Marriage License Notices Through the Years

Ruby Frances Walling, 19, to Clifford D. Warner, 23. (Newberg Graphic, April 26, 1906)

5900—Carl M. Field, 22, Muskegon; Carrie L. Chittenden, 21, Muskegon.  (Muskegon Chronicle, May 10, 1906)

License to wed was issued to Daniel A. Larmer and Eva Walling, Wednesday. (Polk County Observer, November 16, 1906)

Marriage licenses were yesterday granted to Louis E. Bueltuer, aged 21, to wed Ella Meyers, aged 18, and G.A. Day, 21, to marry Arba Walling. (Salem Capital Journal, September 30, 1908)

Sidney D. Walling, Woodburn, 22, Nettie Ingram, 21. (Oregon Daily Journal, December 29, 1908)

George Erden, Portland, 25, and Geneva Walling, 18. (Oregon Daily Journal, March 14, 1909)

Zella Bashorn age 18 yrs. to Chester Walling, age 21 yrs. (Newberg Graphic, May 5, 1910)

Benjamin Bishop and Effie Lindley, both of Elberton, October 5. (Colfax Gazette, October 13, 1911)

Lewis Faist and Ada Buttrick [sic]. (Polk County Itemizer, October 24, 1912)

Vancouver Marriage Licenses [excerpt]: Edward V. Gile, 38, and Mrs. Emma Orchard, legal, both of Portland. (Oregon Daily Journal, April 22, 1917)

Edward M. Loosley, 22, and Blanche L. Bounty, 23, both of Beckwith. (Nevada State Journal, September 24, 1922)

Harry DePugh, 21, shipper, Columbus and Alberta Motley, 21, Summit Station. (Newark Advocate, February 14, 1934)

Walling-Agee—Maxime R. Walling, 45, of Portland, and Mrs. Blanche M. Agee, 39, of Portland.  (Portland Oregonian, May 23, 1930)


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