Short News Items from 1890

Clint Sutton has a birthday party, Friday evening of this week. (Pontiac Gazette, March 28, 1890)

P.H. Anderson, Sam Rorick, C. Douthett, D.D. Rorick and O.D. Hart, will start in a few days to drive through to the hills, and into the National Park for a summer’s outing. (Hand County Press, May 8, 1890)

John Walling, of Lincoln, has been very low with pneumonia. He is much better at this writing. (Independence West Side, May 9, 1890)

Geo. W. Walling, of Oswego, Oregon, and an old pioneer of 1847 is visiting friends in our city. He states that the flood of this year was two feet higher at his place than in 1861. He lost all of his household goods this time and almost his house. (Independence West Side, May 9, 1890)

I.P. Gile, who was run over with the wheel of a wagon some time since and had several ribs broken, is again able to be in town. (Idaho Semi-Weekly World, June 13, 1890)

Young James Mullany is badly afflicted with rheumatism. (Elmore Bulletin, August 2, 1890)

D.D. Rorick and wife returned from Iowa yesterday. They were accompanied by Mrs. Rorick’s sister Miss Hammond. (Hand County Press, August 7, 1890)

James Mullany Sr. has the thanks of the Bulletin for several pounds of fresh redfish, a sample of what his son Charles caught and sent him from the Sawtooth lakes. (Elmore Bulletin, August 16, 1890)

Young James Mullany was taken to Hardin’s springs Tuesday with the hope that bathing in those noted waters might cure him of rheumatism. Mrs. Mullany accompanied her son. (Elmore Bulletin, August 30, 1890)

Grant Walling and wife returned from Portland Thursday evening. (Pullman Herald, October 4, 1890)


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