Elopers Fool Detectives

Once more, love has triumphed over parental objection.  Incidently, in this case, it also triumphed over private detectives.  William H. McGraw, son of the late Homer McGraw, and Miss Clara Belle [sic] Rorick, are principals in the romance.  They were married, Tuesday afternoon, by the Rev. Frank C. Walters, in Redford.

McGraw is 21, his bride is 19.  They met more than a year ago, and it was a case of love at first sight.  The parents of the youthful lovers objected to a marriage, and McGraw was sent south, to grow older and forget.  He came back a week ago, and was soon reunited with Miss Rorick.  His mother suspected that Dan Cupid again was up to his old tricks.  She engaged a couple of private detectives to watch her son.  Tuesday morning, McGraw was kind enough to summon his mother by ‘phone, and tell her he had put one over on the sleuths, as he had a marriage license in his hand that very moment.  The youthful couple will live for a time at the McGraw home, No. 1209 Cass-ave.

Source: Detroit Times, November 10, 1915. 


Wedding News from the 1910s

In compliment to Miss Merle Wood cashier of the Wesley Co., who is to marry Charles Alverson, an attaché of the Wesley Co., the lady associate workers of Miss Wood Monday evening gave her a shower in the rooms of Olive Mueller and Kathryn Miller at the home of Mrs. Traverse. There was a pleasant time socially with refreshments. Miss Wood was presented with a half dozen solid silver teaspoons by her co-workers. (Adrian Daily Telegram, January 18, 1910)

Wayland: Mr. and Mrs. Amos Mauchmar returned Sunday night from their wedding trip. (Otsego Union, January 20, 1910)

The Fraternal Brotherhood Tuesday night gave Ersel Walling and his bride a reception, supper and dance. All had an enjoyable time. (Lompoc Record, September 30, 1910)

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William H. McGraw

WILLIAM H. McGRAW.—A Detroiter until three years ago, Mr. McGraw, 52, died Wednesday at his home in Fort Wayne, Ind.

He was field director of the Tuberculosis Association of Allen County, Ind.

Mr. McGraw, a son of the late Homer McGraw, former State representative, was a member of the American Legion.

Services will be at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at the William R. Hamilton Funeral Home, 3795 Cass.  Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery.

A sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Converey, of Pleasant Ridge, survives.

Source:  Detroit Free Press, September 26, 1947.

Youthful Lovers Foil Parents and Cat-Like Sleuths

William H. McGraw and Clara Belle Rorick United as One.

First-Sight Romance is Too Intense to Prevent.

Now Old Saying is “Love and Detectives,” Instead of “Love and Locksmiths.”

William H. McGraw, youngest son of the late Homer McGraw, of 1209 Cass avenue, has a new version of that threadbare old saying about “love and locksmiths.”

He has substituted “private detectives” for locksmiths, and he and Dan Cupid and Mrs. William H. McGraw, who was Miss Clara Belle Rorick until Tuesday afternoon, are still laughing at the sleuths whose false whiskers and stealthy tread profited them not at all.  It was too big a job that the private detectives had cut out for them, that’s all there is to it.

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