Edna Fuller & Raymond Schadt

Miss Edna Fuller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Fuller of Orlando, Fla., formerly of Minneapolis, and Raymond J. Schadt, son of Mrs. Katherine Schadt of Seattle, Wash., were married Friday evening at the home of the bride’s brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd H. Fuller, 4525 Lyndale avenue south.

The service was read by the Rev. Warren Bunger before an improvised altar arranged in the living room of palms, cybotium ferns and gladioli. Garden flowers and pink and green tapers decorated the rooms. Mrs. Matthew A. Walsh (Norine Conley) played a program of nuptial music.

Miss Fuller entered with her brother, Floyd H. Fuller, who gave her in marriage. She wore a gown of rose beige chiffon and carried a shower bouquet of Ward roses and sweet peas. Mr. and Mrs. Fuller were the only attendants. Mr. Schadt and his bride left for Oregon City, Ore., where they will make their home. For travel, Mrs. Schadt is wearing a tan en semble [sic] trimmed in mole with a tan felt hat.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 31, 1928.


Christmas Wedding

Of interest to a wide circle of friends in Coral Gables and Miami is the announcement that Miss Elsie M. Fuller of Coral Gables will become the bride of E. St. Clair Smith, also of Coral Gables, tomorrow. The ceremony will be performed at noon at the Orlando home of the bride’s grandparents, Rev. and Mrs. M.D. Fuller, with Rev. Fuller officiating.

Miss Fuller, who is a graduate of DeMars school in Minneapolis, is the daughter of L.W. Fuller, former manager of the bank of Coral Gables, and Mrs. Fuller, both of whom now reside in Daytona Beach. Mr. Smith, an alumnus of the University of Idaho and member of Sigma Nu fraternity, has spent three years in Coral Gables, where as a construction engineer he is associated with the J.W. Ricketts organization in the construction work of the Coral Gables Rapid Transit company.

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L.W. Fuller To Motor North For A Vacation

After being forced by ill health to relinquish his office as active vice president of the Bank of Coral Gables, L.W. Fuller has recovered sufficiently to go to Binghamton, N.Y., for the summer.  The announcement was made yesterday by his daughter, Miss Elsie Fuller.  Mr. Fuller will motor to Binghamton with Mrs. Fuller and their son, Robert.  They have been spending the last few weeks with Mr. Fuller’s parents, Rev. and Mrs. M.D. Fuller. For more than a year Mr. Fuller has been active vice president of the bank.  He retired several weeks ago on the advice of his physicians, who said Mr. Fuller’s work was too confining.

Source: Miami Herald, April 15, 1926.

Will Visit Parents

L.W. Fuller, cashier of the Bank of Coral Gables, will leave today for Orlando, where he will spend the Fourth of July with his parents, the Rev. and Mrs. M.D. Fuller.  Rev. Fuller, who recently visited Coral Gables, is one of the oldest Methodist ministers in the Florida conference.

Source:  Miami Herald, July 3, 1925.

Short News Items from 1924

Mrs. Adella Walker of Waverly, N.Y., Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genung of Orlando, were recent dinner guests at the home of Captain and Mrs. Albertson, on Lake Jennie Jewel. (Orlando Sentinel, March 16, 1924)

Miss Elsie Fuller, daughter of L.W. Fuller, cashier of the Bank of Coral Gables, arrived last week from Minneapolis and will spend the winter with her parents at 350 Navarre avenue, Coral Gables. Miss Fuller graduated from the University of Minnesota last June, and has since been taking a post graduate course in the university.  (Miami Herald, November 23, 1924)

To Son’s Wedding

Dr. and Mrs. M.D. Fuller, who have been visiting in Bemidji for some time, will leave this evening for St. Louis Park, where they will attend the wedding of their son, Lieutenant Floyd Fuller and Mrs. Grace Workman. From Minneapolis Dr. and Mrs. Fuller will return to their home at Mt. Dora, Fla. They are former residents of this city but have now sold their residence here. Dr. Fuller is pastor of the Methodist church at Mt. Dora. He occupied the pulpit in the Baptist church last Sunday, as no pastor has yet been secured to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Rev. A.M. Whitby, who has accepted a call in Duluth.

Source: Bemidji Pioneer, August 19, 1919.

Short News Items from 1918

Cecil Low, Garner Lundy and Ira Orem will leave Thursday to take their entrance examinations for the United States navy. Low has previously been in the cavalry, but was discharged, owing to illness, and will now enter the naval service. (Klamath Falls Evening Herald, May 15, 1918)

Walter Domrose, Roland Stricker and Orla [sic] Tilley have all been listed in the next draft and are expecting notification any day. All are employed in the harvest fields and had hoped to be left till the crops were in. (Twin Falls News, June 19, 1918)

HALLSTEAD, Pa., Aug. 29.—Rev. James Bryden, of Dorranceton, Pa., is spending his vacation at the home of his son, Rev. Lewis Bryden, of Pine street.  (Scranton Republican, August 30, 1918)

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Short News Items from 1917

Edward Loosley is over from Montague for a few days, visiting G.W. Loosley and other relatives and friends. He is connected with the Loosley-Lwinell Company over in Northern California and says all kinds of prosperity exists over there. (Ashland Tidings, January 4, 1917)

Dr. Mae Rochelle returned to her home at K.C., after spending a couple of weeks with Mrs. W.P. Lynch. (Delphos Republican, January 19, 1917)

Mrs. Albert Holbein, of Dover, is visiting her sister, Miss Mary Hains, of this city. (Zanesville Times Recorder, January 31, 1917)

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Short News Items from 1916

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Rorick, of East Buffalo, N.Y., arrived today and are located with Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Rowlader at 115 Live Oak avenue. Mr. Rorick is a member of the firm Sadler, Rorick and company, the largest live stock dealers of East Buffalo. Mr. and Mrs. Rorick are making their first visit to Daytona. (Daytona Daily News, January 21, 1916)

W.V. Hutchinson and family are in town. They leave in a few days for Glendale, Ore., where Mr. Hutchison expects to go into the diary business. (Hood River Glacier, April 6, 1916)

Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Strickland left Saturday night for Des Moines, Ia., where they will spend the next two weeks visiting with relatives and friends. (Bemidji Daily Pioneer, April 24, 1916)

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