Divorce Notices Through the Years

Emma Walling vs. Enos Walling: referred to W.P. Parsons, Justice of the Peace, Bellevue, to take proof and report to the court. (Idaho Statesman, July 19, 1881)

July 23, Malon Loman vs Mary L. Lamon [sic]—Divorce. (Los Angeles Herald, January 1, 1888)

Olive Walling vs Nelson Walling. Referred to the clerk. (Wood River Times, May 7, 1889)

A pitiful story of divorce comes from Nebraska City. Eva VanSickle sues her husband Solomon and secures divorce and $500 alimony before Judge Chapman. The couple are very aged, gray haired and bent with infirmity. With the tears running down her cheeks she told her tale of woe to the courts. She had left him before on account of cruelty, but soon became homesick and longed to go back. She returned home and tried to live with him, but couldn’t; he was too cruel. She has now left him for good and wanted alimony to support her. The judge thought she was an abused woman and entitled to it. (Nebraska State Journal, December 20, 1890)

David Bucklew was granted a divorce from Sarah C. Bucklew in the Superior Court on Monday. The grounds for the divorce are desertion. (Red Bluff News, October 28, 1898)

Judge Dale of the district court, granted Ida Belle Rochelle a divorce from H.L. Rochelle, Thursday. (Kansas Commoner, September 5, 1901)

John DeWeese has filed suit for divorce in the district court against Alice M. DeWeese, alleging desertion. The couple were married at Boise, January 6, 1890. (Idaho Statesman, December 17, 1913)

RORICK—In Redding, Shasta County, December 4, 1917, Ina Mae Rorick of Kennett from John C. Rorick; ground, desertion; interlocutory decree. (Sacramento Bee, December 5, 1917)

A divorce and the custody of the 17-year-old daughter, Viola, is asked by Jennie Walling, who started suit against her husband, Oliver Walling. She alleges cruel and inhuman treatment. (Portland Oregonian, November 17, 1918)

Judge B.S. Varian of Weiser is in Caldwell this week presiding at the divorce proceedings insituated [sic] last summer by Mrs. J.J. Walling of Nampa against her husband, a well known Nampa real estate man. This case is among the most sensational that has come before Canyon courts and is attracting considerable interest. (Caldwell Tribune, April 30, 1920)

The divorce case of Mrs. J.J. Walling against J.J. Walling, both of Nampa, has been taken under advisement by B.S. Varian. Final arguments were heard Monday and Tuesday. (Caldwell Tribune, May 14, 1920)


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