George W. Walling

George W. Walling, a prominent and highly respected citizen and pioneer of Clackamas county, died at the residence of his oldest son at Oswego, aged 72 years.  Mr. Walling came to Oregon in 1847, and settled on a tract of land two mile from where Oswego is now located, where he resided until a few months ago, when he removed to the residence of his oldest son, Albert.  Mrs. Walling died in 1883 [sic].  They had eight children, one of whom, Jane, died in 1864.  Two daughters are yet living, Mrs. Laura Holcomb, of Amity, Or., and Mrs. Minnie McCubin [sic], of Arlington, O.; and the five sons, Albert, Archie, George, Adam and Harris, are all living at Oswego.  The remains were buried in Oregon City in the Masonic cemetery.

Source:  Portland Oregonian, June 14, 1891.


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