Short News Items from 1923

Johnnie Wallace, who is attending Gallaudet College at Washington, D.C., writes that he is out of the basket ball playing this season on account of a badly sprained ankle and a broken bone under the arch of his right foot, caused by playing foot ball. (Nezperce Herald, January 18, 1923)

Mrs. William Moore Rorick of Detroit is visiting in the Lucien Mueller home while her daughter, Mrs. Mueller, is in the Decatur and Macon County hospital. (Decatur Herald and Review, March 11, 1923)

Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Sutton, Marion Sutton and Mrs. Ellen Rogers spent Thursday afternoon with their daughter and niece, Mrs. Mattie Brodt. (Oxford Leader, March 23, 1923)

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Short News Items from 1909

Miss Edythe Myers is spending a week with her uncle, Mr. Scott Rochelle of Black Lick. (Columbus Sunday Dispatch, March 28, 1909)

Charles Palmer cut his hand severely while working at the mill. (Clare Sentinel, May 14, 1909)

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Walling are the guests of Mrs. Fannie Walling in Lodi. (Oakland Tribune, May 26, 1909)

Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Van Sickle, of Port Jervis, N.Y., and Earl Leppert, of Little Falls, N.Y., have been guests at the home of Charles Van Sickle, of Warren street. (Pittston Gazette, June 2, 1909)

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Short News Items from 1905

Last week Thursday Wm. Van Horn and wife, of Wells, visited their grandparents Amzy Clay and wife, several days last week. (Tuscola County Advertiser, April 7, 1905)

Misses Lucy and Cora Margarum, of Stockholm, spent last Saturday and Sunday with the Misses Coursen of Oak Ridge. (Dover Iron Era, April 7, 1905)

M.A. Redding and family left Thursday evening for Berkeley where they will make their home. Mr. Redding has leased him home on Kaweah street to F.J. Steele who is now occupying the place. (Hanford Kings County Sentinel, April 13, 1905)

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Short News Items from 1901

A large number of people attended the Stoakes sale, north of town, Wednesday. Dr. Strevell was a liberal buyer of machinery, preparatory to his emigration to Canada in the spring. (Wright County Monitor, February 13, 1901)

Joshua P. Sutton, H. 7th Michigan infantry, a salesman from Kansas city, has been admitted to the [Old Soldiers’] home and assigned to O company in Franklin Hall. (Leavenworth Times, February 17, 1901)

Mrs. Manley Brodt of Lamotte, Sanilac county, is spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Sutton. (Oxford Leader, March 22, 1901)

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Short News Items from 1900

Mr. and Mrs. Box’s little boy is getting better. Dr. J.W. Garth of Clarion, was called in consultation with Dr. Strevell Friday of last week. (Wright County Democrat, January 24, 1900)

On Tuesday of last week John Shanger [sic] and James Gibson in six hours and 15 minutes cut and piled seven and one-half cords of wood and filed their saw also. Next. (Adrian Daily Telegram, March 6, 1900)

Mrs. Morton Tyrrell expects a visit from her mother from the east in the near future. (Ferndale Enterprise, February 16, 1900)

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Short News Items from 1887

Mrs. D.E. Strevelle and son, of Hawkeye, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Rorick, also S.E. Rorick, our township trustee. (Anamosa Eureka, February 3, 1887)

Mr. C.H. Rorick, now about 75 years old and once of Jones County’s old citizens, is very old. His old age and a broken down constitution make the result doubtful. (Anamosa Eureka, February 24, 1887)

People in the Armstrong neighborhood are said to be anxious regarding the whereabouts of A.P. Rorick. He is not at his house, and no one had heard that he intended leaving home. (Emmons County Record, February 25, 1887)

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Short News Items from 1881

Dr. D.E. Strenett [sic] and wife, of Oxford Mills, are visiting their brother, D.D. Rorick, of this place. The Dr. will soon start for Wright county, where he expects to locate in Clarion, the county seat. (Clinton County Advertiser, April 21, 1881)

IN TOWN.—David Rorick, a brother of Mrs. W.C. Tyrrell living at Lawrence, Kansas, spent Saturday and Sunday visiting with his sister and giving Cap some practical advice on political topics. (Wright County Monitor, December 14, 1881)

Untitled (Delwin Strevelle)

Dr. Strevelle, a former resident of Oxford Junction, died at Whitney Point, New York, recently.  He was a resident of Oxford Mills before the town of Oxford Junction was started.  He was a brother-in-law of S.E. Rorick, of Oxford Mills. His death resulted from paralysis at the age of 64.  His widow will return to Oxford Junction to live.

Source: Anamosa Eureka, October 30, 1913.

In Canada’s Free Homestead Lands.

Wetaskiwin, Alta., April 5th, 1898.

W.F. McGreary, Govt. Immigration Commissioner, Winnipeg. Dear Sir:—I like the country very much so far; have seen a great number of farmers from the states and every one seen so far says they have done well and like it here far better than where they came from, and all claim it to be the best country for a poor man that they were ever in, and with good crops this season I predict a great rush. There are some nice claims to be had yet, but will not last the summer through. I do not find it any colder than in Iowa and am feeling much better than when I left here March 1st. I think this is a great country for those who are suffering with throat and lung troubles. I have seen men that had as high at 51½ bushels wheat per acre and near 100 bushels oats, but they weigh from 45 to 51 pounds per bushel, but the general run is 25 to 50 wheat, 50 to 75 oats, and stock looking fine; some cattle running out were nearly in market flesh. I expect to return to the states late this fall for stock, etc.; will write you when I want to go. Thanking you all for past favors, I remain, most respectfully yours.

(Signed) Dr. D.E. Strevell.

Source: Glenwood Opinion-Tribune, February 23, 1899. (This letter also appeared in many other newspapers throughout the country.)

Short News Items from 1898

TO KLONDIKE—A rumor comes over from Oxford Mills that a party of six will soon start from there for the gold fields of Alaska. The party will consist of V.O. Hammond, well known here; D.D. Rorick, an attorney at Oxford Junction; David and John Rorick, who come from near St. Louis, and Dr. Strevell and son. They are making preparations now to start. (Anamosa Eureka, January 13, 1898)

LuVerne News: John Dilts, son-in-law of Z.C. Andruss, has sold his home in Randolph and he and his family are coming up to spend a year at least ‘neath the parental roof. (Algona Upper Des Moines, February 16, 1898)

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