“Grandma” Walling, Pioneer Of 1847, Dies

Amity, Or., Dec. 7.—“Grandma” Celestia Walling, a pioneer woman of 73 years, died here yesterday morning at an early hour. Mrs. Walling crossed the plains in 1847, when she was only 8 years old, sharing the hardships and dangers of the long, tiresome journey with her folks. He father died before reaching Oregon, but she came on with the rest of her family, and lived with her uncle, “Grandpa” Buffum, until her marriage to Nelson Walling in 1852 [sic]. Her husband died 28 years ago. She is survived by four sons, J.W. Walling, F.W. Walling, Frank Walling and William Walling, three of whom are residents of Amity and one, Frank Walling, of Oregon City. She had only one daughter, who died young. She is also survived by 13 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, and has one sister living here, Mrs. Phebe Burch, who is four years her junior and is now 77 years old.

Mrs. Walling had been confined to her bed for two years, being perfectly helpless.

Source: Oregon Journal, December 8, 1912.


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