Observe Anniversary

SCIPIO—Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Doty of Scipio was observed last week with a dance in Scipio amusement hall, with friends and relatives tendering gifts and congratulations.

Source:  Salt Lake Telegram, February 2, 1939.

Divorce Allowed; Three More Asked

Gertrude Doty charges Joseph E. Doty with failing to provide for herself and baby in a suit for divorce brought in the district court. Divorce is asked also by Norma Fuller, who says R.E. Fuller has failed to provide the common necessities of life. A similar charge is made against Alfred H. Vickers by Agnes M. Vickers. Mrs. Rachel Cooley has received a divorce from James Cooley.

Source: Salt Lake Telegram, February 20, 1911.

Mrs. Minnie Belles

WAVERLY, Nov. 2—Funeral services were held today for Mrs. Minnie Belles in the Laurel Hill Evangelical church in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. She was buried in Wilkes-Barre.

Mrs. Belles died Monday at the age of 68, after a short illness. She was formerly a resident of Barton, having moved to Wilkes-Barre from here about 30 years ago. She made frequent visits to Waverly, her last being last summer.

She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Louanna Stebbins of Lompac [sic], Cal., formerly of Waverly and Mrs. Carrie Ferris of Corning; and a brother, Joseph E. Doty of Scipio, Utah.

Harold and Ira VanNest [sic] of Waverly, nephews of Mrs. Belles, went to Wilkes-Barre yesterday.

Source: Sayre Evening Times, November 2, 1938.

Mrs. Drake Buried

The funeral of Mrs. Susan C. Drake, widow of Irving O. Drake, was conducted this morning at 9 o’clock from the family home, 98 Poplar street, Kingston.  Interment was in Forty Fort Cemetery.  Rev. James Y. Bryden, pastor of Dorranceton Baptist Church, assisted by Rev. Franklin P. Doty, an M.E. pastor, of Scranton, conducted the service.  The former read “Nearer My God to Thee,” and “Crossing the Bar.”

The pall bearers, all relatives of the deceased, were:  Harry Casterline, John Downing, Ray Rosencrance, Frank Casterline, S. Oscar Boughner and Ziba Casterline.

Source:  Wilkes-Barre Times Leader Evening News, June 8, 1925.

Mrs. F.P. Doty Dies in Scranton

Mrs. Amelius [sic] Doty, wife of Rev. F.P. Doty, died at her home, 622 Quincy ave., Scranton, yesterday afternoon, after an illness of two weeks,

Deceased was born in Barton, N.Y., sixty-five years ago, and was united in marriage to Rev. Mr. Doty, May 22, 1879. Mrs. Doty had ever been active in Christian in Christian work and proved a valuable helpmeet to her husband in all his ministerial life. Besides the societies in which she was engaged as a member, n [sic] church was engaged as a member, in church tary-treasurer [sic] of the Scranton District Methodist Preachers Wives Association.*

She is survived by her husband, one son, Howard R. Doty, of Philadelphia, and one daughter, Miss Edith of Scranton; also by one brother F.W. Harding, of Waverly, N.Y., and one grandson, Franklin Doty of Philadelphia. The funeral services will be held from the residence at two o’clock Friday afternoon. Rev. Dr. J.M.M. Gray, of Elm Park Church, will officiate.

Source: Pittston Gazette, August 13, 1924.

* This sentence has been transcribed as found.

Reverend Franklin P. Doty

After a life full of honor and faithful service performed, Rev. Franklin P. Doty has been called to the award of his devotion and loyalty to his mission.

Born in New Jersey eighty-one years ago, Mr. Doty became a Methodist minister fifty-six years ago; and for more than half a century held many pastorates in the Wyoming Conference, four of them in Scranton, and three others in localities near Scranton, ending before his retirement at the West Park Church.

As long as most people remember, Franklin P. Doty’s name has been synonymous with religion, the clergy, the Church of God; for his devotion, eloquence, lofty ideals, rare thoughtfulness. Few are the citizens who have been more widely known, few more beloved than the venerable preacher who has just passed away.  His memory will be honored.

Source:  Scranton Republican, April 5, 1933.

Armstrong Heirs of Aunt on Coast Who Died Recently

Irvington, Sept. 13—Merle Armstrong-Neilson, Spencer; Charles Armstrong, Livermore, and Zelora and James Armstrong, Burt, and Jane Armstrong, now of Santa Monica, Calif., the latter the only daughter of the late C.S. Armstrong, recently fell heir to the Lucy Armstrong estate.

Lucy Armstrong, whose married name is not known here, died sometime in the last few months, but old friends here have not heard details.

Besides nieces and nephews to whom Lucy Armstrong left here California estate, she had only a sister, Mrs. Mary Doty, Santa Monica. The brother James died a few years ago, and C.S. Armstrong and Lavina died in California may years ago. All were born and reared here, the children of Dr. and Mrs. J.R. Armstrong, Irvington pioneers.

The Advance located the Armstrongs some weeks ago for a lawyer who wrote to learn their addresses.

Source: Kossuth County Advance, September 14, 1937.

Eveland Weddings

Miss Cordia V. Doty and Mr. John Eveland were married at the M.E. Church, Greensboro, on the 24th inst., by Rev. Dr. Hoffecker.  (Denton Journal, 27 December 1902)

Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, Misses Pearl and Madge Eveland attended the wedding of their grandson and nephew, Robert F. Eveland, of Queen Anne, to Miss Charlene Robertson, of Centreville, which took place on Saturday, Dec. 19, at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, Ridgely.  A reception was held at the home of the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eveland.  (Denton Journal, December 25, 1959)

The marriage of Miss Virginia Emma Messix, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Messix, near town, and Mr. Robert J. Eveland, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland, of Hillsboro, took place on Wednesday, Jan. 3rd, at four o’clock, in Saint Benedict’s Catholic Church.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. James O’Reilly and Mrs. Carey Callahan and Miss Hazel Lynch furnished the music.  A shower and dance were given the young couple at the home of the bride’s parents on Tuesday evening.  (Denton Journal, January 13, 1934)

Henrietta Payne Doty

Mrs. Henrietta Doty, who fell at her home last Saturday morning, breaking her hip and arm, was taken to Emergency Hospital, where she passed away Wednesday morning, her 77th birthday. She is survived by three children and several grandchildren. The children are: Mrs. John Eveland (Hillsboro), Miss Lilly and Olin Doty, of near town. Funeral services will be held at the Greensboro Baptist Church this (Saturday) afternoon, Rev. J.C. Ledbetter officiating. Interment in Greensboro cemetery.

Source: Denton Journal, June 3, 1933.

Small Town News—Denton Journal

Mrs. and Mrs. Melvin Carroll visited Miss Lillie Doty at Cambridge Hospital, last Thursday. (Denton Journal, November 18, 1955)

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dazier [sic], of Massachusetts; Mrs. Byron Poore and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eveland and children, of Greensboro; Mr. Charles Boyle, of Queen Anne, visited Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland and family on Sunday. (Denton Journal, October 12, 1956)

Miss Anna Mae Doty, of Baltimore, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Doty, of near town. (Denton Journal, June 29, 1945)

Misses Virginia and Clara Tribbitt and Mssrs. Fred Satterfield and Graham Diggins spent Sunday with Mrs. E.W. Doty and family. (Denton Journal, September 23, 1911)

Mr. Jesse L. Doty, of near Binghamton, N.Y., has been recently visiting his cousins, Miss Lillie E. Doty and Mr. Olin C. Doty, of Greensboro, and Mrs. John Eveland of Hillsboro. (Denton Journal, November 5, 1948)

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Jarrell and son, Henry, of Centreville, spent Sunday with Mrs. Jarrell’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olin Doty. (Denton Journal, July 29, 1945)

Miss Genevieve Poor [sic], of Greensboro, and Miss Mary Eveland have been visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Eveland. (Denton Journal, September 12, 1942)