The Branchport House

Mr. George P. Swarts, formerly of the Sherman house at Penn Yan, has recently purchased the Branchport house which he has completely overhauled. With new fittings and furniture the change is a great improvement. The rates will be $1.50 per day and a livery is in connection. The table is a leading feature and Mr. Swarts is a genial host.

Source: Elmira Star-Gazette, November 19, 1898.


Lewiston Man Takes Charge Of The Kendrick State Bank

KENDRICK, Ida., Feb. 9. (Special to the Star-Mirror, 3 p.m.)—Inside facts concerning the Kendrick State Bank failure are leaking out. It is a story where Fate played a prominent role, and shows a heroic fight on the part of the Bradburys in the face of obsacles [sic] that would have discouraged most men. The flood ruined both the Pine Creek and the Clem Lumber companies of Kendrick. Both were in fine condition, and any bank would have extended them credit to the amount they received. In a moment they went down in ruin when the flood swept away both logs and lumber worth a fortune. It is admitted that they have improved its condition to a degree that leads many to believe that in time they could have made it sound and saved themselves.

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Kendrick State Bank Closed This Morning

Bank Examiner in Charge of the Pioneer Institution

No Statement From Bank’s Officials

KENDRICK, Feb. 8. (Special to the Star-Mirror)—The Kendrick State Bank, the pioneer banking institution of this place, failed to open its doors for business this morning, the result of action by State Bank Examiner V.W. Platt. Up to 3 o’clock this afternoon the examiner refused to make any statement as to the reason for this action, but promised to make one as soon as he could, probably by tomorrow.

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A New Real Estate Concern

The Ann Arbor Realty Co. is a new creation, having recently been organized and will be established under the management of Charles E. Gallup of Hudson, who in July purchased the residence property of Atty. Frank E. Stivers, 802 East Kingsley, and took possession Oct. 1st, intending to make this city his permanent home, and who for the present will be the company’s only resident member. The office of this concern will be to transact a first class general real estate and general insurance business and in connection thereto will settle estates and perform private agency functions to any parties desiring. After Nov. 1 their office quarters will be in Rooms 15 and 16, Savings Bank Bldg., with Messrs. Stivers & Storm. Both phones 271. Residence phone Bell 122.

Source: Ann Arbor Daily Times, October 22, 1907.

Dr. E.J. Emerick Takes Office As Superintendent

Employes [sic] of State Institution Handsomely Remember Retiring Official

Dr. E.H. Rorick retired Wednesday from the position of the State Institution for Imbecile Youth, and was succeeded in that office by Dr. E.J. Emerick, who was elected to the position by the trustees six weeks ago. Dr. Emerick has been at the institution for several weeks, familiarizing himself with the conditions. Both Dr. Rorick and Mrs. Rorick have been very popular with the staff of employes [sic] and the dance on Tuesday evening was turned into a farewell expression to the retiring superintendent and his wife. On behalf of the employes [sic] they were presented with a fine leather couch, a handsome mahogany parlor table, brass jardinieres and other gifts—Dr. Emerick making the presentation speech. Short addresses were also made by Dr. Keiser, Dr. Burns and others.

Dr. and Mrs. Rorick leave Thursday for their old home in Fayette, Fulton county.

Source: Columbus Dispatch, May 16, 1907.