Short News Items from 1903

Dr. J.W. Garth is expecting to receive a new buggy as a Christmas present, which was sent by Cap. Tyrrell from Beaumont, Texas. Mr. Tyrrell reports heavy rains there and the streets flooded with water. (Wright County Monitor, January 6, 1903)

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett VanSickle and son, of Port Jervis, N.Y., are visiting the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. VanSickle. For a number of years, Mr. Emmett VanSickle has been a watch inspector for the Erie railroad. (Pittstown Gazette, March 10, 1903)

S.E. Rorick is reshingling and applying fresh paint to house and barn at the Mills. (Anamosa Journal, May 21, 1903)

Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Crane, of Monessen, Pa., and Mrs. George Milne, of Chicago, visited at the home of G.H. Rorick Sunday. (Adrian Daily Telegram, July 6, 1903)

J.M. Rorick is rather poorly at present. (Adrian Daily Telegram, July 15, 1903)

Judge J.P. Sutton and Mrs. Sutton spent a few days in town during the past week, leaving for the Soo Tuesday morning on the Chippewa to visit relatives, but will return before going back west. The Judge is an official of the National Soldier’s Home near Kansas City, and both look as if life had been a pleasant affair since leaving Cheboygan, where they lived so long. (Cheboygan Democrat, July 18, 1903)

J.M. Rorick and F.E. Bryant went to Detroit Tuesday to attend the races. (Adrian Daily Telegram, July 22, 1903)

Miss Mable Rorick, of the state hospital, is entertaining Miss Gertrude Howard, of Chicago. (Athens Daily Messenger, July 23, 1903)

John Gallup, an old resident of Liberty township, was brought to town this week to be taken under the doctor’s care, having been taken with a stroke of paralysis. Dr. Cass was called and, though rather a bad stroke, strong hopes are entertained for his speedy recovery. (Daily Huronite, August 22, 1903)

S.E. Rorick and son Harry, also D.D. Rorick, went to Chicago Monday evening. (Oxford Mirror, August 27, 1903)

Word has been received from D.D. Rorick that he and his brother S. Rorick will extend their trip through Arizona and Texas. They have been almost a month now. (Anamosa Journal, October 8, 1903)

We are happy to hear that Mrs. M.J. Rorick who has been very ill is greatly improved. (Anamosa Journal, October 8, 1903)

Mr. and Mrs. David Rorick and their two infant daughters will leave for St. Louis some time during the present week. They expect to be gone during most if not all winter, and may possibly visit Texas and California before they return. (Wright County Monitor, October 28, 1903)

Mrs. J.W. Garth and two boys have been visiting her sister, Mrs. David Rorick, at Belmond several days. Mr. and Mrs. Rorick leave today for St. Louis and other points in the south and west for the winter. (Wright County Monitor, October 28, 1903)

Harper Gallup, who has been here looking after his father’s, John Gallup, affairs, has returned to Janesville, where he is attending high school. (Huron Journal-World, December 17, 1903)

Miss Lulu Rorick returned from Buffalo Friday, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Mel McCloe, of Detroit. (Adrian Daily Telegram, December 17, 1903)


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