Short Rorick Death Notices

Canandaigua – The many friends of Mrs. Jacob Rorick were grieved to hear of her death Saturday p.m. The funeral was held at the Congregational church of Morenci at 10 o’clock Monday Morning. (Adrian Daily Telegram, September 17, 1901)

Sidney E. Rorick, the brother of Dallas E. [sic] Rorick of Monticello, died at Oxford Mills, March 29, at the age of 80 years. The only living brother of the Rorick boys who came to Iowa from Franklin county, Ohio, in 1859, is D.E. [sic] Rorick. The decedent’s wife and two children preceded him in death. (Monticello Express, April 10, 1930)

William Rorick, one of the few remaining pioneers of Michigan, died at his home in Morenci, Saturday morning at 6 o’clock. He was born in Sussex county, N.J., March 30, 1805, and came to this county over sixty years ago. He leaves five children, Mrs. Converse, E.B. Rorick, of Morenci, Hon. John C. Rorick, of Wauseon, O., Hon. E.H. Rorick, superintendent state hospital at Athens, O., and J.M. Rorick of Seneca, Mich. (Adrian Daily Telegram, January 17, 1898)


Hon. John C. Rorick

Hon. John C. Rorick died at his home in Wauseon, Wednesday, Dec. 8, after an illness extending over several months.

Mr. Rorick was one of the foremost citizens of Fulton County. He came from poverty to be one the country’s wealthy and successful business men, being identified with several banks and business institutions. He first came to Wauseon in 1866 and purchased the Sherman House. The next year he returned to Michigan where he remained until 1872, when he again came to Wauseon (Ohio), where he has since resided.

Mr. Rorick enjoyed the confidence of his fellow men. He served them faithfully and they gave him places of honor. He was elected and served for two terms as Senator in the State Legislature. Twice he was elected to the State Board of Equalization of property for taxation and in these positions he won the reputation of being the friend of the average man. His work was marked by ability, fearlessness and honesty.

Gov. Harris appointed Mr. Rorick a member of the State Board of Penitentiary managers, where he demonstrated his ability as a financier of the first rank. Here he gave the people an economical and efficient administration. In 1911 Mr. Rorick was elected a member of the state constitutional convention.

In all public service Mr. Rorick has proven faithful to every trust reposed in him and he leaves a record and a name untarnished. He kept the faith of those whom he has served and made his word as good as his bond.

John C. Rorick was born near Elmira, N.Y. Feb. 13, 1834 and moved with his parents to Lenawee Co., Mich. in 1836. There he grew to manhood and endured all the hardships of pioneer life. His education was secured largely by home study. He taught school for a short time and then completed a commercial course, graduating from the Gregory Commercial College of Detroit.

For some months, Mr. Rorick has been in failing health and on the afternoon of Dec. 8, this active, useful life was ended, leaving his aged companion, a foster daughter, Mrs. W.C. McConnell of Adrian, a brother, Dr. Estell H. Rorick of Fayette, a sister, Mrs. L.H. Converse of Morenci, and hosts of friends to cherish his memory.

Mr. Rorick was commander of the Associate G.A.R. organization and a member of Wauseon Lodge Knights of Pythias.

Source:  Lundahl, Helen Rorick.  (n.d.) The Rorick Family in America.  (NB: This manuscript is held in the Toledo-Lucas County Library and contains a number of transcriptions of undated newspaper clippings.)

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Rorick Had a Gold Wedding Day

Mrs. and Mrs. M.C. Rorick Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary of Their Marriage

Scholars at Medina Academy

Worthy Members of Honored Pioneer Family

Two Other Golden Wedding Anniversaries to Follow

Friday, August 9th. Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Rorick observed their golden wedding anniversary in a happy manner at the same time giving pleasure to some thirty near relatives. Dinner was served at Hotel Saulsbury at one long table and a variety of ages was represented ranging from the host down to the twin son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Baldwin.

A four course dinner was enjoyed after which the afternoon was spent at the family home on Main Street. Ice cream and cake were served. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Baldwin and family, Dr. and Mrs. E.H. Rorick of Fayette, J.P. Rorick and family, Mr. and Mrs. S.K. Porter, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Converse, Mesdames Harriet, Amelia and Amy Rorick, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Rorick.

There will be two other golden anniversaries of this company during the present month, those of Mr. and Mrs. S.K. Porter, also Dr. and Mrs. E.H. Rorick.

Fifty years ago Mary Porter, then a girl of eighteen and daughter of the well known John C. Porter and wife of Seneca township, married Mark C. Rorick, aged 23, son of Cosper and Nancy Rorick. The marriage took place at the Baptist parsonage in Medina, Rev. Boynton officiating. Both having been scholars at Medina Academy, this seemed a fitting and thriving place for the event. At that time there was no post office at what is now Seneca village, Canandaigua being the nearest. [The couple started their married life] in a log house opposite the home of the late F.E. Bryant. Three years later the couple moved a short distance north to what is called the “home” place now occupied by J.P. Rorick. After about 24 years here of extensive farming, Mr. and Mrs. Rorick moved to Morenci where their daughter, Maud, died in 1899. This has been the only death among the children and grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. Rorick are the fortunate grandparents of twelve boys and girls besides enjoying the relationship of a large family and many friends.

Source:  Lundahl, Helen Rorick. (n.d.) The Rorick Family in America.  (NB: This manuscript is held in the Toledo-Lucas County Library and contains a number of transcriptions of undated newspaper clippings).

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Dr. and Mrs. E.H. Rorick of Fayette, OH and Mr. and Mrs. S.K. Porter of Morenci, Mich., celebrated their golden wedding anniversaries at the Blair Hotel in Morenci, Thursday, Aug. 22. It is an unusual and remarkable occurrence for two couples to come down through life together, as has been the case with Dr. and Mrs. Rorick and Mr. and Mrs. Porter.

In the center of a flower-decked table on which a sumptuous dinner was served, was a large basket of golden-hearted Ophelia roses, a remembrance from the guests. The brides each wore a quaint corsage bouquet, the gift of Dr. Rorick Bennett, of Detroit. In the afternoon ice cream, cake and punch were served on the spacious lawn on S.K. Porter, East Main Street.

The double wedding ceremony was performed in the parsonage by Rev. James Noynton, the pastor of the Baptist church at Medina. Both couples have a large circle of friends and acquaintances who extend to them congratulations upon this rare occasion.

The guests were Mr. and Mrs. A.V. Foster, Hon. and Mrs. Horton C. Rorick of Toledo, Mrs. (Dr.) Rorick Bennett and daughter Mrs. George Clark of Detroit, Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crane of Fayette, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Rorick of Wauseon, Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Rorick, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Rorick, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Rorick, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Rorick, Mrs. Amelia Rorick, Mrs. Amy Rorick, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Spear, Mrs. P.H. Spear and Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Converse.

S.K. Porter and Mary Rorick were residents of Seneca Township at the time of their marriage, both living near Seneca Village. After their marriage, they continued to live on the Porter homestead until recent years, when they retired to Morenci. Mr. Porter was Vice President of the First National Bank until recently when he resigned that he might be free from the duties imposed by the position.

Estell Rorick and Mary Acker were residents of Morenci at the time of their marriage. Later, Mr. Rorick took his medical courses at the U. of M. He practiced at Tedrow and then located at Fayette, which pace has been his home except for a short period of years when he resided in Columbus, OH.

The warmth of their genial presence in the community where they reside has left ever a wholesome atmosphere of cheer.

Dr. Rorick in his profession during the past years had been able to enter the hearts of many homes and to have part in the deepest things of many lives. He has time and again given material aid in a silent and inauspicious way to those who will never forget. Generosity pure and simple is an attribute not amiss for Dr. and Mrs. Rorick

When Fayette was struggling in the its steps of progress support was always coming from the Rorick home. Perhaps there is no better way to describe the attitude of these people toward the community than in the words of the poet, “Write me as one who loves his fellow men,” and as a seeming reward for such helpful living, youthful mind and heart have remained with both, and this through half a century. It is not for us to estimate the value of such a home.

Source:  Lundahl, Helen Rorick.  (n.d.) The Rorick Family in America.  (NB:  This manuscript is held in the Toledo-Lucas County Library and contains a number of transcriptions of undated newspaper clippings).