Dry Goods Change

W.C. McConnell To Go East To Maumee Street

Into New Store Building

To Be Erected By The Commonwealth Company.

Will Have Two Floors, and a Basement to Accommodate His Stock of Goods

W.C. McConnell, for many years the proprietor of the dry goods house on the corner of Winter and Maumee streets, has decided to move his establishment to a new location on East Maumee street, where he has leased the building to be put up in the near future by the Commonwealth company for a term of years. Though the plans for the building have not been actually adopted as yet it is understood that the building is to be completed by the first of March, at which time Mr. McConnell contemplates moving.

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Twenty-Five Years

W.C. McConnell Has Been In Business In Adrian

He Has Been Successful and Has One of the Largest Stores in This City

Twenty-five years ago Sunday a merchant opened his doors to the public in the Masonic Temple and since that day has continued to conduct a dry goods business in the Maple City. This merchant was W.C. McConnell, a business man, well known over the county, a man with a reputation for fair dealing and endowed with good business ability.

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W.C. M’Connell

Has Returned From The World’s Fair

Also Heard Bryan In The Democratic Convention

W.C. McConnell and wife are home from the world’s fair at St. Louis and Mr. McConnell is enthusiastic over the fair as being a great and magnificent exhibition. He declares it is really too big. The distances are so great that one is actually tired out in the effort to see the many sights.

Mr. McConnell was fortunate in securing an elegant room with bath in a private house at the rate of $1.50 a day for the room and breakfast, which he considered exceedingly reasonable. He stated to The Telegram that there are many places in good locations where such accommodations can be secured. As stated above, his only objection to the fair is the fact of its immensity.

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A New Location

W.C. McConnell Has Leased the Metcalf Stand


Expects to get Moved the Last of This Month

The question as to whether the Metcalf dry goods store would continue to be run in the Metcalf name was answered Tuesday night in the negative, W.C. McConnell having closed a three-year lease with the privilege of ten, with David Metcalf, the proprietor of the building.  This stand has been occupied for over 25 years by the Metcalf stock of dry goods, and as Mr. McConnell’s location in the Masonic temple seemed inadequate to his wants, it was an opportune time to make a change.

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Wauseon Party

Friday last Mrs. J.C. Rorick and Mrs. J.S. Brailey, of Wauseon, who are well known in Adrian society circles, were entertaining. The Wauseon Expositor in a previous issue, contained the following relative to the function:

“Mesdames J.C. Rorick and J.S. Brailey has have issues invitations for one of the most pretentious affairs of the week, to be held at the Rorick home Friday afternoon. Military pedro and flinch will be the forms of amusement. A four course supper will be served.

“Mrs. Ora Brailey, of Toledo, will render several vocal selections. The out of town guest list includes: Misses Susie and Ella Sim, Mrs. W.C. McConnell, Mrs. Shepherd, of Adrian; Mrs. M. Donnelly, Napoleon; Mrs. J.M. Longnecker, Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Waltz, Delta; Mrs. Geyser, Swanton; Mrs. A.K. Detwiler, Mrs. F.K. Hogue, Mrs. J.S. Brailey, jr., and Mrs. Ora Brailey, Toledo; Mrs. McConnica, Mrs. Snyder, Findlay; Mrs. J.M. Angell, Columbus. The decorations will be red, white and blue.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, November 9, 1903.

Rorick Family.

The Rorick family reunion was held at the home of Cosper Rorick, sr., on “Rorick Avenue”—East Main street—Morenci.  About seventy-five representatives of the family sat down to a bountiful dinner, which, owing to the uncertain weather, was served in the spacious barn, especially prepared and decorated for the occasion.  No set program was followed, but the time was spent in conversation and good cheer.  Those present from out of town were Hon. and Mrs. E.H. Rorick, of Athens, O., Hon. and Mrs. J.C. Rorick, of Wauseon, and their granddaughter, Misses Ada and Cleantha McConnell, of Adrian; Mrs. Dr. Rorick Bennett, of Detroit, and her daughters, Mrs. Clark and Miss Bessie Bennett. It was decided to hold the next reunion at the home of Mark Rorick.  Noticeable among the decorations were beautiful hot house roses from Athens.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, June 26, 1903.