Little Son of Mr.–Mrs. Loosley Died

Word was received this morning the baby boy born [to] Mr. and Mrs. Louis Loosley of Ukiah at the Stockton hospital April 8 passed away yesterday in Stockton, where Mrs. Loosley and infant son, Edward Donald, had been cared for by relatives since the child’s birthday. Surviving in addition to the parents are two brothers, Francis, 19, who is with the Army Air Corps in England, and Donald, 13. Mr. Loosley is the popular manager of the Diamond Match Co. branch at Ukiah, and a host of friends extend sympathy to the bereaved family.

Source: Ukiah Republican Press, May 16, 1945.

Oscar Baker Bunch, Pioneer Of Fort Klamath, Passes

By Mrs. E.K. Loosley

Funeral services were held at Fort Klamath Monday for the late Oscar Baker Bunch. The passing of Oscar Bunch takes a pioneer, a man who knew the country before the railroad; in fact, he drove stage between Klamath Falls and Fort Klamath in the early nineties. Later he operated a livery stable; where now an automobile or truck covers the distances in an hour, he rented saddle and buggy horses that took a day and a half, good traveling, to make the same trip.

He “put up” the freight teams, staying open late at night to welcome such well-known teamsters as “Big Mitch,” who might have aboard thousands of dollars sent by Jud Ager, of Ager, Calif., as “bolts and nuts”—this to thwart the hold-up men—and Ditsworth, who raised and peddled the only known green vegetables and fruits. These he hauled all the way from Dead Indian or Medford. The lives of such men were mellowed by these hardships and experiences.

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L.H. Loosley Manager Of Ukiah Plant

Louis H. Loosley, who has been in the accounting department with the Petaluma branch of the Diamond Match company, in Petaluma, has left for Ukiah, where he has been made manager of the company’s plant in that city. He is filling the position vacated by Lee M. Mapes, who resigned. Mrs. Loosley, and the couple’s two sons, aged 9 and 15, will join Mr. Loosley as soon as they can find a suitable residence in Ukiah. Their departure from Petaluma is regretted.

Loosley came here six years ago when the Diamond Match company purchased the old established business of Camm & Hedges. He was previous to his coming to Petaluma, employed by Gladding & McBean company, of Oakland, dealers in building materials.

Source: Petaluma Argus-Courier, December 18, 1940.

Short News Items from 1939

Curtis McGrew and Andy Briner are cutting wood for Wm. Roberts up at the Wagner Gap. (Medford Mail Tribune, January 3, 1939)

PORTOLA, Calif., March 3.—Miss Barbara Loosley and Miss Lala [sic] Loosley, who have been residing in Portola with their grandmother, Mrs. H.A. Weir, have returned to their home in Beckwourth. (Nevada State Journal, March 4, 1939)

Mrs. Eleanor McGrew and daughter, Jean, have moved to Yocolt [sic], Wash., where Mr. McGrew is working. (Medford Mail Tribune, June 13, 1939)

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Short News Items from 1938

Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bunch were Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Bunch and daughter Beth Lee of Henley, and Mr. and Mrs. Loy Barker and son of Malin. Mrs. Barker is the former Marion Bunch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bunch of Fort Klamath. (Klamath Falls Evening Herald, February 4, 1938)

Mrs. E.N. Baldwin entertained at her home this Tuesday afternoon honoring her house guest, Mrs. Roscoe Baldwin and daughter Jane of Marquette. (Livingston County Press, May 4, 1938)

Mrs. Roscoe Baldwin and daughter Jane, of Marquette, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Baldwin on West Wetmore street. (Livingston County Press, May 4, 1938)

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Short News Items from 1937

Mr. and Mrs. Remmel Blankenbush and son, of New Jersey, spent the week end with Mrs. Minnie Bellas [sic]. (Wilkes-Barre Record, January 9, 1937)

Rv. James D. Bryden of South Walnut Street has returned from Green Cove Springs, Fla., where he spent a month with his son, Rev. Lewis B. Bryden and family. (Wilkes-Barre Record, March 6, 1937

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Loosley have returned to Fort Klamath after spending the winter months visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Zbinden, near Klamath Falls. (Klamath Falls Evening Herald, April 9, 1937)

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Short News Items from 1936

Mr. and Mrs. Merle Loosley visited briefly at the Zbinden ranch near Merrill, Sunday afternoon. (Klamath Falls News, February 21, 1936)

Jimmy Eveland, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, Sr., of Hillsboro, is recuperating from an operation for appendicitis, recently performed in the hospital at Easton. (Easton Star-Democrat, April 3, 1936)

A valuable Collie dog belonging to Leon Sutton was kicked by a horse yesterday, its head being badly lacerated, its tongue cut and its jaw broken. (Sayre Evening Times, August 15, 1936)

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Short News Items from 1935

A birthday dinner in honor of Mrs. Mabel Briner was given at her home, February 20. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. C.A. McGrew, Mrs. Ella Mae McGrew, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Briner and daughter, Rose Elfa, Mrs. Elfa Green, and a sister of Mrs. Briner who is visiting from Portland. (Medford Mail Tribune, February 22, 1935)

Fort Klamath, Ore.—Mr. and Mrs. Fred Loosley left Wednesday for Merrill, where they will spend some time visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Zbinden. (Klamath Falls Evening Herald, November 13, 1935)

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Baldwin and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin’s son of Tecumseh, Michigan, left Sunday for northern Michigan on a deer hunting expedition. (Livingston County Daily Press, November 20, 1935)

Short News Items from 1933

Mr. and Mrs. Z.E. Armstrong, of Des Moines, spent the week-end with Mr. Armstrong’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Armstrong. (Kossuth County Advance, January 19, 1933)

Art Banfield of Coldwater spent Saturday night with his brother, Samuel Banfield. (Marshall Evening Chronicle, March 28, 1933)

Mr. and Mrs. Z.E. Armstrong and Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Pepper, of Des Moines and Mrs. Niel Nielson, Spencer, visited Sunday at J.A. Armstrong’s, and Mrs. Nielson wen to Des Moines with the Armstrongs. (Kossuth County Advance, April 27, 1933)

Mrs. Mae Banfield, Marian and Arthur Banfield of Coldwater were Tuesday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Francisco, and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Saylor of and children, southwest of Marshall, were Tuesday evening callers. (Marshall Evening Chronicle, June 1, 1933)

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Birth Announcements from 1931

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gunton are the very proud parents of a baby girl. Both mother and daughter are doing fine. (Tunkhannock New Age, May 7, 1931)

Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Loosley are the proud parents of a second son, who was born at a San Francisco hospital last Sunday morning. Loosley and his oldest son Francis have returned to their home here, where Loosley operates a mercantile business and the post office in conjunction with his father M.F. Loosley. Mrs. Loosley and her second son will remain in San Francisco for a few weeks. (Petaluma Argus-Courier, September 4, 1931)