$10,000 Loss in Lake Fire

Members of four of Toledo’s socially prominent families narrowly escaped death injury early Monday in a fire which destroyed two cottages at Wampler’s lake, 16 miles northwest of here, and badly damaged a third with a total loss estimated at $10,000.

The fire started in the cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baither of Toledo and quickly spread to the cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rorick also of Toledo. Both cottages burned. Continue reading “$10,000 Loss in Lake Fire”


Won’t Die This Time

Horace Lateer, the Unionville man who attempted suicide in the yard of the Oriental Hotel, Monday afternoon, is getting along as well as can be expected and his early recovery is now thought to be assured.

Source: Middletown Argus, August 15, 1894.

A Veteran’s Attempt At Suicide

Horace Lateer, of Unionville, Takes Chloroform and Ammonia in This City—A Chance for His Recovery—Family Trouble Over Pension Money the Cause of the Act.

Horace Lateer, of Unionville, aged about sixty-five years, attempted suicide, yesterday afternoon, about 5:30 o’clock, in the back yard of Ed. Russell’s Oriental Hotel, on East Main street.

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Mrs. Walling Leader

Grandmothers Club will meet Tuesday at the Woman’s Club, 450 E. 14th Ave., for 12:30 p.m. potluck luncheon. Mrs. S.D. Walling will act as chairman of a committee composed of all members whose names begin with “W.” Cards will follow.

At its last meeting the club gave $5 to the polio fund.

Source: Eugene Guard, February 14, 1955.

The Manhattan Quartet

The Manhattan quartet of The Dalles, Or., is composed of high school lads who have willingly sung, free of charge, for several years at church entertainments, charity shows and private social functions. The boys have become the most popular signers in town. They are members of the board of regents of the Manhattan club which gives dances, benefit parties and various other social events frequently. Continue reading “The Manhattan Quartet”

Toners Visit Corvallis

Mr. and Mrs. William Toner left a few days ago for their home in Yaquina, Lincoln county, following a short visit with friends in Corvallis. They stopped off here while enroute home from a trip to Salem and other valley points where they had been for a visit with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Toner resided in Corvallis for a time and are well known here. Mr. Toner was a Wells Fargo expressman on the C. & E. railroad for a number of years and was decidedly popular with the patrons along the route. Later he was assigned to the Corvallis office and the family resided here for a time.

Source: Corvallis Gazette-Times, February 3, 1917.

Ranch Is Rented In Anticipation Of Call

Orley Tilley and Parents Make Disposition of Property With View to Entering Army

ROCK CREEK—Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tilley and son, Orley, have rented their ranch and moved to Kimberly. Orley was twice called to the colors but was exempted because of work on the farm and the ranch was rented in anticipation of the next call.

Source: Twin Falls News, November 18, 1918.

The Day in Michigan (Excerpt)

An argument ensured when LeRoy Dew, 32, and his brother, Johnny, 26, came to the farm of John Rorick, Jr., near Adrian, and claimed that back wages were due to them.

The argument developed into blows, and the brothers began beating Rorick on his porch. Mrs. Rorick got a shotgun and brought it to her husband. He held the two callers at bay until sheriff deputies arrived. They arrested the Dews and held them for assault and battery.

Rorick checked his gun when the shells began sliding down the barrel, and found that Mrs. Rorick had loaded it with 20-gauge shells instead of 16s. It may as well have been empty, but it served the purpose.

Source: Detroit Free Press, June 11, 1954.

Is Lay Preacher at Canyonville

Mr. and Mrs. W.V. Hutchinson and daughter, Myra Adell, came down this morning from Cottage Grover where they have been attending the Methodist camp meeting. They will go on in a few days to their house at Canyonville where Mr. Hutchinson is a lay preacher in the Methodist church. They formerly lived in Eugene and will visit with friends here.

Source: Eugene Guard, August 23, 1921.