has grown to womanhood and is one of the handsomest young ladies in the county. (Elmore Bulletin, January 26, 1898)

B.F. Walling and wife (nee Georgia Comley) live in Nampa, Idaho. Mrs. Walling has an album full of photographs taken her some twenty years ago, and if the originals could get hold of them there would doubtless be a bonfire, for they are—well they don’t flatter a bit. (Albany State Rights Democrat, February 18, 1898)

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Short News Items from 1896

Mattie Sutton, of Town Corners, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Frank Thurston. (Pontiac Daily Gazette, January 9, 1896)

Frank Thurston and wife, of Southeast Orion, spent News Years at the parental home of Col. Sutton, Town Corners. (Pontiac Gazette, January 10, 1896)

Frank Groover, of North Oxford, spent a portion of last week at L.J. Sutton’s, Town Corners. Frank, being a cooper, has been making apple barrels in Ohio the past summer, but of late hails from Tennessee. (Pontiac Gazette, January 23, 1896)

Lon Skinner and wife and S. Gates of Lapeer, Marion Sutton of Chicago; Charlie Beardsley and wife, of Victor; Will Hart and wife, of Seymour Lake, were guests of C.L. Sutton and family, Town Corners, last week. (Pontiac Gazette, January 31, 1896)

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Short News Items from 1895

Sydney Groover and Frank Phelps are at Pontiac this week “courting,” being drawn as jurors for this term of court. (Pontiac Gazette, March 1, 1895)

B.F. Walling, of Nampa, Idaho, a brother of John Walling, is visiting friends in Dallas. (The Independence Enterprise, March 7, 1895)

The Orion Gun Club, held another shooting contest last Saturday. The prize, a valuable 18 karat composition of something, manufactured by Bailey & Coon, and about the size of a silver dollar, was easily capture by Sidney Groover, who wears it under the lapel of his coat, with all the dignity becoming the situation. (Pontiac Gazette, March 8, 1895)

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Oakwood Resident Dies On Thursday

Funeral Services to be Held Sunday For Hammond Perry

Hammond Perry, 65 years old, of Oakwood, died at 6:45 a.m., Thursday at his farm home. Mr. Perry was born in Oakland County on August 17, 1874, and for the exception of 11 years spent in Detroit, has always been a resident of this county, where he was a well respected farmer. He was the son of Andrew and Juliet Hammond Perry, and on May 9, 1900, he was united in marriage to Mable Groover, who survives him.

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Mrs. Edna Groover, 66, Services Saturday For

Mrs. Edna Groover, 33 W. Burdick, passed away at her home today (Wednesday). She had been ill several weeks.

Mrs. Groover was born Edna Kessell, the daughter of Marshall and Fidelia, in Oxford, April 22, 1898. She attended Oxford schools and later married Glenn Groover.

She was a member of the Oxford Congregational Church, Oxford Order of Eastern Star, Oxford Music Club, and Congregational Church Guild.

Mrs. Groover is survived by her mother, Mrs. Fidelia Kessell, a son, Marshall, both of Oxford, and 4 grandchildren.

Funeral services have been arranged through Bossardet Funeral Home for 2 p.m. Saturday. Rev. Anthony Nelson, pastor of the Congregational Church will officiate, and burial will be in Oxford Cemetery.

Source: Oxford Leader, March 19, 1964.

Paul Millikens Stage Wedding Trip to Miami

To reside in Pontiac after a wedding trip to Miami, Fla., are Mr. and Mrs. Paul Milliken who were married Saturday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock in the chapel of the Plymouth Congregational church.

The new Mrs. Milliken is the former Mrs. Mary Kelly of Oxford, daughter of Mrs. Frank Groover, also of Oxford. Mr. Milliken resides in Pontiac.

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