Managing Ranch

Hollis Kizer, of Carlsbad, New Mexico, will manage the R.S. Loosley ranch at Fort Klamath during Loosley’s disability following extensive surgery. Mrs. Kizer, the former Maxine Loosley, and their three children are also here. Mr. and Mrs. Loosley visited her sister [sic] and family, the Burrill Redpaths, in Medford a couple of days the first of the week.

Source: Klamath Falls Herald and News, May 8, 1957.

Boy Scouts Get Rorick’s Goat

As Morenci Troop’s new home nears completion and the boys are about to move into their new quarters, their enrollment is increased by Mr. Kirk Rorick’s gift of a two months old, Billy. Mr. Rorick announces that the gift is made unqualifiedly, without any “ifs,” or “butts.”

Besides the generous contribution of money and labor which made the new Boy Scout building possible, nearly everything necessary to equip it has been contributed.  The boys still need carpenter and wood carving tools.

Source:  Morenci Observer, June 13, 1929 

McGrews Home

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. McGrew, 1433 East McAndrews road, returned Thursday evening from a two-week trip to California, Arizona and Mexico. At Phoenix they visited Mrs. McGrew’s brother, Al Ruland, a former resident, and his family.

Source: Medford Mail Tribune, April 10, 1955.

The K. of P.’s Eat Lamb

C.H. Rorick entertained the members of the Knights of Pythias lodge with a lamb dinner, which is an annual affair, Monday evening.  There were 110 guests present and Allen’s orchestra of Seneca furnished delightful music during the banquet.  After dinner three candidates were given the work in the second degree. Next Monday evening the Knights and the Pythian Sisters will have a potluck supper, followed by cards and dancing.

Source: Morenci Observer, January 22, 1925.

Mrs. Harriet Rorick Entertains

Mrs. Harriet Rorick entertained at dinner Saturday for the pleasure of her guests, Dr. and Mrs. W.D. Murphy of Columbus, O. Places were marked for Mr. and Mrs. S.K. Porter, Dr. Rorick Bennett and Mrs. Georgia Clark of Pasadena, Calif., Mrs. George Milne and daughter, Miss Margaret, of New York City, Mrs. Earl Baldwin, Mrs. George Crane and Mrs. F.L. [sic] Sullivan of Fayette, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Rorick of Adrian, Mrs. Mary Rorick, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Spear and daughter, Margaret, Mrs. C.H. Spear, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Rorick and daughters, Harriet and Jean, Dr. and Mrs. Murphy, and the hostess, Mrs. Rorick.

Source: Morenci Observer, September 11, 1924.

C.M. Rorick Takes Blue Ribbon at Toledo Dog Show

C.M. Rorick of our own little village of Morenci took all the blue ribbons in sight at the Toledo Dog Show held in the coliseum in that city March 7-8 and 9. He entered his famous beagle hound, Andy Gump, who took first place in Novice, first in open; was winner dog and took two special prizes.  He was one of a class of eight entries, and Mr. Rorick’s one regret was that there were no more classes available.

Source: Morenci Observer, March 13, 1924. 

Critics Blow Darts At Daytime Dramas; “Too Many Of ‘Em!”

Isabel Scott Rorick, an author, who also claims to be a housewife, though she has two servants, had an assignment from the editors of ’47 magazine a few weeks ago to write a story describing daytime radio. Her comments, along with those of two other writers who listened in on the other broadcasting hours, are reprinted in the new issue.

Mrs. Rorick, after listening for eight hours, decided that hereafter she would listen to Information Please, Jack Benny or an opera instead of the daytime “soap operas.”

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