Business & Professional Notices from 1892

D.D. Rorick, secretary of the Democratic county committee, is for the district plan and against instruction. Cleveland is his first choice with Boies for second. He thinks with a free coinage plank we should carry three or four western states. (Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, May 23, 1892)

Clifford Ball, of Ballston, has been appointed a railway mail clerk for this state and expects to secure an engagement. (Oregon Statesman, June 24, 1892)

L.B. Sutton, chief mining engineer of the Volunteer mine, owned by Russell A. Alger, near Negaunee, is here for a visit with his uncle, E.S.B. Sutton. Mr. Sutton is recently graduated from the state mining school, and is enthusiastic in his praise of that institution. He is a college chum of G.G. Scranton, W.H. Snell and others of this city.—Soo News. Lin’s old friends will be glad to hear of his prosperity. (Cheboygan Democrat, September 30, 1892)

C.H. Sliney, Chas. W. Jones and Fred Genung are in Newburg this week as delegates to the order of American Firemen’s celebration which is being held at that place. (Elmira Gazette, October 13, 1892)

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