Short News Items from 1948

Lincoln—Jean Walling, three years old, daughter of the Lester Wallings at Lincoln, was complimented with a birthday party for which her mother was hostess. Included on the guest list were Jean Walling, Linda Lee Dye, Judy Meissner, Linda and Gary Upham, Ronald Dodge, Marion, Gary and Sharol [sic] Walling, Mike Camillo, Norma and Verna Miller. (Salem Capital Journal, March 31, 1948)

Ace Harris visited the Wayne Woodwards and Bill Harris families yesterday. He was accompanied by his father and uncle. (Salem Statesman Journal, August 8, 1948)

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Whisenand and son, who have been at Bend, will return here Friday to be with Mrs. Whisenand’s mother, Mrs. James W. Mott, over the week-end and Sunday evening will leave for Washington, D.C. to be gone for the winter. Mr. Whisenand is studying at the George Washington university medical school. (Salem Capital Journal, August 31, 1948)


Short News Items from 1947

Mrs. Jay MacArthur, Jr., returned home last week after spending two weeks with her folks in Miller, S. Dak. Her sister, Mrs. Dean Huisman, of Miller, returned with her for a few day’s visit.  (Queen City Mail, January 30, 1947)

Mr. and Mrs. George Walling and Marion of Baltimore are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Walling. He plans to return on a Victory ship early next year as junior engineer, while Mrs. Walling and Marion will remain with his parents. (Salem Statesman Journal, November 28, 1947)

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Walling are hosts for the annual Thanksgiving family dinner. The guest list included Mr. and Mrs. George Walling and Marion; Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Upham, Linda and Gary; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Camillo and Mike; Mrs. Ira Fisher and Inez, Iris, Donald and Edward; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith and Julie and Dick, John Walling, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Walling. (Salem Statesman Journal, November 28, 1947)

Short News Items from 1945

Earl Nelson Baldwin, Jr., of Tecumseh visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin during the week. (Livingston County Daily Press, August 22, 1945)

Lieut. Mary Baldwin of the Spars is home on a two weeks leave from Long Branch, California, visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin. Lieut. Baldwin does office work for the Spars and has not been home for a year. (Livingston County Daily Press, August 1, 1945)

Leaves for Ohio—John V. Durant left Saturday for his home in Dayton, Ohio, after a visit of one week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.V. Durant, 1405 East Washington street. (Idaho Statesman, December 2, 1945)

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Shower Honors Miss Walling

LINCOLN—Miss Dorothy Walling was honored with a bridal shower at the home of Mrs. R.J. Meissner at Lincoln. Co-hostesses for the affair were Mesdames H.W. Ashford, Clifford Walling, Robert F. Yungen, Joe Camillo, Chris Baal, Marvin Cherry and Lois Crawford.

Refreshments were served to the guest of honor, her sisters, Mrs. Thelma Fisher and Mrs. Richard Smith, and Mrs. Clarence F. Merrick, Mrs. Eva Purvine, Mrs. Roy W. Hammer, Mrs. Blanche Walling, Mrs. Bert Teats, Mrs. Rose Waykins, Mrs. John Cox, Mrs. W.D. Kyle, Mrs. Edward Shlegel [sic], Mrs. Jeff Williams, Mrs. Darrell Johnson, Mrs. Lester Walling and Jean and Sally, Mrs. Avalt Miller and Norma and Verna, Genevieve Ashford, Mrs. Henry J. Neiger, and Judy Meissner.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, October 24, 1952.

Walling Family Holds Reunion In Lincoln

LINCOLN—All members of the Tracy Walling family except Mrs. Genevieve Camillo, Oakland, Calif., and George Walling, who was last heard from in Naples, Italy, were at home at a dinner Sunday in compliment to PFC J.E. Walling, who has been discharged from the army after three and one half years. Walling was overseas 21 months, four months of the time in England.

The rest of the time was spent in France and Germany. In his estimation he said Luxembourg was the best place. He was moved into Germany after fraternization was lifted.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, December 22, 1945.

Serving Uncle Sam (Excerpt)

Lincoln—Pvt. Joseph Camillo of Camp Shelby, Miss., is here on a 21-day furlough with his wife, the former Genevieve Walling, and their infant son, Michael, who have been staying with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Walling. Another house guest at the Tracy Walling home is their eldest son, George Walling, who left here six weeks ago to join the crew of a merchant marine vessel bound for the Sandwich Islands. George received his merchant marine engineer papers before he left on the trip. He expects to go out from San Francisco on another trip this month. His wife is staying here with his parents while he is gone.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, June 26, 1944.

Miss Walling Visiting Mississippi

LINCOLN—Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Walling received a telegram from their daughter, Miss Dorothy Walling Monday saying that she had arrived in Hattiesburg, Miss., after having a pleasant trip. Miss Walling plans to remain at Hattiesburg until early in September when she will motor back home with her brother-in-law and sister, Tech. Sgt. and Mrs. J.D. Camillo, who will visit here while he is on furlough, before being sent to another station.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, August 19, 1943.

Mrs. Walling Ill, Family Visits Her

LINCOLN—Mrs. Tracy Walling has been confined to her bed by illness for several weeks.  Sunday her three older children and families were guests here at the Walling home, including Pvt. John Walling and his wife of Seattle, where Pvt. Walling is in the 26th ordnance company; Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Upham (Juanita Walling) and Linda Chere and Gary of Portland, and Mr. and Mrs. George Walling of Salem.

Additional guests were Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Wallings’ son-in-law, Sgt. Joseph D. Camillo of Mississippi, and Mrs. Walling’s sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Walling of Salem, and Ronald Fisher.

Source:  Salem Statesman Journal, January 15, 1944.

Shower is Given

LINCOLN—Spring flowers were the decorations at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Walling Saturday night when Mrs. Walling entertained with a shower for her husband’s cousin, Mrs. Joe Camillo. Mrs. Paul Scharn was co-hostess with her daughter. Mrs. Dot Walling, Mrs. Harry Walling and Mrs. Lester Walling assisted when dessert was served.

Present were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Camillo and Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Seth Dodge and Ronald and Constance, Mrs. Dot Walling, Mrs. Harry Walling, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scharn, Miss Dorothy Walling, Mrs. Lois Burch, Mrs. J.D. Walling, Mrs. Eva Purvine, Mrs. R.J. Meissner and Judy, Mrs. Avalt Miller, Mrs. R.F. Yungen, Mrs. C.L. Brown, Mrs. Lois Crawford, Mrs. Sarah Feller, Lois M. Haldeman, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Walling and Sherril and Gary.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, March 31, 1950.