Untitled (Mr. and Mrs. William Jones’ 55th Wedding Anniversary)

Mr. and Mrs. William Jones of 229 East Henry street quietly celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary last Sunday in their home, where they have lived since 1902. They were married in Morenci, December 24, 1878, and were attended at that time by Mr. and Mrs. Will Furman of Seneca. Mr. Jones was born in Cooperstown, N.Y., June 26, 1855, and Mrs. Jones, who was Susie Rorick Shauger, was born in Sussex, N.Y. [sic], July 10, 1860. They were the parents of two daughters, Pearl Grace who is now Mrs. Joseph Moll of Adrian and Mabel Lavera, who died September 23, 1895, aged ten years. While Mr. Jones is nearly 79 and Mrs. Jones 74 both are quite active for their years.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, December 30, 1933.

Funeral of Mrs. McCloe

The funeral party accompanying the remains of Mrs. Melvin McCloe who passed away at her home in Detroit, arrived at the home of her brother, W.R. Rorick Monday morning and the funeral service was held at the Rorick home Monday afternoon, the Rev. S.N. Oliver officiating. George Pratt sang and the bearers were G.H. Rorick, C.M. Rorick, J.P. Rorick, Allie Kennedy, Earl Baldwin and F.T. Sullivan. Friends and relatives at the service from out of town were Melvin McCloe, Miss Maude McCloe, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Nimmo, Misses Mary and Florence Bryant of Detroit; Mrs. Frank J. Sweeney, Norma Sweeney of Buffalo; Mrs. Lottie Abbuskey, Harold Abbuskey of Waldron, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Stoner, Mrs. G.H. Crane, Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Amsbaugh of Fayette, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Rorick of Adrian, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Guss and family, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Scott of Medina, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Salisbury and family and Jacob Hathaway of Canandaigua. The burial was made in Oak Grove cemetery.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, January 12, 1926.

In a Political Way (excerpt)

J.T. Rorick, manager of the Interstate Investment Company at Grand Dalles, Klickitat county, a lifelong democrat and a man of great intelligence and force, is the latest recruit to the republican ranks in that section. Mr. Rorick recently addressed a letter to the chairman of the Klickitat republican central committee, in which he gives his reason for joining with the party of sound money and progression. Since coming to the state five years ago Mr. Rorick has been prominent in the councils of the democratic party, and, while never an office-seeker, has attended all the county conventions and has been prominent in party circles. Before coming to the state he was editor of one of the influential democratic papers of Michigan.

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Mrs. Mary Rorick Dies

FAYETTE, Ohio, June 6.—Mrs. Mark Rorick, aged 78 years, wife of the late Dr. E.H. Rorick, passed away May 30 at her home on West Main street, after an illness called by several years of paralysis. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. F.T. Sullivan and three grandchildren, Mary, Estell and Minerva. Her husband and two children, Clark aged 8 years and Georgia aged 20, preceded her in death.

She had a large acquaintance and was held in high esteem by all. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Episcopal church Tuesday afternoon and was largely attended, the business houses were closed during the services which were conducted by the pastor, Rev. William Reeves and Rev. S.T. Walker of Hicksville. A friend from Columbus gave two solos and Mrs. A.L. Clark sang. The burial was made in the cemetery here.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, June 6, 1925.

Miss McInerny, David Rorick Are Married

At the home of Mrs. Richard McInerny at 696 F street, the marriage of Miss Maureen Eileen McInerny and David Rorick of Nevada and Oceanside, was impressively solemnized Monday afternoon at four o’clock, by the Rev. Father Patrick Dunne of St. Bernardine Catholic church.

The company present numbered only immediate members of the families of the principals and intimate friends. The date for the ceremony was July fourth, the birthday of the bride’s father, the late Richard McInerny, well-known early merchant of the city. The bride is a native daughter of San Bernardino and Mr. Rorick is of Oceanside, where both families have had summer homes for a number of years.

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Estelle [sic] Rorick Is Back From Service

Estelle [sic] Rorick, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Rorick, is at home again for the first time since he enlisted in the aviation service in April of 1917. He spent two years as an aviator, six months of which was at Fort Worth, Tex., as aerial gun instructor, then he with six others was transferred to New York to incorporate at Long Island in aerial gunnery.

He was commissioned as a lieutenant in the service at Washington, D.C., while in charge of cross-country work. Mr. Rorick piloted the machine while an observer mapped the route from Long Island to Camp Devens, near Boston, which proved to be a much safer route than any previously followed. His record flying trip was from Washington to Schenectady, N.Y., a distance of 440 miles, in 180 minutes.

“Aerial transportation is not developed in the United States at all as compared with other countries,” Mr. Rorick said Monday. “It never will be until the cities provide landing fields and hangars for the machines. The automobile did not come into its own until paved roads were made; neither can the flying machine until provision is made for it throughout the country.”

Rorick has spent the last two years as an employee of the United States shipping board. He was one of 500 selected from 30,000 applicants for these positions, their duty being to check cargoes. In this capacity he made seven trips to Europe, touching all the countries between Gibraltar and Denmark. He visited the principal coast cities of all these countries. While the European cities were interesting, he says that he found the Azores, and Colombia in Central America, most fascinating.

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Airplane Over The City Again

Lieut. Lucas Flies from Glens Falls to Schenectady.

Saratoga was visited again yesterday by Lieut. Lucas in his airplane. He flew over the city on his way from Glens Falls to Schenectady. He is recruiting for the aviation service, and obtained three recruits at Glens Falls.

The second airplane arrived in Schenectady last night at 5:40 o’clock, having made the trip in eight hours, or at an average of 2 1-2 miles a minute. The machine was in command of Lieutenant Rorick, pilot, and he was accompanied by a mechanic.

Lieutenant Rorick was to take Captain Braig, Schenectady aviation recruiting officer, to Washington today on official business and will bring him back again on Monday. Then this machine, together with that of Lieutenant, will remain in Schenectady to make the trips back and forth every day between that city and Albany with recruits.

Source: The Saratogian, May 24, 1919.

Linen Shower.

Mrs. Howell Wilson entertained Friday afternoon with a linen shower in honor of Miss Ethelyn Shugars of Onsted.  A buffet luncheon was served, the decorations being in pink and white.  The guests were Miss Vivian DeVry, Miss Gertrude Stegg, Miss Vanyce Furman of Adrian, Miss Mary Bryant, Miss Florence Bryant, Miss Virginia Wilson, Miss Madelyn Wilson, Miss Helen Rorick, Miss Marjorie Rorick, Mrs. Curtis Rorick.

Source:  Adrian Daily Telegram, April 14, 1919.

Vinnie Tyrrell & David Rorick

Miss Vinnie Tyrrell, daughter of ex-treasurer Tyrrell, was married at the home of her parents in Iowa township, last Wednesday to a St. Louis gentleman by the name of David Rorick and has gone there to reside. The bride was for a number of years a resident of Clarion and by her genial ways made many warm friends, all of whom wish her the fullest measure of happiness in her new relation.

Source: Wright County Monitor, December 19, 1894.


As the Blade goes to press announcement is made of the wedding of Mr. Clarence Steves of Claremont and Miss Ruth Rorick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Rorick. The ceremony was to be performed this Thursday afternoon at the home of the bride’s parents on Pacific street, Rev. Arthur Dodd officiating.

Source: Oceanside Blade Tribune, August 19, 1922.