Death of Charles Northrup

He Died Monday at Goshen Jail, After an Illness of Three Weeks.

From Monday’s Daily Union.

Charles Northrup of this village, who in December of 1888 was arrested upon a charge preferred by the N. Y., L E. & W railroad company, of receiving stolen goods, and who was subsequently indicted by the Grand Jury upon that charge, and who has been confined in jail at Goshen since the time above mentioned, this morning died of a complication of diseases at the Goshen jail, at 8:20 a. m.  One week ago today his counsel, Wilton Bennet and John W. Lyon, esq. of this village, hearing of Mr. Northrup’s ill health, made a motion before the County Judge to have his bail reduced, which was placed at the exorbitant sum of $2000, also, after hearing of his serious condition to have him released on bail so that he could have care and attention of his family.  The judge, however, and in fact no one, had not thought that Northrup’s condition was so serious, consequently this application was denied, but the bail was reduced to $1,000.

This morning his illness, which had been of several weeks’ duration, culminated in his death.  His wife was present at his death, having been telegraphed so that she was able to reach Goshen on the Orange County Express.  The prospects were very favorable for Mr. Northrup’s acquittal of the crime with which he was charged, his counsel having already succeeded in having one of the indictments quashed, leaving only one to try him upon.  Mr. Northup had always borne the reputation of a hard working, industrious citizen, and this crime with which he was charged is the only shadow that has ever clouded his fair name.

The sympathy of the entire community is extended to Mrs. Northrup in her sad [unclear].  Mrs. Northrup is a very estimable woman, and with her son Frederick, a much respected compositor in this office, constituted the family of the deceased.  The parents of Mr. Northrup are Mr. and Mrs. James Northrup of Salem, N. J.  His remains were brought to this town on train Nine.

Source: Port Jervis Tri-States Union, March 21, 1889. 

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