Deaths and Funerals from the 1920s

Mrs. Jemima Linderman a former resident of this city is dead at her home in Chicago. (Cheboygan Democrat, September 17, 1920)

Dr. E.H. Rorick, 70, formerly well known in Republican state politics, died at his home in Fayette, Fulton county.  (Fulton County Tribune, February 9, 1922)

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McNeil and Mr. and Mrs. Grant Brodt were at Ann Arbor Friday where they attend the funeral of the former’s brother-in-law, M.B. Larned. (Oxford Leader, August 22, 1924.

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Short News Items from the 1880s

J.P. Sutton returned Saturday night. He visited his mother in Detroit at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J.W. Linderman, and her friends will be glad to learn that she was enjoying excellent health. Mr. and Mrs. Linderman are in good health and prospering. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, February 26, 1885)

A.R. Sutton, of East Saginaw, state agent for Walter A. Wood’s harvesting machine, made his brother, J.P. Sutton and family of this village a visit Thursday. (Cheboygan Democrat, January 14, 1886)

Short News Items from 1889

Mrs. Sutton, mother of Judge Sutton and Mrs. J.W. Linderman, with her daughter, Mrs. D.W. Bennett, and children arrived on the Garden City last evening for a visit with their relatives and friends in the village. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, March 22, 1889)

Mrs. Alvin Holmes and son, and Mrs. Chandler Williams and daughter, Miss Ida, are spending a few weeks at Long Branch and other summer resorts. (Pittston Gazette, August 2, 1889)

Mrs. John Kirkwood and Mrs. Walling, mother of our townsman Grant Walling, spent Friday and Saturday with friends in Guy. (Pullman Herald, October 5, 1889)

Untitled (Frank Linderman & Josie Boyle)

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Sutton received an invitation from Frank M. Linderman, their nephew, formerly of Cheboygan, now of Chicago to attend his marriage to Miss Josie Boyle, of Dayton, Ohio, June 3rd, yesterday. The wedding was to be a quiet one, only the immediate relatives being invited. Frank writes they expected to go to housekeeping in Chicago at once. Mr. Linderman was raised in Cheboygan and his many friends will join with the Tribune in extending congratulations and wishing he and bride all the happiness their fondest hopes may have anticipated.

Soure: Cheboygan Northern Tribune, June 4, 1885.

Short News Items from 1884

Mrs. J.W. Linderman from Detroit, is visiting her brother J.P. Sutton. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, March 20, 1884)

The friends and relatives of Mrs. John S. Alling, assembled at her home on the evening of March 24th to celebrate the anniversary of her 59th birthday. Among those present were Mrs. James Casterline, Mr. James Casterline and wife, and Mr. Ada [sic] Casterline of Franklin; Mrs. Wm. Winters and daughter of Plymouth; Mrs. Housted and son of Dallas; Mr. Jones, of Wilkes-Barre, and Ira M. Lewis and wife of West Pittston. The presents were of the useful kind, and were highly appreciated by Mrs. Alling. At a suitable hour supper was served, which all enjoyed. Mrs. Alling is the daughter of Rev. Oliver Lewis, well and favorably known as one of the pioneers of early Methodism. (Pittston Evening Gazette, March 31, 1884)

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Short News Items from 1883

J.P. Sutton accompanied to Orion the remains of his brother whose death occurred last Sunday night at the residence of his sister Mrs. J.W. Linderman. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, January 6, 1883)

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Linderman returned from Newberry Wednesday night. Mr. Linderman has the new hotel at that station completed as far as the carpenter work is concerned. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, March 17, 1883)

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Business & Professional Notices from 1883

J.W. Linderman arrived home Sunday evening, for a few days visit. He reports the hotel at Seney, of the building of which he has had charge, approaching completion, and thinks the carpentry work will be finished about the first of next month. The hotel is considerable of a house, the main building being 55×25 feet, two stories high, with an L 25×32 feet, the same height, with two one story additions in the rear, one 17×32 feet, and the other 9×11½ feet. About the first of February he will his take his force of men to McMillan station to put up a hotel there, somewhat larger than the one at Seney. It is to be two stories, with mansard roof, and of a very neat design. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, January 27, 1883)

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Short News Items from 1882

Mrs. J.W. Linderman has returned home from Ludington where she had been visiting her son Frank. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, February 4, 1882)

Doc. Walling has been out in the mountains, between Hailey, Muldoon and Bellevue, prospecting, and saw many evidences of mineral, though no veins of sufficient size to warrant his locating any. Doc. Walling has not given up the hope of finding a bonanza not far from Hailey before snow flies. (Wood River Times, September 15, 1882)

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rorick, and Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Porter, of Seneca, Mich., are in the county visiting their relatives, the families of Dr. Armstrong and J.C. [sic] Andruss, of Irvington. The visitors report themselves highly pleased with Kossuth county. (Algona Republican, October 11, 1882)

E. Sutton, brother of J.P. Sutton, arrived Thursday morning for a visit. He resided here some years since, and is somewhat surprised at the improvement Cheboygan has made since he left. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, November 18, 1882)

Business & Professional Notices from 1881

We notice by the Ludington Record that F.M. Linderman, of this place, has been engaged as a book-keeper by George Goodsell. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, January 29, 1881)

The Detroit Post and Tribune says Mr. J.D. Sutton, a former resident of our village, and well known to many of our citizens, left that city last Monday for Indianapolis, Ind., to assume the general agency of that state for the Washington Life Insurance company, a position of importance and responsibility. In connection with the announcement the Post and Tribune pays Mr. Sutton a very high compliment. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, February 19, 1881)

Short News Items from 1880

Mr. Joseph Ayres, of Bruce, has for many years enjoyed the honor of being the father of Macomb county’s board of supervisors. The gentleman has represented Bruce for twenty-five years, all this time with but one break of a single year, when he declined to run. (Port Huron Times Herald, March 29, 1880)

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Linderman named their youngest son Harry Robert Patterson. This week Robert Patterson presented to his young namesake a deed, in his own name, for a village lot in one of his additions to the village. We would not be surprised to learn of a number of young Robert Patterson’s in the not distant future. But then they must not all expect village lots. (Cheboygan Northern Tribune, August 28, 1880)