Armstrong Heirs of Aunt on Coast Who Died Recently

Irvington, Sept. 13—Merle Armstrong-Neilson, Spencer; Charles Armstrong, Livermore, and Zelora and James Armstrong, Burt, and Jane Armstrong, now of Santa Monica, Calif., the latter the only daughter of the late C.S. Armstrong, recently fell heir to the Lucy Armstrong estate.

Lucy Armstrong, whose married name is not known here, died sometime in the last few months, but old friends here have not heard details.

Besides nieces and nephews to whom Lucy Armstrong left here California estate, she had only a sister, Mrs. Mary Doty, Santa Monica. The brother James died a few years ago, and C.S. Armstrong and Lavina died in California may years ago. All were born and reared here, the children of Dr. and Mrs. J.R. Armstrong, Irvington pioneers.

The Advance located the Armstrongs some weeks ago for a lawyer who wrote to learn their addresses.

Source: Kossuth County Advance, September 14, 1937.


Eveland Weddings

Miss Cordia V. Doty and Mr. John Eveland were married at the M.E. Church, Greensboro, on the 24th inst., by Rev. Dr. Hoffecker.  (Denton Journal, 27 December 1902)

Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, Misses Pearl and Madge Eveland attended the wedding of their grandson and nephew, Robert F. Eveland, of Queen Anne, to Miss Charlene Robertson, of Centreville, which took place on Saturday, Dec. 19, at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, Ridgely.  A reception was held at the home of the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eveland.  (Denton Journal, December 25, 1959)

The marriage of Miss Virginia Emma Messix, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Messix, near town, and Mr. Robert J. Eveland, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, of Hillsboro, took place on Wednesday, Jan. 3rd, at four o’clock, in Saint Benedict’s Catholic Church.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. James O’Reilly and Mrs. Carey Callahan and Miss Hazel Lynch furnished the music.  A shower and dance were given the young couple at the home of the bride’s parents on Tuesday evening.  (Denton Journal, January 13, 1934)

Henrietta Payne Doty

Mrs. Henrietta Doty, who fell at her home last Saturday morning, breaking her hip and arm, was taken to Emergency Hospital, where she passed away Wednesday morning, her 77th birthday. She is survived by three children and several grandchildren. The children are: Mrs. John Eveland (Hillsboro), Miss Lilly and Olin Doty, of near town. Funeral services will be held at the Greensboro Baptist Church this (Saturday) afternoon, Rev. J.C. Ledbetter officiating. Interment in Greensboro cemetery.

Source: Denton Journal, June 3, 1933.

Small Town News—Denton Journal

Mrs. and Mrs. Melvin Carroll visited Miss Lillie Doty at Cambridge Hospital, last Thursday. (Denton Journal, November 18, 1955)

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dazier [sic], of Massachusetts; Mrs. Byron Poore and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eveland and children, of Greensboro; Mr. Charles Boyle, of Queen Anne, visited Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland and family on Sunday. (Denton Journal, October 12, 1956)

Miss Anna Mae Doty, of Baltimore, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Doty, of near town. (Denton Journal, June 29, 1945)

Misses Virginia and Clara Tribbitt and Mssrs. Fred Satterfield and Graham Diggins spent Sunday with Mrs. E.W. Doty and family. (Denton Journal, September 23, 1911)

Mr. Jesse L. Doty, of near Binghamton, N.Y., has been recently visiting his cousins, Miss Lillie E. Doty and Mr. Olin C. Doty, of Greensboro, and Mrs. John Eveland of Hillsboro. (Denton Journal, November 5, 1948)

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Jarrell and son, Henry, of Centreville, spent Sunday with Mrs. Jarrell’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Doty. (Denton Journal, July 29, 1945)

Miss Genevieve Poor [sic], of Greensboro, and Miss Mary Eveland have been visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland. (Denton Journal, September 12, 1942)

Ephraim W. Doty

The funeral of the late Mr. Ephraim W. Doty, at St. Paul’s M.E. Church, last Sunday afternoon, was largely attended. Services were conducted by the pastor, Rev. Warren Burr, assisted by Rev. C.R. Strausburg, of the M.P. Church. Interment was made in Greensboro cemetery. The pall-bearers were Messrs. Joseph Simons, W.E. Wilson, Robert Coursey, David Eveland, William Tribbett, and Funeral Director Pritchett had charge of the ceremony. Mr. Doty was born in 1839 in New Jersey, and his parents moved to New York during his boyhood. In the early eighties, he bought a farm near Greensboro and spent the remainder of his life on it. He is survived by a widow and three grown children — Miss Lillie Doty and Mr. Olan [sic] C. Doty, at home, and Mrs. John Eveland, of this county, all of whom have the sympathy of this community. Mr. Doty had not visited his old home in New York for over thirty years until early this year, when he spent some time with his father, Mr. Asa Doty, who is over ninety years old and quite feeble. Mr. Doty had not seemed well since he made the trip and continued to fail until his death, March 29th.

Source: Denton Journal, April 8, 1911.

Clarence W. Doty

Clarence W. Doty, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Olin C. Doty, died at his home, near Greensboro, Thursday, July 6, at 7 p.m., after a long and painful period of illness caused by rheumatic fever, double pneumonia, and a weak heart. He had been ill since April 20, 1933. He bore his sufferings with great patience and fortitude up to the very last. He was always hopeful and planning for the future. He was 17 years, 7 months and 19 days old, a boy with many promising future possibilities. He leaves besides his father and mother to mourn his loss two sisters, Ruth and Anna Mae Doty, and a host of friends and relatives, among the latter, his aunt, Miss Lillie E. Doty, in whose home he spent the first twelve years of his life. She is crushed with the loss as are his father and mother.

Clarence was a member of the graduating class of Greensboro High School. His classmates and several teachers, among them Mr. Cross and Miss Duffy, attended the funeral services, which were held at the Greensboro Baptist Church Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock, July 9. Six girls of his class — Addie Williams, Marie Karcher, Peggy Smith, Bertha Miller, Beverly Nashold, Anna Zacharias — dressed in white, preceded the casket, bearing floral offerings, expressions of love and esteem from his many friends and associates. The pall-bearers were classmates: Richard Ledbetter, Edward Laramore, Marion Seeney, Joseph Pavolvsky, Carlton Smith, Bradford Dickerson. The services were conducted by the Rev. J.C. Ledbetter and Bro. Raymond Rawlings. His death seems so untimely and sad but God knoweth best. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Clarence believed. His grandmother, the late Mrs. Henrietta Doty, preceded him thirty-six days ago into the Heavenly Home.

Source: Denton Journal, July 15, 1933.

Birth Announcements

To the wife of Merle Ansberry, September 5, a daughter, Eleanor Allyne, Hanford.  (Oakland Tribune, September 18, 1933)

NEW ARMSTRONG SON:  Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Armstrong are parents of a boy born Monday Jan. 29 at the St. Ann hospital, Algona.  Mrs. Armstrong is the former Dorothy Fish, and the Armstrongs have one other son, Melvin.  Mr. Armstrong works for the Post transfer company at Algona.  The family moved lately from Livermore to the Obrecht home here.  (Kossuth County Advance, February 6, 1951)

Born yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bryant of 924 East Church street a daughter, Marilyn Jeanne.  (Adrian Daily Telegram, January 29, 1925)

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chapin of Pontiac, formerly of Lake Orion, are receiving congratulations on the birth of a son, Mark Steven, Tuesday, January 29th, at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pontiac.  Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Glen McNeil of Lake Orion and Mrs. Margaret Chapin of Pontiac.  (Lake Orion Review, February 1, 1952)

The daughter born at Bethesda hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Chesser of Fultonham has been named Pamela Kay.  Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Asa Brown and Mrs. Helen Newport, all of Crooksville, and great-grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gage Frash of Crooksville.  (Zanesville Signal, November 25, 1953)

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy E. Decker of Johnson announce the birth of a son, Tracy, Jr., February eleventh.  (Middletown Times-Herald, February 17, 1930)

September 8 — To Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Edmison, 1229 Stillwater street, twin daughters.  (Nebraska State Journal, September 9, 1910)

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Francis are the parents of a son, born Monday June 11.  (Lake Orion Review, June 15, 1945)

Mrs. Dorothy Fritz of Lake Orion and Mrs. Magdalena Friedrich of Pirmansen, Germany, are both grandmothers for the first time, but Mrs. Fritz won’t get to see little Richard Lyle, Jr., for quite a while.  He was born overseas, where his father is stationed with the Army.  The baby was born August 27 and weighed eight pounds, ten ounces.  His parents are Cpl. and Mrs. Richard Lyle Fritz.  (Lake Orion Review, September 8, 1960)

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hanson of Junction City, a son, at Good Samaritan, Feb. 2.  (Zanesville Times Recorder, February 3, 1960)

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hanson of Junction City, a son, at Good Samaritan, Jan. 28.  (Zanesville Times Recorder, January 30, 1962)

The son born June 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Henning has been named Joel Augustus.  Grandmothers are Mrs. Rachel Henning of Roseville Route 2 and Mrs. Leone Robison of Roseville.  The couple has a 17-year old son, Kevin.  (Zanesville Times Recorder, June 23, 1972)

Congratulations are being extended to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Hird (Harriett Carol Rorick) who are the parents of a daughter born August 6 in Daytona Beach, Fla.  Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Rorick of Portland and Mrs. Dwight Beebe of Englewood, N.J.  (Portland Oregonian, August 8, 1946)

Congratulations are being received by Mr. and Mrs. John B. Jarrell, of Centreville, on the birth of a 6 lb. 8 oz. boy, Francis Henry, at Chestertown Hospital, June 27, 1943.  Mrs. Jarrell was formerly Miss Ruth Doty, of Greensboro.  (Denton Journal, July 9, 1943)

CHILD IN MARGARUM HOME:  Little Janette Robertson Margarum arrived in town at 5 o’clock on Sunday afternoon at the Margarum home on Bank Street, and the household was made very happy.  Mayor Margarum has been receiving congratulations ever since at the Farmers’ Bank and elsewhere.  (Middletown Times-Press, February 9, 1918)

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Margarum of Unionville are parents of twins, a boy and a girl, born at Horton hospital on November nineteenth.  (Middletown Times-Herald, November 23, 1945)

Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Mason, formerly Helen McIntosh, announce the birth of a daughter this morning at their home in South Second street.  Grandfather and grandmother J.S. Mason of Eddy street are wearing smiles that won’t rub off.  (Newark Advocate, August 12, 1915)

MORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Earl (Inez Jessie Edmison), 360 North Twenty-seventy street, girl, Oct. 2.  (Nebraska State Journal, October 3, 1933)

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pearson, of Voorheis Lake, announce the birth of a son, William Anthony, June 21, at St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital, Pontiac. He weighed 7 lbs. 5 ozs. Mrs. Pearson is the former Ruth Alleman. (Lake Orion Review, June 29, 1945)

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pearson, Jr. (Ruth Alleman) of Oxford, are the parents of a daughter, Ellen Rae, weighing 8 lbs., 9 ozs. She was born Saturday, December 13, at St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital, Pontiac. (Lake Orion Review, December 19, 1947)

We failed last week to note the advent of a little girl baby at the home of Sid Rorick.  Weight, seven pounds.  Mother and child doing well.  (Oxford Mirror, October 22, 1886)

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Steves of Pilot Hill are the parents of a baby girl born at the Highland Hospital, Auburn, Saturday, April 29.  Mrs. Steves, as Jane Owens, lived here several years ago with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Owens.  (Mountain Democrat, May 11, 1950)

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sutton, 176 West Main Street, Port Jervis, are the parents of a girl born in St. Francis Hospital Saturday.  (Middletown Times-Herald, May 26, 1947)

Born — In this city, January 2, 1894, to Mr. and Mrs. Enos Walling, a daughter.  (Idaho Statesman, January 3, 1894)

Boy to wife of Nelson Walling, 990 East Stark street.  (Portland Oregonian, September 2, 1899)