Real Estate Offices of G.M. DeWitt

One of the most active brokers in Upper Montclair real estate is Mr. Gideon M. DeWitt, with offices at 605 Valley road, near the post office. Mr. DeWitt, by long experience and a natural aptitude for business, has acquired the confidence of a large number of property owners, who rely implicitly on his judgement in property values and in the care of rentals.

Many fine residences and building sites have changed ownership through the medium of Mr. DeWitt. Besides his real interests, Mr. DeWitt is the representative of several of the world’s largest fire insurance companies, and has been successful in placing many mortgages with leading institutions.

Real estate business entrusted to the house of which Mr. DeWitt is the head, is sure of prompt and efficient attention, as is attested by the large amount of business entrusted to him. The telephone number of the office is 900 Montclair, and his residence hone is 319-R Montclair.

Source: The Montclair Times, September 25, 1909.

Big Meat Company Dissolves

Had Stores at Springdale, Meyers Falls, Chewelah and Colville.

SPRINGDALE, Wash., April 13.—An important business deal was closed here yesterday, when the partnership existing for two years under the name of Stevens County Meat company, with retail markets at Colville, Meyers Falls, Chewelah and Springdale, was terminated, J.R. Walling of Springdale and W.H. Latta of Chewelah retiring. The Stevens County Meat company retains the markets Chewelah and Colville, Mr. Latta goes out of the meat business and J.R. Walling becomes sole owner of the Springdale Market, as well as the Dingle market at Deer Park, when he secured by purchase. Mr. Walling was the original owner of the local market before the company was formed.

Source: Spokane Spokesman-Review, April 16, 1909.

$200 an Acre for Farm

Oregon City—Forty thousand dollars has been paid for the Oswego farm of Albert Walling and Presley Jarrisch. The place is practically all under cultivation and embraces about 200 acres, bringing an average of $200 per acre. This is believed to be the largest paid ever paid for Clackamas County farm property.

Source: Lexington Wheatfield, August 8, 1907.

New Artone Feature Ready

The Artone Feature Film Co., comprising W.H. Goodfellow, Francis Reno and Gustave Froebel, with studios at 307 John R street, Detroit, has completed its first picture “5:15.” The specialty of this company is making moving pictures of songs. Letters from exhibitors in all parts of the United States have been received asking for the privilege of showing Artone pictures. A vocalist appears in connection with each picture. The directing of the pictures is being handled by W.H. Gregory, well known in filmdom. Presently the company has purchased a Peerless motor truck, with jitney bus body, to transport its people to and from the studio. Roy Walling, who played an entire season as leading man with a local dramatic stock company, is now affiliated with the Artone Company.

Source: Moving Picture World, July 17, 1915.

Puts an End to It All

A grievous wail oftimes comes as a result of unbearable pain from overtaxed organs. Dizziness, backache, liver complaint and constipation. But thanks to Dr. King’s New Fife Pills they put an end to it all. They are gentle but thorough. Try them. Only 25c. Guaranteed by T.R. Kelly, Druggist.

Source: Springville Independent, August 20, 1903.

Morris Larned Buys State Street Store

Morris D. Larned has purchased the H.L. Switzer hardware store at 310 South State street and will take possession next week. The store will be closed the remainder of this week for an inventory.

Mr. Larned, who was been a resident of Ann Arbor for 25 years, was for 18 years connected with the Fischer Hardware company, but sold his interest in that concern last summer. Since that time he has been engaged in real estate and insurance business with George H. Fischer.

Mr. Switzer, who has been in business here the last eight years, succeeded D.A. Killins, who established the business in 1910. Mr. Switzer will return to Mt. Clemens, his former home.

Source: Ann Arbor News, February 10, 1920.

Oswego Nursery

That veteran of the nursery business, G.W. Walling, is reinforced by his son, Mr. Albert Walling, who now has practical charge of the business, and the old Oswego nursery still turns out hundreds of thousands of trees and shrubbery, at short notice. A line addressed to G.W. Walling & Son will meet with immediate response.

Source: Willamette Farmer, November 21, 1879.

New Invention

A.J. Wise has constructed a machine which he calls the Air Harvester.  It is calculated to cut and thresh at the same time. We have seen a photograph of the invention, but can form no idea of the advantages claimed.  Mr. Wise has forwarded an application for a patent.

Source: San Francisco Examiner, April 8, 1873.