Short News Items from 1936

Mr. and Mrs. Merle Loosley visited briefly at the Zbinden ranch near Merrill, Sunday afternoon. (Klamath Falls News, February 21, 1936)

Jimmy Eveland, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, Sr., of Hillsboro, is recuperating from an operation for appendicitis, recently performed in the hospital at Easton. (Easton Star-Democrat, April 3, 1936)

A valuable Collie dog belonging to Leon Sutton was kicked by a horse yesterday, its head being badly lacerated, its tongue cut and its jaw broken. (Sayre Evening Times, August 15, 1936)

Doris May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gunton, was taken to the hospital one day last week suffering with appendicitis. She was reported seriously ill at last report. (Tunkhannock New Age, August 20, 1936)

Kenneth Gunton, who is very sick, is reported better at this writing. (Tunkhannock New Age, October 8, 1936)

Mrs. Lillie Sickler is on the sick list. (Tunkhannock New Age, October 8, 1936)

Mrs. Kenneth Gunton and daughter Doris, of Falls R.D. 2, were in town Monday and called at this office. (Tunkhannock New Age, December 24, 1936)

Cary A. Baldwin of the Annapolis Naval Academy, Miss Mary Baldwin of East Lansing, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Baldwin of Marquette, and Mr. and Mrs. Ned Baldwin and family of Tecumseh, were with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Baldwin at their home on Wetmore street for Christmas. (Livingston County Press, December 30, 1936)

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