Short News Items from 1907

Mrs. Eva Walling Larmer, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bird Walling, has returned to her home in Salem. (Polk County Observer, January 18, 1907)

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Tyrrell of Beaumont, Texas, are in the city to visit their daughter, Mrs. David Rorick. Mrs. Tyrrell expects to stay some weeks while Mr. Tyrrell will go north to Sacramento county where has extensive mining interests. (Oceanside Blade, May 11, 1907)

Mrs. Louis [sic] Sutton and daughter spent Monday evening at Wm. Rogers’. (Oxford Leader, May 19, 1907)

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Injured Electrician Dies

Salem, Or., Oct. 2.—Al Newsome [sic], the electrician who fell from the coping at the base of the dome in the capitol Thursday afternoon, while employed rewiring that part of the building, died at the Salem hospital at 2 this morning as a result of the injuries received from the fall.  The electrician sustained a serious fracture of the skull.  The remains will be shipped to Portland for interment.

Source: Portland Oregonian, October 2, 1909. 

Deaths and Funerals from the 1900s

A dispatch from Arrowhead Springs, San Bernardino county, this morning state that D. Rorick of this city, had died suddenly of pleuro-pneumonia. The news came totally unexpected and causes deep regret with every one. Mr. Rorick was conductor on the local railroad and was very highly esteemed by everybody. He had been a resident of this city for several years and all throughout that time had been a man of sterling character, respected and esteemed by all who knew him. No arrangements have yet been made for the funeral. (Riverside Independent Enterprise, March 28, 1900)

Mrs. Dr. Greene has received word that Mr. David B. [sic] Rorick is dead at San Bernardino, Cal. Mrs. Rorick was formerly Miss Isola Smith of this city. She has many friends here who will learn with deep regret of her sad bereavement. Mr. Rorick was a conductor on the Santa Fe. He had been suffering from abscess on the brain for some time, but persisted in attending to his duties until finally he was obliged to succumb. (Marshall Daily Chronicle, April 25, 1900, and Marshall Expounder, April 27, 1900)

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Walling Clan Has Annual Gathering

Lincoln—One of Lincoln’s landmarks, the old J.D. Walling home, was the scene of the annual gathering of the Walling clan. Group singing and conversation occupied the afternoon, after a picnic dinner of the lawn. James Smart, Sr., soloist, sang a group of numbers accompanied by Mrs. James Smart, Jr.

The president, David Newsom of Portland, presided at the meeting. Mrs. Eva Purvine, daughter of Mrs. J.D. Walling, is secretary.

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Business & Professional Notices from 1910

KLAMATH FALLS, Or., April 23. — (Special.) — Elmer O. Beardsley, of Salem, a recent arrival, has bought a half interest in the Klamath Falls Iron Works. This iron works has been conducted in this city the past three years by A.S. Berry and J.S. Peck. Mr. Beardsley buys the interest of Mr. Peck. All of his Salem machinery will be moved here. (Portland Oregonian, April 24, 1910)

W.E. Newsom, proprietor of the Falls City Electric works is in town making arrangements preparatory to the construction of a new power house which will be situated two hundred yards below the one now in operation. (Monmouth Herald, July 9, 1910)

W.E. Newsom has cleaned out the old mill pond on the south side of the creek and will rebuild his electric light plant near the steel bridge. The new plant will meet the requirements of the city for years to come. (Monmouth Herald, August 19, 1910)

Business & Professional Notices from the Aughts

The Rapid Transit Steamboat Co., of Rainier, with a capital stock of $40,000—800 shares of the par value of $50 each—has been organized with W.E. Newsom, W.S. Buchanan and W.C. Fisher, incorporators. The object of the corporation is to do a general steamboat business on the Columbia river and its tributaries. One or more fast boats will be built in time for the 1905 fair traffic. Captain Newsom built the Iralda, and gave the people a taste of better service and cheaper fare, which culminated in a general rate war that was only settled by the opposition buying his boat outright. The first boat to be constructed by this company will be built at Rainier within the next six months. It will be built specially for burning oil. (St. Helens Mist, September 12, 1902)

F.E. Walling closed out his business here and has gone to Cottage Grove where he has a position with the Wildwood Lumber Co. (Newburg Graphic, July 26, 1906)

Short News Items from 1907

J.J. Walling, who is basking in the sunshine of Los Angeles, Cal., has sent us a souvenir card where he is pictured on a purple pig, under which is inscribed, “I am on the hog.” Jesse, we think when this comes to pass that you had better come home and sell Nampa real estate. However, our check book is at you’re your service, Mr. Walling.—Nampa Recorder. (Caldwell Tribune, January 5, 1907)

Mrs. Eva Walling Larmer, who has been visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bird Walling, has returned to her home in Salem. (Polk County Observer, January 18, 1907)

Mrs. Bertha Rorick, the Morenci Telegram correspondent, is ill, and Mrs. Pearl Fairbanks is corresponding for Mrs. Rorick for a short time.   (Adrian Daily Telegram, June 26, 1907)

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Business & Professional Notices from 1907

Columbus, O., March 12 — The Circuit Court has sustained Superintendent Rorick of the institution for the feeble-minded in his attitude of refusing to accept as a patient a boy, Wilbur Reynolds, who is blind deaf dumb and imbecile.  Mandamus proceedings to force him to admit the child were instituted, and it is upon these the court passed.  (Indiana Evening Gazette, March 12, 1907)

John C. Rorick of Wauseon has been appointed by Gov. Harris as member of the board of managers of the penitentiary (Coshocton Daily Age, April 2, 1907)

In the probate court yesterday Rosley [sic] Gile, guardian of Fletcher Walling, filed a final account in the estate of his [sic] ward.  A petition for the appointment of an administrator was filed in the same estate, Walling now being deceased.  (Idaho Statesman, May 9, 1907)

Falls City—W.E. Newsom, who is building the electric light plant, returned from a business trip to Portland and Ranier, Monday. The dynamo and nearly all of the supplies for the plant have arrived.  (Polk County Observer, August 16, 1907)

Business & Professional Notices from 1893

The firm of A.J. VanBlarcom, at Newton, has dissolved partnership. Wm. D. Ackerson will continue the business. (Middletown Daily Times, August 3, 1893)

W.E. Newsom, owner of the steamer Iralda, has drawn his boat off the Portland-Oak Point route, and will soon put her on the run to Astoria in opposition to the Telephone. The Iralda will be braced up and be ballasted with fresh-water tanks to hold her steady in the water and obviate the necessity of cleaning boiler so often as they would be obliged to do if the pumps were used in the lower river. The steamer Carrie F. will be put on the Oak Point Clatskanie route in opposition to the Sarah Dixon, and connect with the Iralda at the former place. The Iralda’s time schedule has not been announced but it is understood that she will start from Portland in the morning and make the round trip to Astoria the same day, returning to Portland at about 10:00 o’clock P.M. (St. Helens Mist, November 17, 1893)