Short News Items from 1945

Earl Nelson Baldwin, Jr., of Tecumseh visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin during the week. (Livingston County Daily Press, August 22, 1945)

Lieut. Mary Baldwin of the Spars is home on a two weeks leave from Long Branch, California, visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin. Lieut. Baldwin does office work for the Spars and has not been home for a year. (Livingston County Daily Press, August 1, 1945)

Leaves for Ohio—John V. Durant left Saturday for his home in Dayton, Ohio, after a visit of one week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.V. Durant, 1405 East Washington street. (Idaho Statesman, December 2, 1945)

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Walling received a message telling of the arrival of J.D. Camillo and family at their new home at Oakland, Calif. Mrs. Camillo (Genevieve Walling) and Mike were here while he was overseas. (Salem Statesman Journal, December 6, 1945)

Spending the holiday with her husband, at Port Ord was Mrs. Clifford Walling who has just returned home. (Salem Capital Journal, December 7, 1945)

Mrs. Dot Walling, Mrs. Harry Walling and Mrs. Clifford Walling were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Walling of Woodburn. Mrs. Dot Walling is the mother of Lester Walling. (Salem Capital Journal, December 7, 1945)


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