Short News Items from 1946

Wheatland—Honoring their son, Lt. James Gilkey, recently discharged from the army, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gilkey entertained at dinner last week. Covers were placed for Lt. Gilkey, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wright, Dowd Cooper, Harlan Cooper, Fay Thompson, and Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gilkey. (Salem Capital Journal, May 17, 1946)

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin were in Wyandotte Wednesday to visit their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Field. (Livingston County Daily Press, July 24, 1946)

Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Field of Wyandotte were guests of Mrs. Field’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin, Saturday evening. (Livingston County Daily Press, August 7, 1946)

Loy Barker, of 1957 Melrose, left this morning for Drain, Ore., where he was called by the death of his father, Lee Barker. Barker, 79, died early Friday. Funeral services will be held at Drain this week-end. Mrs. Loy Barker will join her husband soon. (Klamath Falls Herald and News, December 20, 1946)

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