Death Notices from the Aughts

Samuel Tuthill Lazear died at Warwick, Saturday, aged 76 years. For a number of years he was engaged in the sash and blind business with Sylvester Case. (Port Jervis Tri-States Union, November 22, 1900)

McRILL—In West Wyoming, Nov. 30, 1900, Joseph McRill, aged 50 years, pleuro-pneumonia.  (Wilkes Barre Record, December 3, 1900)

James J. Reynolds died Tuesday morning. He has been troubled with heart disease for some time. The funeral will be held Friday at 1 o’clock at his late home. Interment at Pulteney. (Yates County Chronicle, October 22, 1902)

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Sudden Death at Warwick

While sitting in a chair, Thursday afternoon, Mrs. S.T. Lazear of Warwick ,was taken with an internal hemorrhage and died before a physician, who was hastily summoned, reached her side. She was 73 years of age and had been in ill health for a long time.

Source: Port Jervis Tri-States Union, April 8, 1897.

Small Town News—Margarum

Janet Margarum, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Margarum, is recovering at her home. She has been seriously ill in Sussex Hospital. (Middletown Times Herald, January 8, 1946)

Unionville — Janet Margarum, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Margarum, is recuperating at Lynn Hospital, Sussex, following an appendectomy on Tuesday. (Middletown Times Herald, February 15, 1946)

Miss Mary Margarum, of Deckertown, is a guest of Mrs. F.M. Stratton. (Middletown Daily Argus, June 13, 1898)

Last Saturday afternoon Mr. Noah Margarum was bringing two ladies — Mrs. S.T. Lazear and Mrs. C.S. Hunter — from his home near Stockholm, N.J., where they had been visiting, to Warwick. The rear seat of the wagon was not fastened, and the ladies were fearful lest it should fall out; but Mr. Margarum said it was all right. Just on top of the Vernon Mountain the horses shied at something in the road and the ladies were thrown backward, striking their heads and shoulders. Both sustained concussion of the brain, and were removed to the nearest house — that of Mr. Webb. Dr. W.B. Bradner was summoned from Warwick and the ladies were made as comfortable as possible. They suffered great pain and were for a time delirious, but at last accounts were reported to be improving. Mrs. Lazear is an elderly lady — almost 60 years of age — and Mrs. Hunter is her youngest daughter. (Warwick Valley Dispatch, August 25, 1886)

Stanford Margarum is under treatment by Dr. Louis Myers for an eye injury suffered Saturday while at work. (Middletown Times Herald, December 15, 1941)

Stanford Margarum will move to the New Ideal Farm, near Sussex, on December 1st. (Middletown Times Herald, November 15, 1945)

Mrs. Sanford [sic] Margarum is in Linn Hospital, Sussex, where she underwent a major operation Monday. (Middletown Times Herald, February 19, 1947)

Theodore Margarum, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ford Margarum, left last week for Blair Academy. (Sussex Independent, October 1, 1942)

Probate News Items

Earl W. Kellam, Port Jervis, will inherit the entire estate of his mother, Mrs. Frankie W. Kellam, who died August 7th in Port Jervis without a will. Mr. Kellam was named administrator for the $13,000 personal property. (Middletown Times-Herald, October 11, 1939)

The wills of the following persons have been admitted to probate: Last will and testament of Delia Moran, late of Middletown, John P. McClancey, ex’r; of Catherine M. Lazear, late of Warwick, Samuel M. Lazear, ex’r; of Hannah Ryerson, late of Goshen, Annie R. Slawson and Elizabeth Holbert, ex’rs; of Margaret N. Holley, late of Middletown, A.V.D. Wallace, adm’r with the will annexed. (Middletown Daily Argus, May 24, 1897)

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