Marriage License Notices Through the Years

Ruby Frances Walling, 19, to Clifford D. Warner, 23. (Newberg Graphic, April 26, 1906)

5900—Carl M. Field, 22, Muskegon; Carrie L. Chittenden, 21, Muskegon.  (Muskegon Chronicle, May 10, 1906)

License to wed was issued to Daniel A. Larmer and Eva Walling, Wednesday. (Polk County Observer, November 16, 1906)

Marriage licenses were yesterday granted to Louis E. Bueltuer, aged 21, to wed Ella Meyers, aged 18, and G.A. Day, 21, to marry Arba Walling. (Salem Capital Journal, September 30, 1908) Continue reading “Marriage License Notices Through the Years”


Portland Man Dies On Visit to Nampa

NAMPA—Edward V. Gile, 71, former Boisean, died here Monday of a heart attack.

Mr. Gile, who lived in Portland, Ore., had been vacationing in Nampa.

Mr. Gile, a retired mill worker, was born in Boise Nov. 11, 1878, and lived there until 1915 when he moved to Portland, where he has since resided.

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Small Town News

Elihu Adams of New York city spent Saturday in town.  (Middletown Times-Press, October 18, 1916)

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Condon and Mrs. Ann Fox of Hollywood, Calif., were guests last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Coahran.  The Hollywood man is a nephew of the late Thomas Condon, noted geologist, for whom a state park in the John Day country was named last week.  The Californians were en route to The Dalles, to attend the golden wedding celebration of his parents. The visitors and Mrs. Coahran were schoolmates.  (The Bend Bulletin, June 3, 1954)

I.P. Gile, whose place is at the mouth of More creek, was in town last Wednesday with a load of apples, the largest and finest we have seen this season.  They sold at 4½ cents.  Mr. Gile says a fruit raiser near his place has trees loaded with peaches, being so full the trees and branches had to be propped up.  The peach crop is almost a total failure in Ada county this season, this man is selling his abundant crop as fast as he can haul it to market, at a bit a pound.  (Idaho Semi-Weekly World, September 25, 1885).

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Short Wedding Announcements from the Idaho Statesman

GILE DEWEESE. By the Rev. T.H. Calloway, at the residence of J.B. Walling, on the 26th inst., Mr. J. P. [sic] Gile and Mrs. Roselle [sic] Deweese. (Idaho Statesman, May 28, 1872)

In the presence of relatives and a few close friends of the contracting parties John L. McGee and Bertha A. Gile, both of Boise, were married yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock at the home of the bride’s parents, 510 North Second street, Rev. I.F. Roach officiated. (Idaho Statesman, November 1, 1902)

Small Town News—Idaho Statesman

D.A. Baxter is back from his camping expedition. (Idaho Daily Statesman, August 23, 1900)

RETURNED HOME — Mrs. Frank Berkley, whose husband was killed near Pocatello, returned yesterday to Glenn’s Ferry, accompanied by her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. James Mullaney. (Idaho Daily Statesman, July 7, 1901)

Mrs. F.B. Berkley and Mrs. James Mullany went to Pocatello on Monday last to settle the affairs of the late F.B. Berkley. (Idaho Daily Statesman, July 18, 1901)

Mrs. Frank Berkley is visiting in Nampa, the guest of Mrs. B.F. Walling. (Idaho Daily Statesman, August 31, 1901)

An examination of the returns from Highland Valley precinct discloses that a vote was cast for Mrs. Gile for constable. (Idaho Daily Statesman, November 16, 1898)

The eighty-sixth birthday of J.B. Walling was celebrated on Saturday last at the home of his son, Enos Walling, near this city. Mr. Walling has been a citizen of Idaho for more than half a century and his kind deeds have won for him scores of friends. He has been an elder in the Church of Christ since that church was established and has given liberally for its maintenance. He is quite feeble in body, but loves the society of his friends. Among the number present from Boise at the birthday dinner were Professor and Mrs. Kiggins and Rev. and Mrs. J.L. Weaver. Relatives were also present from Oregon. An excellent dinner was served and the afternoon was spent in songs and conversation. The guests all wish for Mr. Walling many happy returns of the day. (Idaho Statesman, August 28, 1895)

J.J. Walling was up from Caldwell Sunday. (Idaho Statesman, January 29, 1901)

Walter Gile

DIED — Walter Gile died yesterday morning at his home on Warm Springs avenue of typhoid fever. The funeral will be held this afternoon at 2 o’clock from his residence. The interment will be at the Masonic cemetery. (Idaho Statesman, August 17, 1901)

FUNERAL — The funeral of the late Walter Gile was held from the family residence near the Natatorium yesterday afternoon, Rev. B.F. Clay conducting the services. The remains were interred in the Masonic cemetery. (Idaho Statesman, August 18, 1901)

Card of Thanks: We desire to thank all who so kindly assisted us during the illness and after the death of our son and brother, Walter Gile. — Mrs. Gile and Family (Idaho Statesman, August 20, 1901)

Will and Probate Documents for Jerome B. Walling


In the Name of the Benevolent Father of all, I, Jerome B. Walling of Boise City, County of Ada, State of Idaho, being of sound and disposing mind do publish and hereby declare this my last Will and Testament as follows:

First: I direct that my funeral be held with proper regard to my station in life and the circumstances of my estate.

Second: I direct that executor hereinafter named, as soon as there shall be sufficient funds in his hands, shall pay the funeral expenses and the expenses of my last sickness.

Third: I give and bequeath to my grand-daughter, Getrude Walling Scott, daughter of my son, Inman, deceased, the sum of five hundred ($500) dollars which shall be taken and delivered in full from her full share; and that of any children of said Inman Walling.

Fourth: I direct that, as the children of my daughter, Mary Walling Jackson, deceased, have been provided for in my lifetime, it is my will that nothing be given to said children or the heirs of said Mary Walling Jackson.

Fifth: I give and bequeath to Lucy Walling Loosley, my daughter, the bed and bedding now used by me in the house of my son Enos where I now reside.

Sixth: I hereby declared [sic] the following amounts to be deemed advancements to the several persons hereinafter named, being my sons and daughters, which sums I have advanced to said persons, at various times; and that no other sums whatsoever are to be taken or deemed as advancements unless the same shall be given in advance by me to them or either of [illegible] after the date of this will; and said sums shall be taken and deemed in full settlement of all claims of mine or my estate against said persons up to the date of this will, to wit: My son Jeptha, two hundred and twenty-five ($225) dollars; my daughter Rosalie Walling Gile, three hundred ($300) dollars; my daughter, Caroline Walling Mullany, one hundred ($100) dollars; my son, Nelson Walling, seven ($700) hundred dollars; My son, Enos C. Walling, one thousand ($1000) dollars, and said sums shall not bear interest or any interest to be added thereto.

Seventh: It is my will and I so direct that after the payment of my just debts, expenses of administration, and the payment of the above bequest of five hundred ($500) dollars that the rest, residue, and remainder of all my estate both real, personal, and mixed of every name and nature whatsoever including for the purposes of computation the amounts herein declared to be advancements and any hereafter made, shall be divided into eight (8) equal shares, one of which shares, after deducting from the amount thereof the sum charged against each as advancements, I give and bequeath to each of my sons and daughters now being to wit Jeptha, Lucy Loosley, Rosalie Gile, Caroline Mullany, Jerome, Nelson, and Enos, and the remaining one-eighth share I give and bequeath to my hereinafter named executor in trust for my son Fletcher.

Eighth: I direct that my hereinafter named executor shall represent my son Fletcher in all matters that may arise out of the settlement of my estate and the portion hereby bequeathed to my said son and that he shall retain the care, control, and custody of the said share by notice of this my will until my said son Fletcher shall become capable of the management of his own person and estate without the need of a guardian or committee or until his death; and my executor is hereby authorized and empowered to reduced said portion to money and invest the same in any manner he may deem for the best interest of my said son and his share of my estate. Should my son become capable of the management of his own estate and person, then it is my will and I direct that my executor shall on due proofs of the same at once turn over and pay to my said son Fletcher the portion of my estate herein bequeathed to him; and should my said son Fletcher died before becoming capable of the management of his own person and estate or before his portion has been turned over and paid to him, then it is my will and I direct that my said executor shall divide the said portion herein bequeathed to my said son Fletcher between my seven sons and daughters now living and named in paragraph seven herein, share and share alike.

Ninth: It is my will and I direct that my executor shall continue to administer my estate until the debts due to me or to my estate shall become due according to the terms thereof unless sooner paid; and that until the portion of my estate herein bequeathed to my executor in trust for my said son Fletcher has been distributed as herein before provided; unless my said executor should deem it to be for the best interest of my estate that the sums be sooner settle, and in apportioning the respective shares herein bequeathed except for the specific bequest of five hundred ($500) dollars, my executor may reduce all of the estate to money and make divisions of same; or he may make partitions of the real estate and personal property without so reducing them to money as he may deem best.

Tenth: I hereby nominate and appoint Harry C. Nyman of Boise City, Ada County and State of Idaho, the executor of this my last will and testament and hereby I do revoke all and any former wills by me at any time made.

In witness whereof I have [illegible] to set my hand and seal this 21st day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eighteen hundred and ninety three.

Jerome B. Walling

[Witnessed] David D.W. Edwards, Residence, Fort Springs Avenue, Boise City, Idaho
[Witnessed] Lewis L. Bonners, Residence, Cor. 10th and Idaho Sts., Boise City, Idaho

Source:  Ada County Probate File B-398.

Death of J.B. Walling

He Passes Away Peacefully at His Home on the Avenue


Large Number of Descendants — Funeral to Occur This Afternoon

Jerome B. Walling died yesterday morning at his residence on the Hot Springs road after a lingering illness of nearly seven years. For the past few months he had been gradually declining but up to the last was conscious and died peacefully.

Mr. Walling was born in New York state August 24, 1809. At the age of nine years, his parents moved to Meigs county, O., and in 1825 a further removal was made to Fulton county, Ill. Mr. Walling was there when the Black Hawk war broke out and served through it at the command of Captain Maxwell. At the close of the war he married Miss Sarah Leaverton of Fulton county, Ill., March 4th, 1829. She died April 2, 1890.

[In] 1837 Mr. and Mrs. Walling moved to Iowa and in 1848 they came to Yamhill county, Or. Mr. Walling served as a member of the state legislature in 1850 and in 1851 was elected county commissioner of Yamhill county, which office he held for four years. In 1864 he moved to the Boise valley and was so much pleased with the outlook that he resided here ever since.

Mr. Walling will ever be remembered with gratefulness by the people of Boise for the construction of the Walling ditch. He first took out water from the river some two miles above the present Walling place for the purpose of irrigating his own land. A company was soon formed by which the ditch was brought into town. Water for the shade trees of the city was furnished from the ditch free of charge for 20 years. Mr. Walling secured control of four-fifths of the ditch and E.J. Curtis the other fifth. Some 12 years ago Joseph Perrault bought the Walling interest and R.Z. Johnson owns the Curtis share.

Mr. Walling was the father of 16 children, eight of whom survive him. He had 75 grandchildren and a goodly number of great-grandchildren. The living children are as follows: Mrs. Lucy Loosley, Fort Klamath, Or.: Jeptha Walling, Tillamook, Or.: Fletcher Walling, Salem, Or.: Nelson Walling, Portland, Or.: Jerome Walling, California: Mrs. Clara Mullaney, Glenns Ferry: Mrs. Rosalie Gile, Highland Valley, Idaho: Enos C. Walling, Boise.

Mr. Walling was a member of the Masonic order, the only fraternal order he ever joined. He was a mason for 60 years. He showed good judgment and economy in his business transactions and always held the respect and confidence of his fellow citizens.

The funeral will take place at the family residence at 5 o’clock this afternoon. All friends of the deceased are invited to attend. Rev. J.B. Weber will conduct the services.

Source: The Idaho Daily Statesman, July 30, 1897.

News about Some of the Husbands of Rosalie Walling Deweese Gile Guile Turner

GUILE—At his late residence in St. Johns, May 25, William Henry Guile, age 67. A soldier of the Civil War.  (Death notice in the Oregon Daily Journal, May 26, 1910)

Declaring that the last she had seen or heard of her husband was give years ago, Rosalie Turner has filed suite for divorce against William Turner. He left the following note she the [sic] left, she said:

“Dear Rosalie: Forgive your unhappy old man, but it has to be. We must part for awhile. I wish the armies of all countries were destroyed. I am just starting east and will write when it is safe to do so. Goodbye and God bless the best woman on earth.”

The Turners were married in this city in 1912.

Source: Oregon Daily Journal, March 17, 1918.