Britain Gets Soo Lawyer

Sutton to Represent England in Tragedy at Fort Brady Monday.

War Department Holds Gillette, and Will Not Deliver to Sheriff.

Sault St. Marie, Mich., July 23.—Late this afternoon the British government sent a message to Attorney E.S.B. Sutton, of this city, engaging him to represent the crown in the inquest into the death of Miss Elizabeth Cadenhead, who was shot and killed accidentally by Private Cyrus Gillette, who was pursuing a deserter.

When seen tonight Sutton said that he did not believe any international complications would result, but he said the British government will follow closely as Miss Cadenhead was a British subject.

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House In Morenci Damaged By A Fire

Loss to Edward Spear Home Estimated at $1,000

MORENCI, May 12—Damage estimated at $1,000 was done by fire about 1:30 o’clock this afternoon to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spear on East Main Street. When discovered the fire was burning briskly in the attic. The fire department was called and when chemicals failed to stop the fire streams of water were turned on. The entire roof of the house was burned off and there was considerable damage from water used.

Mr. and Mrs. Spear have both been ill. They have been taken to the home of a daughter Mrs. Ray Lyons of Morenci.

The loss is covered by insurance.

Source: Adrian Daily Telegram, May 12, 1939.

Roy Barker Given Birthday Surprise

ZENA, December 18.—Roy E. Barker of Spring Valley was the recipient of a delightful birthday party Monday evening when a group of about 45 friends were invited to their home by Mrs. Roy E. Barker to help him celebrate his birthday anniversary.

Mr. Barker received numerous lovely gifts. Among them were a number of humorous ones, such as a box of all day suckers from some fun loving friend.

Seven tables of bridge were played during the evening. Mrs. L.M. Purvine of Salem won high school for ladies and Jesse Walling high score for men. The hostess served delicious refreshments at small tables at a rather late hour.

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Hold Marshmallow Roast

A party of young people enjoyed a marshmallow roast on the banks of the Eel river last evening. The party was chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Ayres and consisted of Miss Bertha Bahr, Audrey Ayres, Dorothy and Elizabeth Ayres, Cecil Baker, George Brower, George Holton, Ted Armiss and Mervin Ayres.

Source: Logansport Pharos-Tribune, August 23, 1922.

Hager’s Grove is Scene for Picnic

Mrs. Roy E. Barker Feted Upon Occasion of Her Birthday

ZENA, June 12—Hager’s Grove was the scene of a merry party Sunday when 19 friends gathered there to help Mrs. Roy E. Barker celebrate her birthday.

The group included the honor guest, Mrs. Roy E. Barker, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Henry, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Barker, Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Matthews and daughter, Marjorie, Mr. Roy E. Barker, Sammy Barker, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Henry, Mrs. Mary B. Crawford and granddaughter Lois Randle, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Matthews of Salem, Mr. John Matthews their house guest from Oklahoma; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Holman of Dallas.

Source: Oregon Statesman, June 13, 1929.

Mrs. Brown Leaves For Western Home

Having spent the past two weeks as the house guests of Dr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Kremer of Humboldt avenue and of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Watson of Thomas avenue S, Mrs. C.Z. Brown has left for her home in Los Angeles, Calif. Before returning, she will stop at Kansas City, Mo., for a fortnight’s visit with her mother.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 4, 1928.

Compliments J.C. Walling, J.P. Stanton

Mrs. J.C. Walling gave a dinner party last Wednesday night in honor of her husband, J.C. Walling, and her son-in-law, J.P. Stanton, both of whom celebrated their birthdays. The George Washington motif was used in all the appointments, and stock, hyacinth and fresias [sic] in colors of red, white and blue, made an attractive centerpiece. The long white candles in silver holders were adorned with flags and the large birthday cake held red, white and blue candles.

Among those present with Mr. and Mrs. Walling and Mr. and Mrs. Stanton were Messrs. and Mesdames George Walling and Richard Stanton, Mrs. Harriet Baker and daughter Evelyn of Livingston, Mrs. Lulu Tyrrell and Miss Marjory Tyrrell, Miss Jessie Walling and Preston Willitson.

Source: Fresno Morning Republican, February 26, 1928.  

John Zbinden Is Out for Prizes

John Zbinden of Merrill left his entry for the farm crops division of the county fair when in town on business Friday. Mr. Zbinden promises some thrilled with both first and second cutting Grimm alfalfa, which he avers stands breast high. He is also exhibiting a new variety of table cucumber for slicing, which was propagated by a physician in his home vegetable garden near Medford. In addition Mr. Zbinden enters watermelon, hubbard squash, two varieties of musk melon, tomatoes and gold coin potatoes.

Source: Klamath Falls Evening Herald, August 29, 1925)

Dean of Mail Carriers (excerpt)

John D. Adams, the dean of Middletown mail carriers, is seriously ill at the Sanitarium in this city and his many friends are saddened thereby, for he is a “grand old man.” He was not only one of the first carriers of Uncle Sam’s mail in this city when free delivery was established but he has been one of the most faithful. Fair weather or four he was always to be found on his route, missing scarcely a day in more than a quarter of a century until his retirement a few years ago. In addition to being faithful and true to his duties, John D. Adams has been the friend of every man, woman and child along his route, always having a happy greeting, always accommodating, always there with a smile. He has gotten a great deal out of life and he has put a great deal into his [unintelligible].

Source: Middletown Daily Herald, November 24, 1924. There is a second paragraph to this story that is illegible.