Another Vicious Bull



Mr. Wm. C. Van Sickle, who lives on the old Anson Raymond farm in Sparrowbush, some two and a-half miles west of this village, came very near being gored to death by a vicious bull, between five and six o’clock Friday morning.

Mr. Van Sickle has a bull of his own raising, some thirteen months old, and unusally [sic] large for its age. The animal is kept in a stable daring the day, but is allowed to run out in the barnyard all night.

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Divorce Notices Through the Years

Emma Walling vs. Enos Walling: referred to W.P. Parsons, Justice of the Peace, Bellevue, to take proof and report to the court. (Idaho Statesman, July 19, 1881)

July 23, Malon Loman vs Mary L. Lamon [sic]—Divorce. (Los Angeles Herald, January 1, 1888)

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Big Drainage Suit Is Filed In Supreme Court

This morning William Van Sickle and his fellow land owners in Nemaha county filed a brief in the state supreme court upholding the act of District Judge Babcock in holding the new drainage act adopted by the last legislature unconstitutional, as a deprivation of private property for a private use. The suit involves $750,000 worth of arable land in Nemaha and Richardson counties which is useless without proper drainage.

The suit was brought by the owners of a portion of this tract of land under the terms of law enacted by the last legislature giving two-thirds of the owners of the land in any district which needs drainage power to form an incorporation and dig a ditch, bonding all lands which will be benefitted thereby not to exceed $6 an acre, with not to exceed 50 cents per year for the sinking fund. Continue reading “Big Drainage Suit Is Filed In Supreme Court”

Anna Prescott Van Sickle

The funeral of Mrs. Anna Prescott Van Sickle which was private was held at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Prescott in Matamoras at 3 p.m. on Friday, June 8, where the services were conducted by the Rev. James S. Royer.  There were many beautiful floral tributes from relatives and friends. Interment was in Pine Grove Cemetery, Matamoras.

Source: Port Jervis Evening Gazette, June 9, 1923.

A Divorce Case

Some time ago Miss Carrie Van Sickle, daughter of Mr. Wm. C. Van Sickle, of Sparrowbush, was married to Wm. M. Van Sickle, who has lately made himself notorious by his dissipated life and numerous violations of the laws.  She applied for a divorce from him on a complaint of adultery, and on the 7th of last May Judge Barnard granted her a decree of absolute divorce.  Mr. L.E. Carr, of this village, was her lawyer in the case and he has pushed the case with earnestness and with the most gratifying success.

Miss Van Sickle is now legally freed from her bonds, and her many friends in this vicinity congratulate her on her release from a companionship that has grown to be unendurable.

Source:  Tri-States Union, July 13, 1880.

Van Sickle Gets Possession of Ring

The trial of the case of Emmet Van Sickle against Earl W. Kellam came before Justice Bevans and a jury in civil court Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m.

Action was brought to recover a lady’s diamond ring of the value of $200.  Mr. Kellam claimed the ring by reason of having survived  his wife, Jennie Van Sickle Kellam, who died in February last.  It appears that a husband retains possession of all personal property of the wife where there is no will, or no children survive.

Mr. Van Sickle claimed that the ring was one which he had never given his daughter, but that she had merely been given the right to wear the ring.  There was considerable conflicting testimony and the action was hotly contested on both sides.

The jury was out but a few minutes when it returned a verdict awarding possession of the ring to Mr. Van Sickle.  Frank Lybolt and William A. Feuchs represented Mr. Van Sickle and S.M. Cuddeback was attorney for the defendant.

Source:  Port Jervis Evening Gazette, June 5, 1920.

Edgar Van Sickle

CANISTEO—Edgar Van Sickle, 71, 9 Prospect St., Canisteo, died Tuesday (March 19, 1963) in Laytonsville, Md., where he and his wife had stopped off to visit relatives on their way home from Florida.

A native of Port Jervis, he had resided in Rutherford, N.J. most of his life. He moved to Canisteo after his retirement as an Erie Railroad dispatcher in 1957.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Evelyn Van Sickle; one daughter, Mrs. Robert Fell of Cornwall-on-Hudson, and two grandchildren.

The body is at the Crandall & Crandall Funeral Home in Canisteo. The service will be held there Friday at 2 p.m. with Rev. John Brewster officiating. Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery at Canisteo.

Source: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, March 21, 1963.

Miss Esther Van Sickle

Miss Esther Van Sickle, whose death was briefly noted in the Gazette Tuesday night, succumbed to bronchial difficulty at her home, 43 Sussex street, at 2:45 o’clock, on Tuesday afternoon, after an illness since October 15, 1900. Occasionally, during her illness, Miss Van Sickle was able to be about the house but the major part of the time she was confined to her bed. Although she suffered intense pain, she bore her affliction with remarkable patience and resignation.

Notwithstanding that there had been but slight hope of her recovery, her friends and relatives hoped against hope, consequently her death was sudden and caused a gloom of despair to hover over those to whom she had endeared herself.

Miss Van Sickle was 28 [sic] years of age. She was born at Sparrowbush on October 19th, 1877 and was the second eldest daughter of Emmet Van Sickle and the late Charlotte A. Boyd. She attended school at Sparrowbush until she was eight years of age, when her parents moved to this village. She entered the public schools here and displayed a remarkable aptitude for learning. She was an exceptionally brilliant pupil and mastered her studies by assiduously applying her energy to her tasks. Her merited reward was received in 1897 when she graduated with honor from the Port Jervis academy.

Miss Van Sickle possessed the many qualifications essential to make a character worthy of emulation. She had refined, cultured tastes and although she was modest and retiring her friendship was highly valued by those who enjoyed an acquaintance or companionship with her. She had considerable musical talent, her Inclinations being toward the violin with which Instrument she has delighted warm friends by her exquisite playing of difficult compositions.

She was a member of the congregation of the Presbyterian church and of the Young Peoples; Society of Christian Endeavor of the Baptist church. Her sudden demise will be deeply regretted In the social and religious circles of the village with which she was prominently identified.

The death Is a most sad one, because of the demise of her mother on April 21st, less than nine months ago. This bereavement Is attributed to have been a factor in hastening her death, for since the loss of her mother, her worry and sorrow were terrible In her dally life.

She is survived by her father and the following brothers and sisters: Emma, wife of Dr. Charles O. Wilkin; Charlotte, Jessie, Jennie, Edgar and Eleanor, all of whom are at home.

The funeral will be held at the late home of the deceased on Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock. The Revs G. E. Gillespie and W. E. Foote will officiate. The interment will be In Laurel Grove cemetery.

Source: Port Jervis Evening Gazette, January 9, 1901.


Anna Prescott Van Sickle

The funeral of Mrs. Anna Prescott Van Sickle which was private was held at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Prescott in Matamoras at 3 p.m. on Friday, June 8, where the services were conducted by the Rev. James S. Royer.  There were many beautiful floral tributes from relatives and friends. Interment was in Pine Grove Cemetery, Matamoras.

Source: Port Jervis Evening Gazette, June 9, 1923.

Mrs. John Coulter

Mrs. Carrie Coulter, wife of John Coulter, of Sparrowbush, died this (Wednesday) morning at three o’clock of puerperal fever, aged 30 years, 2 months and 16 days.

Mrs. Coulter was the daughter of William C. Van Sickle, of Sparrowbush, at whose home she died, and had been married about four years.  She leaves only one child, an infant, one week old. She also leaves two brothers, Charles, of Sparrowbush, and Emmet, the jeweler, of Port Jervis.  Mrs. Coulter was highly respected by her many acquaintances, and her sudden death will be deeply regretted. The funeral announcement will be made to-morrow.

Source:  Port Jervis Evening Gazette, January 29, 1890.