Sunday Fire Levels Home At Carverton

Casterline Family Returns to Find Dwelling Destroyed—Two Others Damaged by Sparks.

Fire of undetermined origin destroyed the home of Sterling Casterline and family on the Carverton Road, Trucksville, yesterday.

The blaze was discovered by Harold Jenkins, residing just across the road, shortly after the Casterline family had left home at noon for a visit in Wilkes-Barre.

Jenkins summoned the Truckville fire department, which was joined by that of Shavertown and Luzerne together with a pumper of the Mathers Construction Company but the combined efforts of the different departments failed to save the structure. A stiff breeze was blowing at the time and it was with difficulty that the firemen prevented the flames from spreading to nearby dwellings.

Roofs of the Jenkins home and the Fred Houghwout home, nearby, caught fire, but the flames were extinguished before any material damage resulted. Sparks also started a grass fire which added to the possibilities of greater damage.

Meanwhile the Casterline family was located and notified of the fire but when they reached home there was nothing left of the dwelling but black ruins.

It was reported that the damages were partly covered by insurance.

Source: Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, May 6, 1940.

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