Funeral of Mrs. McCloe

The funeral party accompanying the remains of Mrs. McCloe who passed away at her home in Detroit, arrived at the home of her brother, W.R. Rorick Monday morning and the funeral service was held at the Rorick home Monday afternoon, the Rev. S.N. Oliver officiating. George Pratt sang and the bearers were G.H. Rorick, C.M. Rorick, J.P. Rorick, Allie Kennedy, Earl Baldwin and F.T. Sullivan. Friends and relatives from out of town as the service were Melvin McCloe, Miss Maud McCloe, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Nimmo, Virginia Rorick Nimmo, Misses Mary and Florence Bryant of Detroit; Mrs. Frank J. Sweeney, Norma Sweeney of Buffalo; Mrs. Lottie Abbuskey, Harold Abbuskey of Waldron, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Stoner, Mrs. G.H. Crane, Mr. and Mrs. F.T. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Amsbaugh of Fayette, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Rorick of Adrian, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Guss and family, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Scott of Medina, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Salisbury and family and Jacob Hathaway of Medina. The burial was made in Oak Grove cemetery.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, January 12, 1926.


Lawrence William Scheunemann and Miss Emily Carol Rorick are engaged. Both are students at the University of Wisconsin. Her parents are Atty. and Mrs. Alan G. Rorick, Brecksville, Ohio, and he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Scheunemann of Oconomowoc.

The couple plans to be married at 2:00 p.m. on June 12 at the Brecksville Congregational church.

Source: Milwaukee Journal, February 18, 1965.

Ensign Alton Barlow, USNR Weds Caddie Condon in Marine Chapel, New York

United in marriage at the chapel of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, Long Island, N.Y., May 13, at 6:15 p.m. Miss Caddie Condon, lovely and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton F. Condon of 3724 Berry Drive, North Hollywood, became the bride of Ensign Alton Murray Barlow, U.S.N.R., son of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Barlow of 11048 Hortense street.

The double ring ceremony was performed by Father Pollard of the Episcopalian Diocese of the High Church, attended by the high ranking officers of the Merchant Marine Academy and their wives. The ceremony was read from a white bride’s prayerbook, a gift of Father Wurtel of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Hollywood, who bade the bridge godspeed at the airport upon her departure from North Hollywood to New York.

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W.R. Rorick, Former Livestock Head, Dies

William R. Rorick, former president of the Buffalo Livestock Exchange, died of a heart ailment at his home in Morenci, Mich., yesterday. He was 73.

Born in Michigan, Mr. Rorick came to Buffalo when the first Livestock Exchang[e] was established and lived here for 35 years, being a partner in the livestock firm of Sadler, Rorick & Co. He had been retired for some time. He leaves his wife in Morenci and a daughter, Mrs. Frank J. Sweeney, here.

Source: Buffalo Courier-Express, February 2, 1943.

Mrs. David Rorick And Baby Return Home Yesterday

Mrs. David Rorick and her new baby, Nicholas Richard, arrived home yesterday from San Bernardino. Mr. Rorick motored to San Bernardino to accompany his wife and baby home.

The little baby was named for his two uncles, Nicholas and Richard McInery, brothers of Mrs. Rorick.

Tiny Nicholas Richard, who was born April 9, has an older brother, David IV, who was two years old April 15.

The baby will be christened Mothers day in St. Mary’s Catholic church, with Mr. and Mrs. Richard McInery of San Bernardino as godparents.

Source: Oceanside Blade-Tribune, May 1, 1941.

Card of Thanks

It is our desire by this means to thank each and every one of the many friends who assisted with the funeral services of my mother, Mrs. Martha Rorick, for their kindness and consideration, which has been deeply appreciated.

                        J. Anna Rorick

Source:  Oxford Mirror, February 15, 1923. 

Uses Walnut Stain To Dye His Whiskers

Charles Rorick, the Levee Barber, Uses the Wrong Liquid in Performing a Job.

Charles Rorick, the barber, who conducts a barber shop on the levee, dyed a strangers whiskers with walnut stain, instead of the proper liquid which is generally used for the occasion. The mistake occurred Friday afternoon, when a middle aged man, evidently, from Missouri, entered the shop and after having a hair cut asked Rorick to dye his whiskers which were turning grey.

The barber, not having the necessary dye in the shop, and desiring to be accommodating, stepped next door to borrow the liquid and received what he thought was a bottle containing the dye, but instead contained walnut stain, which is ordinarily used on furniture.

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Roricks Entertain

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Rorick entertained Saturday evening, honoring Mrs. W.H. Merrick and Mrs. W.B. Bope, friends from Michigan, who have been visiting them.  Mrs. Rorick was assisted by her daughter, Mrs. C.L. Condon, Mrs. Jay Rorick and Mrs. Ward Webber.  Those invited to meet the honor guests were: Mrs. J.L. Thompson, Miss Laura Thompson, Mrs. Anna Lindsay, Dr. and Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Leon Curtis, Mrs. Johepa Fulton, Mrs. W.A. Johnston, Mrs. A.W. Moore, Mrs. Mary Logan, Mrs. Emma Carlisle, Mrs. D.M. French, Miss Anne Lang, Mrs. J.W. Condon and Mrs. J.C. Hostetler. Mrs. Merrick and Mrs. Bope spent the winter in California and stopped here to visit Mr. and Mrs. Rorick on their return to Michigan.  They have traveled extensively and enthusiastically declare the Oregon scenery surpasses any they have seen.  They resumed their journey Monday.

Source: The Dalles Chronicle, May 7, 1921.