Untitled (Bertha Hiatt Fletcher)

ZENA, July 13—Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fletcher were visitors at the home of Mrs. Fletcher’s cousins, Mrs. Alice Simpson and C.S. Crangle of Lincoln.

Mrs. Fletcher was Miss Bertha Hiatt before her marriage. The Fletcher family have sold their dairy ranch at Tillamook and are not located at Hopewell, where they purchased the Cecil Smith farm.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, July 14, 1929.

R.W. Millard, Retired Bee Executive, Dies

Ralph W. (Duke) Millard, 67, retired business manager of The Fresno Bee, died today in a local hospital. It is believed his death was due to a heart attack. An autopsy has been ordered.

Millard, who retired from The Bee in 1959, had been living in Cayucos, San Luis Obispo County.

He entered the hospital last night and died at 7:30 o’clock this morning.

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Roy Barker Given Birthday Surprise

ZENA, December 18.—Roy E. Barker of Spring Valley was the recipient of a delightful birthday party Monday evening when a group of about 45 friends were invited to their home by Mrs. Roy E. Barker to help him celebrate his birthday anniversary.

Mr. Barker received numerous lovely gifts. Among them were a number of humorous ones, such as a box of all day suckers from some fun loving friend.

Seven tables of bridge were played during the evening. Mrs. L.M. Purvine of Salem won high school for ladies and Jesse Walling high score for men. The hostess served delicious refreshments at small tables at a rather late hour.

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William T. Hiatt

Hiatt—Near Hopewell, Jan. 31, W.T. Hiatt, at the age of 54 years. Survive[d] by a widow, Mrs. Kathryn Hiatt of West Salem; three sisters, Mrs. John Harris of McMinnville, Mrs. Elvie Morrow of Portland, and Mrs. F.M. Preston of Grande Ronde, Ore.; a son, Clifford Hiatt of Rickreall; stepfather, John Toews of Portland; brother, J.S. Hiatt of Cascade Locks. Funeral services were held in McMinnville Monday, February 3, at 2 p.m. under the direction of Clough-Barrick Company.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, February 3, 1936.


Mary Toews died at the residence, 145 East Miller street, November 2, aged 67 years; wife of John; mother of W.P. and J.S. Hiatt both of Salem, Mrs. E.V. Morrow of Longview, Wash., Mrs. F.N. Preston of Willamina, Mrs. J.R. Harris of McMinnville; also survived by two sisters in Portland, one brother in Tillamook and one brother in Redmond. Funeral services Tuesday, November 4, at 2 p.m. from the chapel of W.T. Rigdon and Son.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, November 4, 1930.

Short News Items from 1928

Mrs. B.F. Search has returned to her home, at Crooksville, after shopping in Zanesville. (Zanesville Times Recorder, January 31, 1928)

The condition of Mrs. John L. Shauger of 618 Comstock Street, who has been ill for some time, shows no improvement. (Adrian Daily Telegram, May 9, 1928)

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hiatt of Winchester Bay in Coos county were week end visitors at the home of Mr. Hiatt’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Toews. They all motored to Grand Ronde Sunday where they were dinner guests at the F.N. Preston home and visited with J.S. Hiatt who is stationed there. (Salem Statesman Journal, July 11, 1928)

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Short News Items from 1927

Lucien Mueller left Tuesday for Ithaca, N.Y., where he will attend the graduation exercises of his brother, Clarence, and also the ten year reunion of his class at Cornell university. Mr. Mueller will return to Decatur June 27. (Decatur Herald, June 8, 1927)

Mr. and Mrs. John Toews had as their guests on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Preston of Grande Ronde, Mr. and Mrs. John Harris of Garibaldi, and J.S. Hiatt who is working at Blodgett. On Monday a granddaughter, Mrs. W.C. Harris and small son of Fresno, California, arrived for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Toews. (Salem Statesman Journal, June 23, 1927)

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Toews Family To Unite For Thanksgiving Dinner

SPRING VALLEY, Nov. 22.—(Special.)—Mr. and Mrs. John Toews will have all their family present at their home for a big Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  Those present will be: Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Hiatt of Zena, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Hiatt of Cascade Locks, Mr. nad [sic] and Mrs. F.N. Preston of Grande Ronde, Mr. and Mrs. E.V. Morrow of Longview, Wash., Clifford Hiatt, a grandson, of Tillamook, and Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Harris of Tillamook.

Source:  Salem Statesman Journal, November 23, 1927.

William Tom Hiatt

HIATT—Near Hopewell, Jan. 31, W.T. Hiatt at the age of 54 years. Survive [sic] by widow, Mrs. Kathryn Hiatt of West Salem; three sisters, Mrs. John Harris of McMinnville, Mrs. Elvie Morrow of Portland, and Mrs. F.M. Preston of Grande Ronde, Ore.; a son, Clifford Hiatt of Rickreall; a stepfather, John Toews of Portland; brother, J.S. Hiatt of Cascade Locks. Funeral announcements later by Clough-Barrick Company.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, February 1, 1936.

Walling Family Reunion

The Wallings, pioneer Willamette valley family, held their annual reunion one Sunday recently at the grove at the J.D. Walling farm near Lincoln.  A picnic dinner, a program in the afternoon with various members of the family group contributing musical and reading numbers, and plans for the reunion next year, occupied the group during the day.

Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and cousins and other relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse D. Walling who crossed the plains and took up a farm in Spring Valley in the earlier fifties were included in the family group.

Eight of the thirteen children of Jess D. Walling who survive him are John Walling of Toledo, B.F. Walling of Portland, J.D. Walling of Salem, Grant Walling of Amity, Mrs. Peasley [sic], Mrs. Alice Pomeroy of Kimberly, Idaho, Mrs. Florence Toner of Toledo and Mrs. Jennie McFarlane [sic] of Salem.

Those present for the reunion included Ben F. Walling, Georgia M. Walling, Ben F. Walling, Jr., all of Portland; Jennie L. McFarland of Salem; J.D. Walling of Salem, route 1; Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Munkers and their daughters, Loma [sic] and Jessie of McMinnville; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walling on Amity; Ruby Warner of Amity; Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Freeman of Portland; O.C. Wait, of Salem, route 2; J.W. Walling of Amity; Grand Walling of Dayton and Nellie Walling of Dayton; Marjorie Walling and Lorine Walling of Dayton; Frank B. Walling, Katie E. Walling, Mrs. Hazel Hollingsworth and Richard and Robinette all of Portland; Mrs. Kirk Walling, Lorraine Walling of Dayton; Elsie L. Stutz, Lawrence Macken, Jean Mackin, of Perrydale; Gertrude Walling of Portland; Mrs. D.L. Keyt of Perrydale; Florence Newson [sic] and D.E. Newson [sic] of Portland; Mrs. O.C. Wait, Mrs. Mary Toews of Salem; Ira E. Newsom of Portland; Mary E. Jennings Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Wilson of Salem; Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Purvine, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Walling, and Jesse Walling, Jr., all of Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Merle Walling of Independence; Jessie M. Walling, Lester Walling, Ellsworth Loft, Gilbert Walling, D.L. Kent, all of Amity; Mr. and Mrs. James Hiatt, Mrs. B.W. Harritt, Miss Jessie Harritt, Miss Julia Cal, and Nellie Keyt Cal, all of Salem.

Source:  The Salem Capital Journal, July 7, 1927.