100 Years Ago – November 26, 1915

The largest wooden structure at Granddalles, which was familiarly known as the “glass factory,” burned to the ground last Saturday morning between 10 and 11 o’clock.

J.T. Rorick, who owned the three story building, values his loss at $1,500, without insurance. A hay loader and a hay rake, which were stored in the building, burned with the structure, which blazed like dry kindling wood. Mr. Rorick believes the fire was started by careless tramps, many of whom have been infesting the territory for the past two weeks.

The “glass factory” was built 24 years ago by the company which exploited Granddalles land. The large wooden building was erected for the purpose of installing machinery and running a glass factory. As the “boom” died, the plan to start the factory was abandoned, and the machinery for the manufacture was never purchased. Mr. Rorick used the building as a store house for his farm implements.

Source: Goldendale Sentinel, November 18, 2015.

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