Short News Items from 1959

Mrs. E.E. McGrew called in last week to say she thought the postman on their route was wonderful. He delivered a package, colored slides which had been sent to Hollywood to be developed, which was addressed only to “Mrs. E.E.” Since it didn’t even say Medford, Mrs. McGrew wasn’t quite sure how it had even arrived in the city. When Postman Ivan Lantz arrived at the McGrew’s door with the package, he said “This must be for you – you people are the only ones I know who receive this kind of mail from Hollywood.” The McGrews, who lived at 1433 East McAndrews road, would have been sorry indeed to have the slides lost, for they had been taken during the holidays. (Medford Mail Tribune, January 25, 1959)

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Laser entertained at dinner Easter Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Laser, son Howard and guests Mr. and Mrs. John Rorick and Joan of Seneca, Mrs. Josephine Farquhar of Morenci, Miss Norma Jean Bellinger of Seward, Ohio. (Adrian Daily Telegram, April 1, 1959)

Short News Items from 1957

Mrs. Alston Penfold and her three children of East Jordan spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Beardslee. They returned home Monday taking 5-year-old Nancy back home after a stay of 5 weeks with her grandparents. Kathleen, 14-year-old, remained her for a few weeks at the Beardslee home. (Clarkston News, June 13, 1957)

Mrs. Grant Beardslee and granddaughter, Kathleen Penfold, went to Detroit on Wednesday to see “The Seven Wonders of the World.” (Clarkston News, June 20, 1957)

Short News Items from 1956

Mr. and Mrs. Halden Mauchmar have moved into the tenant house of the Earl Page farm. Mrs. Mauchmar is the niece of Mr. Page and the couple will manage the farm for their uncle. (Allegan News Gazette, March 15, 1956)

Relatives spent last Monday in the home of Mrs. Winifred Porritt: Mrs. Ray Whims and two daughters of Lansing; Mrs. Earl Alleman of Oxford; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lee Porritt of Clarkston; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Porritt and daughter, Dawn, and another daughter, Mrs. Don McCool and children. Mrs. McCool with her family will soon leave for Germany where they are to join Mr. McCool who is in the Service. (Clarkston News, October 18, 1956)

Short News Items from 1954

The Watson Rod and Gun Club will hold a chicken shoot at the farm of Haldan Mauchmar, 2 miles west of Hopkins, on Sunday, Dec. 11, at 2 p.m.  22 caliber rifles and deer rifles will compete for some fine white rock roosters.  (Allegan News, December 2, 1954)

Miss Nancy Anderson and Miss Marilyn Mauchmar who have been attending the Grand Rapids School Comptometry, received their diplomas Friday night.  (Allegan Gazette, December 17, 1954)

Short News Items from 1952

Charles Pollut Jr. is convalescing at his home on Eleventh Street [Palisades Park] following a tonsillectomy at Holy Name Hospital. (Bergen Evening Record, February 16, 1952)

Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Palmer, of Flint, returned to their farm home Tuesday evening, to spend a few days vacation here. (Clare Sentinel, May 9, 1952)

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Walling and four daughters, Mary Ellen Law, Christina Law, Sharon and Shirley Walling, are new Sunrise residents who lived for the past year in Brownsville and who previous to that were at Nebraska City, Neb. Christina was a boarding student at St. Mary’s Academy during the last year. Walling is a logging truck operator who is employed by Maloney and Chambers. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Antrim took the Nebraska people to Newport. (Albany Democrat-Herald, July 2, 1952)

Short News Items from 1950

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Rorick of Washington, D.C., left Monday following a short visit here with the former’s sister, Mrs. C.C. Schafer and family. (Farmer City Journal, July 13, 1950)

Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Palmer and son, George, of Flint, spent the Fourth vacation at their home here. (Clare Sentinel, July 7, 1950)

Mrs. C.C. Schafer and Lynn left yesterday noon for New London, Conn., for a two weeks vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bromley. (Farmer City Journal, July 13, 1950)

Short News Items from 1948

Marshall Groover, who has been playing with a dance band in Alexandria, Minn., for the past six months, returned to his home here last week. (Lake Orion Review, October 15, 1948)

Marshall Groover has re-enlisted in the U.S. Navy and is stationed in Philadelphia with the C.S. Navy Hospital. (Orion Weekly Review, November 26, 1948)

TURN BACKWARD (December 17, 1915): Wm. Rorick arrived here from Los Angeles, Calif., Friday for a couple of days’ visit with his aunt, Mrs. D. Kimball. Mr. Rorick lived here with his parents about forty years ago and very few of the Lowden residents are left who remember him. While here in Cedar county he made arrangements to have his mother, who is living at the County Home, buried after her death near the remains of her husband in the Rorick lot in the Lowden cemetery. Mrs. Rorick who is 85 years of age knew her son, whom she had not seen for so many years, as soon as she saw him. (Lowden News, December 22, 1948)

Short News Items from 1947

Marshall Groover of Ypsilanti, spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Edna Groover. (Lake Orion Review, March 7, 1947)

The members of the Stitch and Chatter Club of Wantage Grange spent last Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Arthur Moose of Tappan. Mrs. Marius H. Bataille of Lake Mohawk accompanied the group to visit her sister, Mrs. Moose. (Paterson Morning Call, October 23, 1947)

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Brodt left early Saturday morning for Biloxi, Miss., where they have reservations at the Manor Hotel for the winter. They expected to spend Sunday night in Nashville, Tenn., where they had tickets for the Barn Dance. (Orion Weekly Review, December 5, 1947)