Matrimonial News from 1893

Clifford Ball, late of Ballston, but now a railway postal clerk, was recently married to Miss Jessie McGrew at Monmouth. (Oregon Statesman, December 22, 1893)

Walter R. Brown, a well known young business man of this city, was married Wednesday to Miss Jessie B. Tyler, at the home of the bride’s parents in Burlington, Vt. After a month spent in visiting Eastern cities, Mr. and Mrs. Brown will be at home for the summer at the Lake Minnetonka residence, “The Trossachs.” (Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 23, 1893)


Business & Professional Notices from 1893

The firm of A.J. VanBlarcom, at Newton, has dissolved partnership. Wm. D. Ackerson will continue the business. (Middletown Daily Times, August 3, 1893)

W.E. Newsom, owner of the steamer Iralda, has drawn his boat off the Portland-Oak Point route, and will soon put her on the run to Astoria in opposition to the Telephone. The Iralda will be braced up and be ballasted with fresh-water tanks to hold her steady in the water and obviate the necessity of cleaning boiler so often as they would be obliged to do if the pumps were used in the lower river. The steamer Carrie F. will be put on the Oak Point Clatskanie route in opposition to the Sarah Dixon, and connect with the Iralda at the former place. The Iralda’s time schedule has not been announced but it is understood that she will start from Portland in the morning and make the round trip to Astoria the same day, returning to Portland at about 10:00 o’clock P.M. (St. Helens Mist, November 17, 1893)

Senator Rorick

A Man in Whom Adrian Has Some Interest.

Senator Rorick, of Wauseon, was in the city a short time to-day, coming fresh from his election in the Toledo district.  Mr. Rorick has many friends in Adrian who will throw aside party bias and feel delighted at his return to the Ohio Senate by a majority of nearly 6,000 in a Democratic district.  The senator has a running mate in his district, namely Senator McConica.  The first named gentleman was running against a very popular Toledo man named Brand, Senator McConica was running against McClure. Both names in each party are one ticket, but the division is virtually made as stated. The district embraces Lucas, Wood, Hancock, Fulton, Putnam and Henry counties.  Two years ago Senator Rorick was elected by 1,400 majority, and his increased vote is very flattering for the gentleman.

The senator has a daughter living here, Mrs. W.C. McConnell, and has made many acquaintances here.

Source:  Adrian Daily Telegram, November 9, 1893.

Short News Items from 1892

Mrs. Alvin Holmes and son and Mrs. James Casterline are visiting the family of Rev. Frank Doty of Avoca. (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, February 18, 1892)

Newton Frakes and E.V. McGrew, of Portland, have been visiting their old Perrydale home. (Salem Statesman Journal, August 12, 1892)

E.V. McGrew, of Victoria, has been on a visit to relatives at Perrydale. (Oregon Statesman, December 2, 1892)

Wat. Rorick went to Canandaigua, Mich. last Tuesday morning, to be gone about two months. He ordered the News to follow him so as to be posted on home happenings. (The Caldwell News, December 22, 1892)

Business & Professional Notices from 1892

D.D. Rorick, secretary of the Democratic county committee, is for the district plan and against instruction. Cleveland is his first choice with Boies for second. He thinks with a free coinage plank we should carry three or four western states. (Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, May 23, 1892)

Clifford Ball, of Ballston, has been appointed a railway mail clerk for this state and expects to secure an engagement. (Oregon Statesman, June 24, 1892)

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Short News Items from 1891

Mrs. Z.E. Brown and sons, Walter and Clarence, of Minneapolis, have been visiting the past ten days with Mrs. Z.C. Andruss. They return to their home in a few days. Mrs. Brown is a sister of Mrs. Andruss. (Algona Republican, August 5, 1891)

Asa Casterline’s residence, in Northmoreland was totally destroyed by fire Wednesday morning. Origin unknown. Loss $1000; insurance $400. Nearly all the household goods were saved. (Wilkes-Barre News, August 7, 1891)

Another accident occurred upon Tuesday of which no information was received until yesterday. Enos Walling was kicked by his bay mare, the shoe cutting his right arm to the bone, which it fractured. (Idaho Semi-Weekly World, August 18, 1891)

Business & Professional Notices from 1891

Morgan Brothers of this place who secured the contract for the new town hall sub-let the wood work part of the building yesterday to S.A. Genung, the builder who refused to take the contract after it had been given him. The work of tearing down the building is being rapidly pushed, the fire tower having been taken down today. (Elmira Gazette, June 17, 1891)

The Woodbury Business college has added a telegraphic department. Mr. William Rorick, an operator in the Santa Fe offices, has been engaged as superintendent. (Los Angeles Daily Herald, July 19, 1891)

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Frank P. Rorick

Frank P. Rorick died on Tuesday evening of last week. His friends accuse the police of neglect in this case. They assert that Mr. Rorick, on the Saturday before, on the corner of Spring and First streets, had a hemorrhage of the lungs and fell to the ground. He was picked up and carried in the police patrol wagon to the receiving hospital, and was then taken to his room by the city physician in the wagon. The dead man’s friends also claim that he was obliged to walk up a long flight of stairs to reach his room, just after having lost a frightful amount of blood by the hemorrhage. They also say they were not notified of his condition from Saturday until Monday, and they think he could have lived much longer had he been kept in the hospital.

Source: Los Angeles Daily Herald, October 14, 1891.