Short News Items from 1954

Mr. and Mrs. James Gilkey of Forest Grove were week-end guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gilkey. Mrs. James Gilkey was a guest of Mrs. J.S. Gilkey at the Homemakers’ Festival in McMinnville 4-H building on Friday, May 7. (Salem Daily Capital Journal, May 19, 1954)

Lt. Col. Thomas C. Eveland, of Greensboro and Washington, D.C., has been assigned to the Military Assistance Advisory Group in Bangkok, Thailand. Accompanied by his wife and daughter, Col. Eveland left Washington on January 18. The family lived in Queen Anne for some time before moving to Greensboro. Mrs. Eveland and her daughter waited here for Col. Eveland while he was on duty Europe some years ago. Lt. Col. Eveland’s relatives live in and near this community. (Easton Star-Democrat, January 29, 1954)

Mrs. John Eveland and daughters, Misses Madge and Pearl Eveland, were recent Sunday guests of Mrs. Byron Poore, of Greensboro. (Easton Star-Democrat, November 5, 1954)

Short News Items from 1949

Lincoln—Mrs. Lorraine Keil of Altoona, Iowa and her sister, Mrs. J.S. Gilkey of Wheatland visited their aunt, Mrs. J.D. Walling and cousin, Mrs. Eva Purvine Monday. Mrs. Keil and Mrs. Gilkey are the former Lorraine and Mildred Frakes and formerly lived here. (Salem Statesman Journal, January 6, 1949)

Mrs. E.N. Baldwin and family spent the week end in Fayette, Ohio. On their way home they visited there son, Ned Nelson Baldwin and family at Tecumseh. (Livingston County Press, April 13, 1949)

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Short News Items from 1946

Wheatland—Honoring their son, Lt. James Gilkey, recently discharged from the army, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gilkey entertained at dinner last week. Covers were placed for Lt. Gilkey, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wright, Dowd Cooper, Harlan Cooper, Fay Thompson, and Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gilkey. (Salem Capital Journal, May 17, 1946)

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin were in Wyandotte Wednesday to visit their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Field. (Livingston County Daily Press, July 24, 1946)

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Short News Items from 1942

James Gilkey, junior at Oregon State College, is spending two weeks vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gilkey. (Salem Statesman Journal, January 2, 1942)

Dr. and Mrs. H.W. Lundahl will leave tonight for Chicago where Dr. Lundahl will attend the meetings of the Chicago Dental Society at the Palmer House next week, and Mrs. Lundahl will visit her brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Prosser Watts and family at Glenellyn, Ill.  (Adrian Daily Telegram, February 21, 1942)

Mrs. Jay MacArthur, Jr., spent last week visiting her husband and his parents.  (Queen City Mail, April 9, 1942)

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Dayton RAF Flyer Lost Over Corsica

Richard W. Gilkey, flying officer in the royal air force, who worked for the state department for a year following his graduation from Oregon State college in 1940, has been reported missing in action.  Word was received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Gilkey of route 1, Dayton.  Mr. Gilkey is on the staff of the state tax commission.  His sister, Dr. Helen Gilkey, is professor of botany at Oregon State college.

A letter from his wing command, H. Law-Wright, of the RAF stationed in North Africa, gave the details of his last mission, as far as they were known.  His plane was delayed to flying duty over the northwest Mediterranean on December 28 and evidently was crippled by enemy fire and failed to make port.  Wing Commander Law-Wright’s letter said:

“It is with great regret that I am now writing to tell you of the circumstances in which your son was posted missing at about midday on the 28th December 1943.

He was captain of an aeroplane which took off on a low level reconnaissance mission for enemy shipping in the northwest Mediterranean.  Towards the end of his patrol a message was received from him stating that he was intending to make a landing on one engine at an aerodrome in Corsica.  No further word was received from his aircraft and its precise situation was unknown.  A very thorough search of the whole area in which he could have been was immediately carried out, both by fighters and by aircraft specially employed on air sea rescue operations.  I am sorry to say that these failed to reveal any sign of your son or his crew, and I can therefore offer no hope of his having been picked up.

Dick was one of the most capable pilots that we have on the squadron, and I feel sure that if anything could have been to save his crew and himself, he would have done it. He was a leader in every sense of the word, and I expected great things of him in his operations against the enemy.

During the time that he was with us, he made himself very popular with everyone and he is now sadly missed by all of us.”

Gilkey, who graduated from Lincoln high, Portland, before attending OSC, enlisted in the RAF in 1941,  He trained in Canada and later in England. In the winter of 1941-42 he ferried 21 planes across the Atlantic  In the winter of 1942-43 he was assigned to patrol duty over the North sea and was sent to Africa in May, 1943.  He  had 500 hours of combat flying, had been awarded a medal and recommend for promotion to the rank of squadron leader, he reported in his last letter home.

A younger brother, Jim, is an air cadet at Yale university.

Source:  Salem Statesman Journal, January 14, 1944.

Richard Gilkey Missing

Flying Officer Richard Gilkey, 28, of the RAF, son of J.S. Gilkey of the state tax commission, who is well known in Eugene through his frequent visits here on official business, has been reported missing in action over Corsica.

The missing flyer’s wife, the former Mary Robinson of Eugene, is now at San Rafael, Calif., where she is a planning technician for Marin county.

Gilkey is a graduate of the Oregon State College and joined the Canadian air force in 1941.

Source:  Eugene Guard, January 23, 1944.

James Gilkey, Jesse S. Gilkey

EUGENE – Jesse S. Gilkey and his son, James, who died in a plane crash in April, will be buried Saturday at Zena Cemetery in Polk County following funeral services in Eugene.

The bodies of the two men were recently recovered from the wreckage of their plane in the mountains east of Estacada.

The elder Gilkey, a native of Colorado, lived in the Dayton area.  The son, James, was an owner of David-Lawrence, Inc., a Eugene manufacturing firm.

Jesse Gilkey graduated from Oregon State College in 1909 and was engaged in business in Portland for many years.  In 1930, he became an appraisal engineer for the State Tax Commission in Salem.

His first wife, Mildred Frakes, died in 1961.  He is survived by his second wife, Jane Coffman Gilkey, and two sisters, Helen and Beulah Gilkey of Corvallis.  He was a 50-year Mason, a Shrine and past master of Dayton Masonic Lodge.

James Gilkey was a World War II veteran and a master Mason.  He is survived by his widow and two sons.

Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. at Simons & Lounsbury Funeral Home in Eugene.

Source:  Salem Capital Journal, June 9, 1965.