Best 1936 Hot Weather Menus $50 to 15 Women Winners (excerpt)

Luncheon Menus [excerpt]
Third Prize

Mushroom Soup
Salmon Circle Loaf with Baked Potatoes

Salmon Circle Loaf – Flake 2 cups (1 pound) of canned salmon, removing bones. Combine with 1 ½ cups cooked tomatoes, 1 ¾ cups stale bread crumbs, 2 teaspoons of melted butter and 1 egg well beaten, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon of pepper.

Mix lightly and pour into well oiled circular mold. Bake in hot oven (425 degrees F.) about 20 minutes. Turn out on a round platter, fill center with buttered beets. Serve with Hollandaise sauce. (5 servings)

Viola M. Parrill
634 West Taylor St., City

Source: Zanesville Times Recorder, July 20, 1936


Mrs. C.M. Rorick Entertains

Mrs. C.M. Rorick entertained the members of the Entre Nous club at her home on Elm street, Thursday evening. A pot luck supper was served and the evening spent socially. The guests included Mrs. Roy Jackson, Mrs. W.R. Gates, Mrs. Clarence Fellows, Mrs. G.H. Gerlach and Mrs. C.I. Stephenson.

Source: Morenci Observer, February 12, 1925.

Visiting Redding After Twenty Years

Mrs. W. Dave Kemble is in Redding to visit old friends and relatives for the first time in twenty years. She and her husband arrived here Saturday by automobile from their home in Seattle. They were accompanied by Miss Irene Carmer of Chehalis, Wash., sister of Mrs. Kemble, and four children of the family. Mr. Kemble left Monday for San Francisco on a business mission was accompanied there by Miss Irene Carmer and his daughter, Miss Bonnie Kemble. He is a son of Mrs. Margaret Gardner of this city, with whom Mrs. Kemble is visiting.

Mrs. Kemble is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Carmer, pioneers of Redding. Both parents died in Seattle about three years ago.

Source: Redding Searchlight, May 31, 1923.

Birthday Party

Mrs. G.H. Rorick entertained with a three course dinner at her home on Lagrange St., Thursday, at 5 o’clock, the occasion being the birthday of her eldest grand-daughter, Miss Frances Edith Rorick. The living and dining rooms were tastefully decorated with St. Patrick emblems and colors. The dining table was centered with a large white birthday cake, with 11 green candles. Silver candle sticks supporting green candles, dainty bon-bon cups in white and green with St. Patrick emblems, completed and unusually dainty table setting. Covers were laid for Mrs. Ada Kennedy, Miss Rorick’s Sunday School teacher, and Mrs. Franie Garber, her day school teacher, the Misses Alliene Spencer, Virginia Sims, Ardith Buckley, Alice Jean Munro, Evalyn Skinner, Ola Collins, Margery Willsberg, Avis Goodremont, Allyne Spangler, Donelda Zaerr, Audrey Miller, Margaret Rorick and Mable King. After dinner games and guessing were enjoyed, St. Patrick with his pipe giving much amusement.

Source: Morenci Observer, March 15, 1923.

Foul Play Suspected By Wife

Thomas B. Jackson Missing From Home Since Saturday Last.


Supported Eleven People on Salary of $15 a Week — Was Model Employe.

Thomas B. Jackson, whose home is at the corner of Lincoln avenue und Second street in South Boise, a trusted employe of the Boise Artesian Hot & Cold Water company, 32 years of age, a resident of this city for the last 14 years, and business agent of the Boise federal labor union, suddenly disappeared in a mysterious manner from his place of employment some time after 1:30 o’clock Saturday afternoon, and has not been seen since that time by any of his numerous friends or relatives.

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Society (excerpt)

The annual gathering of the Walling clan took place Sunday in Walling grove, near Lincoln. Eighty eight were present, the oldest being Mrs. Nancy J. Wise age eighty. Five members are old Oregon pioneers. A picnic dinner was spread in the grove and a short program was enjoyed, after which Tracy Walling was elected president of the clan for the coming year, Ralph D. [sic] Walling, vice president; Mrs. J.D. Walling, secretary and Will Toner, treasurer.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, July 14, 1920.

Untitled (Dr. E.H. Rorick)

Fayette Record:—At the urgent request of some of his friends Dr. Rorick has decided to give at Learned & Letcher’s new hall on Saturday evening, May 18th, a recitation of incidents and observations of his late European tour. The doctor’s descriptive and entertaining powers are well known, and we prophecy that he will be greeted with a full house. The proceeds are to benefit the Fayette Coronet Band. Admission only 25 cents.

Proposal Dr. Rorick might be secured to deliver a lecture in Wauseon, for the benefit of the Wauseon Library Association.

Source: Northwestern Republican, May 2, 1878.