Miss Percilla M. Robinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson of Redding, was united in marriage to Wilfred L. Smith of Susanville in Redding Monday a.m. by Judge A.F. Ross. The groom is aged 28 years while his bride is aged 20. Miss Robinson is a niece of Mrs. A. Dobrowsky and a granddaughter of Mrs. Edmund Gardner of this city. The newlyweds will make their home at Susanville, where the groom is employed as a truck driver.

Source: Shasta Courier, August 28, 1924.


Had To Borrow A Christmas Turkey Of Mother-In-Law

A.F. Dobrowsky Meets An Emergency And His Guests Are Not Disappointed

And what do you think of borrowing a dressed turkey of your mother-in-law Christmas morning so that guests you had invited to dinner should not be disappointed? That is what A.F. Dobrowsky, the Market street jeweler, had to do, and it all came about this way.

Dobrowsky had provided two fat birds for the Christmas feast. They were hung up in the lattice enclosed porch to await Christmas morning. He and his went to the Native Sons’ dance Christmas eve, leaving the house alone. When Mrs. Dobrowsky went to the porch Christmas morning to take the turkeys and prepare them for roasting, one of them was gone—evidently stolen.

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Dobrowskys Hosts on Christmas

Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Dobrowsky entertained a group of relatives over the Christmas holidays. The latter’s mother, Mrs. Margaret Gardner, and Mr. and Mrs. Burle Jones of Berkeley and Mrs. William Holmes from near Redwood City, were house guests. Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Holmes are sisters of Mrs. Dobrowsky.

Completing the party on Christmas day were Mr. and Mrs. Baird Dobrowsky and children, Sherrill and Barry, and Jack Dobrowsky.

Source: Redding Record, December 27, 1939.

Power Plant Hurts Angling

A.F. and Mrs. Dobrowsky spent Sunday fishing at Battle creek. They report the same success as all the fishermen so far this season. The Battle creek waters are too riled to allow of successful angling. Mr. Dobrowsky thinks that possibly the riled condition of the creek is caused by the work in progress farther up than they fished, in the installment of the Shannon power plant.

Source: Red Bluff Daily News, May 16, 1901.

Huntress Kills Mountain Lions

A Redding Woman the Heroine of a Thrilling Exploit.

REDDING, July 21.—Mrs. A.F. Dobrowsky, the pretty young wife of a local jeweler, killed two mountain lions yesterday at Bear Mountain, twenty miles from Redding. Mr. and Mrs. Dobrowsky are ardent sportsman. They got into the wood every Sunday after game. Mrs. Dobrowsky has killed dear, bear and wildcats, not to mention quail and grouse, but never before yesterday did she shoot a lion.

Mrs. Dobrowsky was alone on the mountain side when attracted by the baying of her hound. She found the dog had a large lion up a tree. As she prepared to shoot it she saw a second lion glaring at her through the thick foliage. Just then her husband came up, attracted by the baying of the dog. At the count of three two rifle shots rang out and two tawny brutes fell clawing and screaming to the earth. They were both mortally wounded.

As they rolled in their death struggles Mrs. Dobrowsky saw a third lion higher up the tree than Its fellows had been. She killed it with one bullet. A sharp lookout was then made for more of the dangerous beasts, but without result.

Source: San Francisco Call, July 22, 1902.

Business and Professional News from the 1890s

Editor Rorick of the Bad Axe Democrat has commenced a $5000 libel suit against the Detroit Tribune. The trouble arises over a news item which appeared in the Tribune in regard to a registered letter which ex Postmaster Rorick failed to turn over to his successor when the office changed hands, but withheld until a postoffice inspector traced it to him last month. (The Huron Times, June 6, 1890)

A large number of copies of the new Huron county directory were delivered in this vicinity last week by E.R. Cookingham and Wm. Rorick. This volume comprises a large amount of valuable information for residents of this county, and its compilation is valuable for its accuracy and reliability. Aside from the maps and other charts displayed it contains a short history of the county. (The Huron Times, October 17, 1890)

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