Short News Items from 1906

The foundation work on the Rorick cottage being built on Pacific street is about complete and the frame will be going up on the first of the week. (Oceanside Blade, April 21, 1906)

A.V. And Earl McCarty returned Tuesday from their trip across Salmon river and report a very pleasant time while away. (Camas Prairie Chronicle, August 3, 1906)

Mrs. Rorick and Anna departed last week for Chicago where Anna will enter the Ziegfeld Musical college. (Anamosa Journal, August 30, 1906)

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Short News Items from 1905

Last week Thursday Wm. Van Horn and wife, of Wells, visited their grandparents Amzy Clay and wife, several days last week. (Tuscola County Advertiser, April 7, 1905)

Misses Lucy and Cora Margarum, of Stockholm, spent last Saturday and Sunday with the Misses Coursen of Oak Ridge. (Dover Iron Era, April 7, 1905)

M.A. Redding and family left Thursday evening for Berkeley where they will make their home. Mr. Redding has leased him home on Kaweah street to F.J. Steele who is now occupying the place. (Hanford Kings County Sentinel, April 13, 1905)

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Short News Items from 1900

Mr. and Mrs. Box’s little boy is getting better. Dr. J.W. Garth of Clarion, was called in consultation with Dr. Strevell Friday of last week. (Wright County Democrat, January 24, 1900)

On Tuesday of last week John Shanger [sic] and James Gibson in six hours and 15 minutes cut and piled seven and one-half cords of wood and filed their saw also. Next. (Adrian Daily Telegram, March 6, 1900)

Mrs. Morton Tyrrell expects a visit from her mother from the east in the near future. (Ferndale Enterprise, February 16, 1900)

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Short News Items from 1889

After the close of the meeting in district No. 5 last Sunday afternoon, it was voted unanimously to start a Sabbath school to commence next Sunday at one o’clock p.m. Amzy Clay was elected superintendent and Mrs. Esther Brundage, secretary.  (Tuscola County Advertiser, August 10, 1889)

Will Emmons and D.D. Rorick took their wives and visited at O.H. Pruners at Spring Lake last week. They brought home some samples of Pruner’s corn which is as good as any ever raised in the county. It is of the Bloody Butcher variety. (Hand County Press, August 15, 1889)

Amzy M. Clay returned home on Monday of this week. (Tuscola County Advertiser, September 14, 1889)

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Short News Items from 1888

J.P. Sutton was down to Detroit last week and attended the annual banquet at the Cadillac of the Loyal Legion society, of which he is a member. The judge reports having a grand good time. (Cheboygan Democrat, May 10, 1888)

Ed Rochelle and Sidney Stead were driving down High Street last evening, when they attempted the cross the street car track in front of the treasurer’s office the vehicle caught in the tracks, a wheel was torn off and Rochelle thrown out and badly bruised up. (Hamilton Daily Democrat, May 21, 1888)

St. Lawrence Tribune.—J.J. Smithy, Dr. Lane, D.D. Rorick, Charles Young and the M.E. Minister, of Miller, were down Wednesday evening attending the Masonic lodge. (Hand County Press, May 31, 1888)

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Short News Items from 1882

Miss G. Estelle Sutton, of Pontiac, is spending the season with her aunt, Mrs. J.W. Linderman. (Cheboygan Democrat, July 27, 1882)

Mrs. T.F. Clay of Matamoras has shown us a large lemon grown on a lemon tree of Alanson Clay of Unionville. It measured 10 inches around it lengthwise and nine inches around the middle. The tree was grafted by Mr. Clay and last fall commenced to blossom. It is now full of blossoms and green and ripe fruit. (Port Jervis Evening Gazette, September 1, 1882)

Ed. Sutton, brother of J.P. Sutton, was taken ill at Seney, on the D., M. & M. railroad, last week and on Tuesday was brought down to Cheboygan, and now lies at Mrs. Linderman’s residence with very little hope of his recovery entertained. His illness is caused by a disease of the stomach. (Cheboygan Democrat, December 28, 1882)

Political News from the 1800s

On Saturday last we attended a discussion at Onion Grove station, between Mr. Aldrich of Wyoming, and Mr. Rorick of Jones county.  It was just such a discussion as does good among the people.  They are both good speakers, but Mr. Aldrich having justice and right on his side, is more than a match for his opponent, in this discussion.  We hope these gentlemen will continue their discussion till they have visited every school house in the North party of the county, at least.  Mr. Aldrich will speak in Tipton some time during the campaign.—There were about 200 persons at the meeting at Onion, and nearly all were Republicans, at least we such to be the fact from the demonstrations of applause during the speeches and the hurras [sic] for Lincoln at the close.  (Tipton Advertiser, August 30, 1860)

The Democrats of Delaware county have nominated J.H. Peters for State Senator, and Joel Bailey for Representative.  In Jones Co. the same party nominated C.H. Rorick and G.W. Miller as Representative.  We glean from the Dubuque Herald.  (Daily Iowa State Register, September 13, 1867)

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Miss Ida E. Clay

Pneumonia caused the death of Miss Ida E. Clay, 79, Sunday evening at her home at 515 E. Frank street. She had been ill a week. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon that the Huston Funeral home, Rev. Stanley Norton officiating, with burial in Ellington cemetery. Miss Clay was the daughter of Amazy [sic] and Eunice Clay, early settlers of Tuscola county, and was born in Fairgrove township May 13, 1865. Surviving are two brothers, Grant S. Clay of Caro, Henry M. Clay of Rochester; and a sister, Miss Annie C. Clay, of Caro.

Source: Tuscola County Advertiser, November 24, 1944.

Alanson Clay

Alanson Clay, an aged citizen of Unionville, died on Tuesday morning after a brief illness of Unionville. He was aged 73 years and 19 days and leaves a family.  The funeral was held Thursday at one o’clock p.m. at the M.E. church.  Interment at Port Jervis.—Deckertown Recorder. The deceased was the father of Conductor Theodore Clay, of the New York Division of the Erie, for many years a resident of Port Jervis.

Source:  Port Jervis Tri-States Union, February 11, 1897. 

Mrs. Sarah Bross Mead

Mrs. Sarah Catherine Bross Mead, wife of Eli Mead died at her home, 129 Ball street on Tuesday evening, October 2nd, after a long illness. She was 77 years of age. Deceased who was a member of one of the oldest families in northern New Jersey was born in Wantage, Sussex county; her parent being Everitt Bross and Hannah Clay Bross. On December 24th, 1867, she was united in marriage with Mr. Mead and since that time has been a resident of Port Jervis. She as a member of the Drew M.E. church and Home Department and the Women’s Relief Corps of the G.A.R.

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