Short News Items from 1936

Mr. and Mrs. Merle Loosley visited briefly at the Zbinden ranch near Merrill, Sunday afternoon. (Klamath Falls News, February 21, 1936)

Jimmy Eveland, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, Sr., of Hillsboro, is recuperating from an operation for appendicitis, recently performed in the hospital at Easton. (Easton Star-Democrat, April 3, 1936)

A valuable Collie dog belonging to Leon Sutton was kicked by a horse yesterday, its head being badly lacerated, its tongue cut and its jaw broken. (Sayre Evening Times, August 15, 1936)

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Short News Items from 1934

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Rorick and family, Herbert Rorick and Mrs. G.H. Rorick attended the graduating exercises of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Monday. Miss Frances Rorick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Rorick, received her A.B. degree from the school of literature and a teacher’s life certificate. (Adrian Daily Telegram, June 20, 1934)

Mrs. Niel Nielson, Spencer, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Armstrong. (Kossuth County Advance, July 26, 1934)

The home of Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, near Hillsboro, was burned to the ground one morning early last week. The loss was partly covered by insurance. Mr. and Mrs. Eveland are both well-known here, Mrs. Eveland being Miss Katherine Woolford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Webster Woolford, near town. (Easton Star-Democrat, November 16, 1934)

Eveland Weddings

Miss Cordia V. Doty and Mr. John Eveland were married at the M.E. Church, Greensboro, on the 24th inst., by Rev. Dr. Hoffecker.  (Denton Journal, 27 December 1902)

Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, Misses Pearl and Madge Eveland attended the wedding of their grandson and nephew, Robert F. Eveland, of Queen Anne, to Miss Charlene Robertson, of Centreville, which took place on Saturday, Dec. 19, at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, Ridgely.  A reception was held at the home of the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eveland.  (Denton Journal, December 25, 1959)

The marriage of Miss Virginia Emma Messix, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Messix, near town, and Mr. Robert J. Eveland, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, of Hillsboro, took place on Wednesday, Jan. 3rd, at four o’clock, in Saint Benedict’s Catholic Church.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. James O’Reilly and Mrs. Carey Callahan and Miss Hazel Lynch furnished the music.  A shower and dance were given the young couple at the home of the bride’s parents on Tuesday evening.  (Denton Journal, January 13, 1934)

Henrietta Payne Doty

Mrs. Henrietta Doty, who fell at her home last Saturday morning, breaking her hip and arm, was taken to Emergency Hospital, where she passed away Wednesday morning, her 77th birthday. She is survived by three children and several grandchildren. The children are: Mrs. John Eveland (Hillsboro), Miss Lilly and Olin Doty, of near town. Funeral services will be held at the Greensboro Baptist Church this (Saturday) afternoon, Rev. J.C. Ledbetter officiating. Interment in Greensboro cemetery.

Source: Denton Journal, June 3, 1933.

Small Town News—Denton Journal

Mrs. and Mrs. Melvin Carroll visited Miss Lillie Doty at Cambridge Hospital, last Thursday. (Denton Journal, November 18, 1955)

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dazier [sic], of Massachusetts; Mrs. Byron Poore and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eveland and children, of Greensboro; Mr. Charles Boyle, of Queen Anne, visited Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland and family on Sunday. (Denton Journal, October 12, 1956)

Miss Anna Mae Doty, of Baltimore, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Doty, of near town. (Denton Journal, June 29, 1945)

Misses Virginia and Clara Tribbitt and Mssrs. Fred Satterfield and Graham Diggins spent Sunday with Mrs. E.W. Doty and family. (Denton Journal, September 23, 1911)

Mr. Jesse L. Doty, of near Binghamton, N.Y., has been recently visiting his cousins, Miss Lillie E. Doty and Mr. Olin C. Doty, of Greensboro, and Mrs. John Eveland of Hillsboro. (Denton Journal, November 5, 1948)

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Jarrell and son, Henry, of Centreville, spent Sunday with Mrs. Jarrell’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Doty. (Denton Journal, July 29, 1945)

Miss Genevieve Poor [sic], of Greensboro, and Miss Mary Eveland have been visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland. (Denton Journal, September 12, 1942)

Educational News

Sharon Carroll, daugher of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Carroll, has enrolled at the Goldey-Beacom School of Business for the summer session. (Denton Journal, June 21, 1923)

Those who received certificates of promotion from the seventh grade of Hillsboro school are Roberta Rowe, Dorothy Knotts, Hazel Passwaters, Mildred Worth, Pearl Eveland, Herbert Rice, John Eveland, and Lee Seymour. (Denton Journal, June 25, 1921)

Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, Mrs. J.E. Eveland, and Miss Pearl Eveland attended commencement exercises at Western Maryland College last Monday. Thos. Eveland, a son of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Eveland, was a graduate. (Denton Journal, June 13, 1936)

Stephen Ray Hanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion R. Hanson of Junction City, has enrolled at Huntington College, Huntington, Ind. Huntington College is founded and supported by the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. (Zanesville Times Recorder, September 22, 1966)

Fairmont Seminary last night sent out its annual quota of cultured womanhood. Sixteen misses representing nine states and the District of Columbia, who have been making preparation for their future careers received their diplomas, certifying they are competent to assume “added rights and new responsibilities” in the parlance of Representative Victor Murdock, of Kansas, who delivered the address of the evening. The graduates are Mary Katharine Brown, of Ohio; Miss Lillian Beatty, of Ohio; Miss Dorothy Marie Borland, of Pennsylvania; Miss Ethel Louise Foster, of this city; Miss Virginia Guitar, of Texas; Miss Hazel Herr, of Pennsylvania; Miss Mabel Elizabeth Halloway, of Kansas; Miss Sarah Frances Hancock, of Texas; Miss Eliza Watts Killian, of South Carolina; Miss Katharine Lauck, of Pennsylvania; Miss Mildred Mann, of Missouri; Miss Ada Rorick McConnell, of Michigan; Miss Grace Marie McClelland, of Pennsylvania; Miss Mabel Clair Payne, of Arkansas; Miss Harriette Richardson, of Texas; and Miss Mattie Lee Yokley, of Tennessee. (Washington Post, May 28, 1910)

Miss Alice Van Sickle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Sickle has been selected as valedictorian of the graduating class of Port Jervis High School, it was announced today by Charles D. Marsh, principal. Maintaining the tradition of a number of years, Miss Van Sickle was chosen by virtue of her holding honor position in the class with the highest average for for years. (Middletown Times Herald, June 22, 1934)

Salem, May 13 — To-day were held the closing exercises of the Oregon school for the blind in the presence of a few invited guests and friends of the pupils. The programmes were very interesting, and consisted of exercises which those who have the full five senses might be proud to be able to render as well. These were not graduating exercises, and the entire class will return next year. The names of the pupils are: Ernest Voos, Portland; Bertie Waller, Salem; Fred V. Cooper, Portland; Misses Lou Lewis, Corvallis; Mollie Read, Mitchell, Wasco county; Blanche Savage, near Salem; Sadie Bristow, near Monmouth; Mary Baker, Silverton; Jess Watkins, Albany; Hattie Carruthers, Albany; Amy Walling, Polk county. The school is under the supervision of D.B. Gray; matron, Mrs. Gray; assistant teacher, Miss N.J. McFallen; music teacher, Miss Helen Holman. (Portland Oregonian, May 14, 1887)

Ephraim W. Doty

The funeral of the late Mr. Ephraim W. Doty, at St. Paul’s M.E. Church, last Sunday afternoon, was largely attended. Services were conducted by the pastor, Rev. Warren Burr, assisted by Rev. C.R. Strausburg, of the M.P. Church. Interment was made in Greensboro cemetery. The pall-bearers were Messrs. Joseph Simons, W.E. Wilson, Robert Coursey, David Eveland, William Tribbett, and Funeral Director Pritchett had charge of the ceremony. Mr. Doty was born in 1839 in New Jersey, and his parents moved to New York during his boyhood. In the early eighties, he bought a farm near Greensboro and spent the remainder of his life on it. He is survived by a widow and three grown children — Miss Lillie Doty and Mr. Olan [sic] C. Doty, at home, and Mrs. John Eveland, of this county, all of whom have the sympathy of this community. Mr. Doty had not visited his old home in New York for over thirty years until early this year, when he spent some time with his father, Mr. Asa Doty, who is over ninety years old and quite feeble. Mr. Doty had not seemed well since he made the trip and continued to fail until his death, March 29th.

Source: Denton Journal, April 8, 1911.

Small Town News—Eveland

Mr. John Eveland brought the first strawberries of the season to the local market. (Denton Journal, May 15, 1909)

Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland and family have left the farm and moved in town. We are glad to welcome them. (Denton Journal, January 11, 1936)

Mrs. John Eveland has returned from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Byron Poore, of Greensboro. (Denton Journal, November 14, 1942)

Guests of Mrs. John Eveland, who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, were Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, of Ridgely; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Eveland, of Ridgely; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Eveland and children, of Greensboro; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Eveland, of Queen Anne; and Mrs. Ethel Poore, of Greensboro. (Denton Journal, December 25, 1959)

Miss Madge Eveland, of Hillsboro, was a visitor several days of the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eveland. (Denton Journal, February 15, 1936)

Miss Madge Eveland has returned after spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. Byron Poore, at Greensboro. (Denton Journal, February 2, 1945)

Pfc. and Mrs. Robert Eveland called on his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, and his aunts, the Misses Pearl and Madge Eveland, on Monday. Bobby is stationed at Woonsocket, Rhode Island, but spent the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eveland of Queen Anne. (Denton Journal, September 9, 1960)

Mr. Thomas Eveland, of Marion Station, and Miss Pearl Eveland, of Federalsburg, were weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland Sr. (Denton Journal, October 10, 1936)

Major and Mrs. Thomas Eveland, of Spartansburg, S.C., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland and family this week. (Denton Journal, May 25, 1945)