Rollo W. Brown

Former University educator and famed author and humanitarian Rollo W. Brown died in Cambridge this weekend at the age of 76. He was a central figure in the cultural and intellectual life of this area for over a third of a century. Although he wrote 17 books and was a constant contributor to the Atlantic Monthly, Brown was known primarily for his work with young people interested in the literary arts, especially poetry. He left the University faculty in 1925 after six years in the English department, but his home on Garden St. remained a warm and friendly meeting place for students who wanted his help or advice. Amos N. Wilder, who delivered the funeral oration, said that “his worth as an individual was shown by the cordial appreciation of him by leading figures in the Yard.” Brown was a personal friend of the last four University presidents.

Source:  Harvard Crimson, October 16, 1956.

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