Dilla Lorain Grubbs

GRUBBS.—At Selba, Cal., December 5, 1903, at 4 p.m., Mrs. Dilla Lorain Grubbs, while undergoing a surgical operation.

Deceased was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Walling, of Polk county. She was born April 12, 1861, and in 1886 became the wife of L.G. Grubbs, with whom she lived until she passed away. Deceased was a member of the M.E. church, and a devoted Christian. Besides the bereaved husband and only son, Harold, she leaves to mourn here a large family of brothers and sisters. They are: Mrs. S.S. Gimble of Salem; Mrs. O.S. Pomeroy, Woodburn; Mrs. F.W. Peaslee, Zena; John, Jesse and Grant Walling, Lincoln, Polk county; B.F. Walling, Nampa, Idaho; Mrs. Stella Johnson, Mrs. Pheba [sic] McGrew and Mrs. Jennie Glendon [sic], Portland, and Mrs. W.N. [sic] Toner, Yaquina. A host of devoted friends in Marion and Polk counties will grieve to hear of the lady’s sad death.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, December 9, 1903.


Fresh Water Kills Fish

Corvallis Express Messenger Explains Mystery of Dead Herring.

ALBANY, Or., Sept. 14.—(Special.)—That the thousands of herring which were strewn on the beach of the Pacific Ocean near Yaquina Bay recently were not destroyed by any volcanic eruption in the ocean is indicated by a logical solution of their death offered by W.M. Toner, express messenger on the Corvallis & Eastern railroad and owner of the oyster beds and crab-fishing plant on Yaquina Bay.

The herring enter Yaquina Bay annually in large schools, Mr. Toner says, and penetrate far up the Yaquina River. When they begin to get too much fresh water they return to the ocean. This year heavy sudden rains fell when the herring were going upstream in large schools and so much fresh water overwhelmed the fish.

Mr. Toner verifies his theory by the fact that people on the bay saw dead herring floating out to the ocean from up the river long before the tides threw them out on the beach. If a volcanic disturbance had caused the death of the herring it would have skilled scores of other kinds of fish.

Source: Portland Oregonian, September 15, 1908.

Walling Family Reunion

The Wallings, pioneer Willamette valley family, held their annual reunion one Sunday recently at the grove at the J.D. Walling farm near Lincoln.  A picnic dinner, a program in the afternoon with various members of the family group contributing musical and reading numbers, and plans for the reunion next year, occupied the group during the day.

Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and cousins and other relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse D. Walling who crossed the plains and took up a farm in Spring Valley in the earlier fifties were included in the family group.

Eight of the thirteen children of Jess D. Walling who survive him are John Walling of Toledo, B.F. Walling of Portland, J.D. Walling of Salem, Grant Walling of Amity, Mrs. Peasley [sic], Mrs. Alice Pomeroy of Kimberly, Idaho, Mrs. Florence Toner of Toledo and Mrs. Jennie McFarlane [sic] of Salem.

Those present for the reunion included Ben F. Walling, Georgia M. Walling, Ben F. Walling, Jr., all of Portland; Jennie L. McFarland of Salem; J.D. Walling of Salem, route 1; Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Munkers and their daughters, Loma [sic] and Jessie of McMinnville; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walling on Amity; Ruby Warner of Amity; Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Freeman of Portland; O.C. Wait, of Salem, route 2; J.W. Walling of Amity; Grand Walling of Dayton and Nellie Walling of Dayton; Marjorie Walling and Lorine Walling of Dayton; Frank B. Walling, Katie E. Walling, Mrs. Hazel Hollingsworth and Richard and Robinette all of Portland; Mrs. Kirk Walling, Lorraine Walling of Dayton; Elsie L. Stutz, Lawrence Macken, Jean Mackin, of Perrydale; Gertrude Walling of Portland; Mrs. D.L. Keyt of Perrydale; Florence Newson [sic] and D.E. Newson [sic] of Portland; Mrs. O.C. Wait, Mrs. Mary Toews of Salem; Ira E. Newsom of Portland; Mary E. Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Wilson of Salem; Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Purvine, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Walling, and Jesse Walling, Jr., all of Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Walling of Independence; Jessie M. Walling, Lester Walling, Ellsworth Loft, Gilbert Walling, D.L. Kent, all of Amity; Mr. and Mrs. James Hiatt, Mrs. B.W. Harritt, Miss Jessie Harritt, Miss Julia Cal, and Nellie Keyt Cal, all of Salem.

Source:  The Salem Capital Journal, July 7, 1927.


Native Son Typhoid Victim

Albany, Or., Aug. 6. — (Special.) — The body of Alfred Toner, who died at his home at Yaquina Wednesday, was brought to Albany last night and this morning taken to Zena, Polk County, via Salem, for burial.  His death was caused by typhoid fever, contracted, it is supposed, when he went with the O.A.C. cadet regiment to the Seattle Exposition.  He was 18 years old and a native of this state, having spent most of his life at Yaquina.  He was a son of William Toner, for many years express messenger on the Corvallis & Eastern railroad and one of the best-known railroad men in this part of the state.

Source:  The Oregonian, August 7, 1909.