Tribute Paid Mrs. Garth By YM[CA] Officials

A tribute to the late Mrs. J.W. Garth who died Wednesday night was paid Thursday by Beaumont YMCA officials.

R.J. Orrick, president of the YMCA board of directors, said in a statement:

“Mrs. Garth has endeared herself to the hearts of the members of the board of directors through her sincere interest in the youth. She has been in many of our “Y” meetings and was an inspiration to all of us.

“Mrs. Garth has been interested in Beaumont youth for many years. The Garth Friendship Club building which was given by her and the late Dr. Garth will stand as a memorial to their wholehearted belief in the boys and girls of the entire community.

“Just recently the club was redecorated by Mrs. Garth. Her heart remained in the work that goes on there daily.

“At the very hour that Mrs. Garth passed away last night, a meeting of 125 boys was ending. It was a father’s night meeting of the Hy-Y clubs at which Coach Chester Allen spoke.

“The Garth Friendship club will stand as a lighthouse of friendship to all Beaumont youth.

Ray Baird, boys’ work secretary of the Y, said of her: “Mrs. Garth has been a close friend to me as well as the boys secretaries who served before me. She had an unusual understanding and sympathetic viewpoint regarding the problems of youth.

Source: Beaumont Journal, November 10, 1949.


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