Veterans Day

downloadIn honor of Veterans Day, this week’s transcriptions will focus on family members who have served with honor and distinction in our Armed Forces.  Enjoy!



Daily Updates for the Foreseeable Future

I recently found myself with some extra time, so I spent about a month methodically researching Gaspar Rorick’s descendants in a variety of online newspaper databases and transcribing a backlog of clippings that I have.  As a result, you can look forward to daily updates through the end of 2018. Keep checking back and enjoy!

Play Ball!

Opening DayIt’s one of my favorite days of the year — Major League Baseball’s Opening Day!  The Washington Nationals have been rained out in Cincinnati, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get my baseball fix.   In honor of the return of baseball, today’s posts will be two stories about Lewis Bradbury, “professional second baseman” in Idaho in the early 1900s.  Enjoy!

Love is in the Air

In honor of Valentine’s Day, tomorrow will be dedicated to stories about engagements, weddings, and golden wedding anniversaries.  There’s even one 60th wedding anniversary story included.  There have already been a few today, but tomorrow will be a wedding bonanza.  Be sure to check in frequently tomorrow, as there are posts scheduled to appear throughout the day.

These articles can be a goldmine for researchers, describing what a wedding looked like in 1900 and listing the out-of-town guests in a way that provides clues to married names and family locations.

Thanks for reading.