About Me

Welcome to my website, first established in 2000 at Geocities.  The purpose of having a personal website, and still remains, to serve as an online home for my interests.  Offline, I’m a proposal manager for a government contractor, and I live in Northern Virginia with my husband.  I am a sixth generation resident of the Washington, DC area and grew up in Arlington, VA.

My primary hobby is genealogy.  The major focus of this site is to share the results of my research on the Rorick families of Sussex County, New Jersey.  I’m also actively researching the Dettmar family of Spanbeck, Germany and North Carolina, the Hilton family of Washington, DC, and the Pettus and Harrison families of Virginia, among others.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am a recent brand new genealogy fanatic.

    Gabriel Walling and Lucy Ann Walling (Rorick) are my fourth great grandparents.

    I have had a terrible time finding her ancestors … finally finding her parents and her grandfather. But that is it.

    I just found your web site today. Already you have helped me fill in some Jennie Walling information.



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