Eva Marguerite Walling & Daniel A. Larmer

LARMER-WALLING—At the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Walling at Lincoln, on Sunday, Nov. 8th, 1906, a very beautiful wedding service was held. Miss Eva Marguerite Walling was married to Mr. Daniel A. Larmer. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W.W. Edmondson, of Spring Valley Presbyterian church. The home was tastefully decorated and a number of relatives and friends were present.

Mr. and Mrs. Larmer left in the afternoon for a visit to Portland and Seattle. They will be at home at 375 N. Commercial st., Salem, Dec. 1st, 1906.

Mr. and Mrs. Larmer received many beautiful and useful presents, as follows:

Center piece from Mrs. Ruble; tea set, Loren Walling; silver knives and forks, T.D. Walling; cream spoon, Mildred Rhodes, sugar spoon, Gertrude Walling; sofa pillow case, H.S. Adams, fruit spoon, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Loose; salad set, Ethel Walling; tea set, Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Pugh; cake plate, Miss Nina Martin; salad dish, Mr. Bredemeier; fruit dish, Mrs. Coyle; tea spoons, Mr. Loose; dinner set, Mrs. J.D. Walling; fruit set, Elma Guthrie; cake plate, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes; bread plate, Mrs. S.T. Guthrie, and many other useful things.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, November 21, 1906. References to S.D. Walling and T.D. Walling are in the original. They likely refer to J.D. Walling.


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