Death of Martha Hathaway Shockey

Mrs. Martha Ann Shockey died at her home, 21 Bolin’s alley, East Newark at 9 a.m. Wednesday after a long illness of tuberculosis aged 29 years. The deceased left one son, Eugene, a brother, Edward Hathaway, and her mother, Mrs. Sarah Hathaway. The funeral will take place from the home Friday at 2 p.m.

Source:  Newark Advocate, August 22, 1906.


Martha Hathaway Shockey

A case of almost inhuman cruelty came to light on Friday, when it became known that Luther Shockey, of 21 Bolin’s alley, East Newark, had left his family on Wednesday last, his wife being in a dying condition from tuberculosis.  Lying upon a cot in her humble home, with a small 6 year old child to care for, Mrs. Shockey’s life is being perceptibly shortened by the inhuman act of the being who posed as a husband and father.  Shockey has been employed for some time in the B&O yards here, but on Wednesday last, it is said he secured money from the company by false representations, and disappeared, and has not been seen since, although there is sufficient proof that he has met with no foul play, but has left his dying wife and little son.  Because of the condition of the family, having no means of support, the residents of this portion of the city are in a frenzied degree of excitement, and many forceful threats were heard against Shockey, who would probably not be treated with leniency should he be found by the neighbors.

Source:  Newark Advocate, July 27, 1906.