Large Estate Left To Wife

Father of Attorney W.S. Casterlin Made Money as a Farmer

One will was filed yesterday in the office of the register of wills, disposing of a large estate consisting of several thousands of dollars of real estate, while letters of administration were issued in another which was of much smaller value.

According to the will of Asa Casterlin, who died on July 30 at his home at Franklin township, all of the estate, both real and personal, is left to his wife, Mary Casterlin. She is to have the full use of the estate so long as she remains unmarried.

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Leaves $45,000 to Institutions

Mrs. Matilda Barclay’s Will Disposes of Property Valued at $230,000.

Bequests totaling more than $45,000, in which religious and welfare societies are the beneficiaries, were disposed of in the will of Matilda F. Barclay, who died August 21, 1921, at the age of 79 years. The will, dated February 8, 1918, was filed for probate Tuesday. The real estate set forth was valued at more than $230,000. More than $50,000 in personal property was included.

Bequests of $5,000 each was given to: The First Protestant society, as an endowment fund; the Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian church; the Board of Ministerial Relief of the Presbyterian church; Park college, of Parkville, “for endowment for young men who decided to enter the ministry”; the Y.W.C.A. and the Y.M.C.A.

To the Children’s Free hospital and the Florence Crittenton home were given $2,000 each; Earnest Ketcham, former business manager for Mrs. Barclay, was named executor, and Lucy Augusta Billings was named executrix. Ketcham was given $5,000.

To the husband, William L. Barclay, was left the Bay View, Mich., home. The will specifies that a sister-in-law, Johanna B. Sutton, shall have the care of the husband at his home at 85 East Ferry street. At his death, the property is to go to Lucy A. Billings and her daughter, Edna Ayres Billings, and to Mrs. Sutton, a niece, Mrs. Caroline Wilkinson and her daughter.

Specific requests of $15,000 each were given to Caroline E. Wilkinson, Tilla Barclay Wilkinson, Lucy Augusta Billings, Edna Ayres Billings and Johanna B. Sutton. There were a number of other bequests of a personal nature to other relatives.

Source: Detroit Free Press, September 21, 1921.

Probate Notice

Notice is hereby given that E.H. Rorick as administrator of the estate of Pearly F. Cawley, deceased, has filed his final account for settlement. The hearing of said account is set for the 2nd day of May, 1921 at 9 o’clock a.m.

A.M. Barber, Probate Judge
Fulton County, Ohio, Probate Court

Source: Fulton County Tribune, April 7, 1921.

Walling Estate

Final action has been taken before Judge Koelsch and the partition of the Jerome B. Walling estate has been made. This is a case of more than ordinary interest, because it has been so long since Mr. Walling’s decease, and because the final settlement was made without a particle of friction and to the advantage of the heirs.

The will was probated in 1897, dividing the entire estate equally among the heirs, all of whom has since drawn some portion of their bequest. The estate was originally in real estate entirely, but since the death of the elder Walling this has been turned into cash, so yesterday’s distribution was in coin. Horace E. Neal was the executor of the estate

Source: Idaho Statesman, February 28, 1901.

Estate of Sidney E. Rorick

Notice is hereby given that as the executor of the estate of Sidney E. Rorick, deceased, I will sell at public sale to the highest bidder all of the real estate and personal property belonging to said estate. Sale will be held at the late home of the deceased on the 14th day of June, 1930, commencing at two o’clock. — W. C. Tyrrell, Executor

Source: Oxford Mirror, June 5, 1930.

$800,000 Estate

Mrs. Lucien Mueller Leaves Bulk of Amount to Brother-in-Law

Mrs. Claribel Mueller, widow of Lucien Mueller, former chairman of the board of the Mueller Co., left an estimated estate of $800,000.

According to a petition to admit the will to probate, filed in County Court, person property amounts to $650,000 and real estate $150,000.

According to the terms of the will the bulk of the estate, Mueller Co. stock, is left to a brother-in-law, Frank H. Mueller for his lifetime.

The will also provides for gifts to be made to Decatur and Macon County Hospital and the First Presbyterian Church.

The amount of the gifts cannot be determined until after state and federal inheritance taxes are set and paid.

The will also provides for the gift of personal items of Mrs. Mueller to several friends.

Mrs. Mueller died March 19 after an illness of several years.

Source: Decatur Daily Review, April 3, 1962.

Rorick Estate Valued at $100,000 Total

Properties owned by Mrs. Vinnie T. Rorick, who died Feb. 24, were estimated yesterday to be worth $100,000 by two daughter who filed a petition for probate of her will.  The daughters are Mrs. Helen McGill of Elsinore and Ruth Steves of Fallbrook.

Also filed yesterday was a petition for probate of the will of Mrs. Cora L. Abraham, who died Feb. 21 and left an estate estimated at $35,000.  Her two daughters, Mrs. Lillian A. Bradley of Point Loma and Mrs. Sylvia A. Everts of Los Angeles, filed the petition.

Source:  San Diego Union, March 8, 1933.

American Bank Asks For Guardianship Of Rorick Estate

The American National bank of Beaumont, through P.P. Butler, vice president, Wednesday filed application for guardianship of the estate of David Rorick, 19, of San Diego, Calif., the estate being valued at $83,100.

Rorick is the son of Mrs. Vinnie T. Rorick, deceased, who was a daughter of the late W.C. Tyrrell, Beaumont capitalist who died several years ago. Mrs. Rorick died last spring at Oceanside, Calif.

The estate in Texas for which guardianship is sought consists of real estate in Port Arthur valued at $60,000 and 3080 acres of land in Harris county valued at $23,100.

Source: Beaumont Journal, June 28, 1933.